Kaitlynn Wolfe has the 31st fastest time in the Nation after a great finish at Great American.  The girls team remains #1 in VA in the MileStat Flo50 Stat Rankings, with the boys team now listed at #7.  HighSchoolHarriers.com has the girls now at #20 (pre-Great American).


Update to HighSchoolHarriers.com - Girls have moved down to 10th after a strong showing at Blue Demon.  There is uncertainty about our depth and strength since we haven't shown our cards yet.

Update to MileStat Flo50 State Rankings - The Boys have moved up to 6th place after having been ranked 7th last week (I'm actually surprised by this after a 3rd place finish at Blue Demon, but MileStat must recognize that good things are coming for us!).  The Girls remain in 1st place, and Ailene Edwards has moved up to 4th place as an individual from a Pre-Season 6th place ranking.

8/24/2017 - Pre-Season


Based on returners, our Boys Team is currently ranked 6th in the entire state and 3rd in our new classification of 4A.

For the NXN Southeast Region, the Boys are sitting as the 32nd fastest returning team.

Our goal:  End the season ranked 3rd in the state, 2nd in 4A, and top 20 in the Southeast Region.


Based on returners, the Girls sit comfortably as the best returning program in the entire state.  If you put every team on the line, we would score less than half of the points of the 2nd place team just using last year's PRs.  We are a stronger team this year.

The Girls are also the top returning program in the NXN Southest Region by both MileSplit and DyeStat.  It is projected to be a close team battle, I think that will change once we start showing our cards.

Nationally the Girls have been projected pre-season as the 15th best team in the Nation by MileSplit, 21st by DyeStat, 9th by HighSchoolHarrier, and 2nd in the Hoka One One competition.

Our goal:  End the season winning States, winning NXN Southeast, and placing top 10 at NXN!

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