The Nike Cross Nationals is comprised of 8 Regional Qualifying meets and the National Finals in Portland. Following in the tradition of European cross country meets, the Nationals event will again feature a multiple loop race course with man-made obstacles built on the inside of the horse race track at Portland Meadows in Oregon. Spectators can enjoy a continuous live view of the race from the venue’s enclosed 3,000-seat grandstand and a live webcast feed of the event will run on nikecrossnationals.com.

Fields of 22 7-person clubs and an additional 45 individuals (male and female) will lay it all on the line in the quest for the sport's biggest prize, the coveted Winged Goddess of Victory statue.


We’ve undergone a number of modifications and improvements to the Portland Meadows race course this year to create the best possible conditions! Mother nature surprised us with above average rainfall in 2012 (2.6 inches above the norm), creating extreme course conditions that many found not suitable for cross-country racing. We don’t want to put our competitors out in a giant puddle this year so we are taking every precaution possible to create the best race experience. Some changes you can expect: 

     -Added course maintenance throughout the year for better irrigation and preparation 
     -Adjustments to the race course and man-made obstacles to avoid problem areas that were identified last year
     -Extra staff to manage the course and conditions 
     -Added water pumps to manage unpredictable rainfall 

Also, we will move the Community Race to follow the championship races in order to preserve the course conditions.

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