The Relay:  Each relay team will be comprised of 5 athletes completing 2 kilometers, for a total relay distance of 10k.
Each runner's split will be taken. You will have a team time and 2k times for each of your athletes.

Any athletes you have that can't be on a relay can run the open race.

Meet Schedule:
8:00am-11:00am: Packet pick-up
8:30am: Middle School 2k non-relay race (6th, 7th, 8th) 
9:00am: Girls Relay Championship Start
10:00am: Boys Relay Championship Start
11:00am: High School 2k race for non-relay members
11:30am: Open Community 2k Race (Coaches Free)

Top 5 relay teams for each gender.
Top 10 2k splits for each gender from the Relay Championship races.
Top 3 boys and girls in the HS Open Race.
Top 3 boys and girls for each grade in the MS Open Race.

Special Awards:
Any relay teams that come within 5 minutes of the US High School, NCAA, American, or World 10k Records will receive special awards as a bonus!
US High School Records - Boys = Rudy Chapa 28:32.7 / Girls = Mary Shea 32:52.5
NCAA Records - Mens = Sam Chelanga 27:08.49 / Womens = Lisa Uhl 31:18.07
American Records - Mens = Galen Rupp 26:44.36 / Womens = Molly Huddle 30:13.17
World Records - Mens = Kenenisa Bekele 26:17.53 / Womens = Almaz Ayana 29:17.45

Entry fee:
$30 per relay or $200 max fee per school
$10.00 per individual if less than five runners for open races.
Middle school - $70 max fee or $10.00 per runner** If a coach wants an 8th grader in the middle school 3K there is no extra charge if paying high school max fee.
Open: $10.00 but free for coaches

Results: Will be posted on the results board by the finish line. Results will be sent to

Shirts: Terrific, short sleeve shirts will be available for an amazing price of $10.00! 

Concessions:  Will be available

Athletic Trainer: We will have an athletic trainer on site for limited assistance.

Water/ Gatorade: Coolers and cups of both will be at the start and finish.

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