Girls Roster Boys Roster
Name Grade Event Name Grade Event
Angermeier, Bonnie Sr Distance   Beck, Cole Fr Sprints/Jumps
Barnette, Natalie So Sprints/Jumps   Bhojwani, Nish So Sprints/Jumps
Beatty, Emily Sr Distance   Castleberry, Ransom So Sprints/Jumps
Boerth, Erica So Sprints/Jumps   Christle, David Fr Distance
Carter-Tod, Fiona So Throws   Combs, Noah Sr Distance
Chadwick, Jane Jr Sprints/Jumps   Conner, Matthew Sr Distance
Combs, Annie Kay So Distance   Cotellese, Bryan So Throws
Cordova, Florencia Jr Distance   Davis, Ian Jr Distance
Cornelsen, Alayna So Distance   DeLorenzo, Brandon Fr Distance
Dunsmore, Lizzy Fr Distance   d'Orgeix, Christian Fr Distance
Elliott, Kaitlyn So Sprints/Jumps   Fleming, Ben So Distance
Fleming, Jenn Sr Distance   Frederick, Jason Jr Throws
Gardner, Stephanie So Sprints   Hall, Seth So Throws
Gilboy, Carrie Sr Sprints/Jumps   Hodges, Elijah Fr Distance
Gresh, Erika Jr Throws   Houston, Antonio So Sprints/Jumps
Guenette, Simonne Fr Distance   Johnson, Demetrius So Sprints/Jumps
Hicks, Sophie So Sprints/Jumps   Kim, David Jr Sprints/Jumps
Hodge, Olivia Jr Distance   Larkin, Matt Jr Distance
Huang, Amanda So Distance   Lattimer, Barrett Jr Distance
Hudson, Chase So Sprints/Jumps   Lawrence, Liam Fr Distance
Jenkins, Melorie Jr Sprints   Lester, Nathaniel So Throws
Kass, Katie So Sprints/Jumps   Linkous, Tanner So Throws
Kelley, Kendall Fr Sprints/Jumps   Lucas, Paul Fr Sprints/Jumps
Lambert, Katie So Sprints/Jumps   McCoy, Jacob Sr Distance
Lattimer, Mary Kate So Distance   Mertes, Noah Fr Distance
Marin, Samantha So Distance   Mesmer, Davis Fr Distance
McMahon, Erin Sr Sprints/Jumps   Milauskas, Daniel Jr Distance
Morris, Claire So Sprints/Jumps   Milauskas, John Jr Distance
Ngjala, Oli Jr Sprints/Jumps   Nathella, Siddharth Fr Distance
Nobel, Adelyn So Sprints/Jumps   Nipper, Jakob So Throws
Osborne, Kate So Sprints/Jumps   Nottingham, Jacob Sr Sprints/Jumps
Osimani, Annaliese Jr Throws   Packard, Jack So Sprints/Jumps
Penven, Savannah Jr Sprints/Jumps   Poole, Kyle Jr Sprints/Jumps
Pokharel, Aarati Fr Distance   Ramsey, Noah Fr Sprints/Jumps
Preston, Marhaid Fr Distance   Rochelle, Seth Fr Sprints/Jumps
Price, Morgan Fr Distance   Shen, Tay Sr Distance
Richardson, Mikayla Jr Distance   Sim, Dylan Jr Throws
Sardello, Jordan Sr Sprints/Jumps   Sims, Sterling So Sprints/Jumps
Scott, Beatrice So Sprints/Jumps   Singh, Lovedeep Sr Throws
Seeley, Cameron Fr Sprints/Jumps   Stanaland, Ryan Fr Sprints/Jumps
Sheen, Catherine Fr Distance   Stephenson, Ty Fr Distance
Stafford, Hannah Fr Distance   Teller, Sam Jr Distance
Stephenson, Brooke Sr Distance   Wertz, John So Throws
Stinespring, Olivia So Sprints/Jumps   Wiles, Eric Fr Sprints/Jumps
Stolte, Avery Jr Distance        
Stowe, Eliza Fr Distance        
Stowe, Emma Jr Distance        
Torabinejad, Narges Sr Sprints        
Van Aken, Maddie Sr Sprints/Jumps        
Williams, Abby So Pole Vault        
Zhu, Lily Fr Distance        

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