Girls Results   Boys Results

Yellow Highlighting = Qualified for States with a Top 4 Finish at Region Championships

        10.76 Tiquest Terry Region Champs
        10.80 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 2 Mile
        10.84 Tiquest Terry Dogwood
        10.84q Tiquest Terry Region Champs
        10.90 Tiquest Terry Dogwood
        11.00q Tiquest Terry State Champs
        11.07 Tiquest Terry Blue Demon
        11.08 Tiquest Terry State Champs
        11.10 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg Invite
        11.11q Cole Dunlap Region Champs
        11.14 Tiquest Terry Titan Early Bird
        11.16 Cole Dunlap Dogwood
        11.24 Thomas Coffey Quad Meet #1
        11.29 David Quesenberry Dogwood
        11.31 Tiquest Terry Southern Track
12.87 3A State Standard   11.32 3A State Standard
13.20 Grace Reynolds Titan Early Bird   11.34 Cole Dunlap Quad Meet #1
13.23 Grace Reynolds Dogwood   11.35 Cole Dunlap Region Champs
        11.38 Cole Dunlap Terrier Challenge
        11.42 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
        11.44 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg Invite
        11.44 Karim Mohamed Region Champs
        11.44 Cole Dunlap State Champs
        11.45 David Quesenberry Blacksburg Invite
        11.46 Cole Dunlap Blue Demon
        11.47 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
13.30 Region D Standard   11.48 Region D Standard
13.36 Grace Reynolds Blue Demon   11.50 Cole Dunlap Patrick Henry
13.54 Tess Belleville Quad Meet #1   11.52 Cole Dunlap Titan Early Bird
13.59 Kylan Socha Patrick Henry   11.54 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
13.65 Kylan Socha Cosmo   11.62 Nick Czar Titan Early Bird
13.74 Kylan Socha Cosmo   11.68 Karim Mohamed Patrick Henry
13.76 Kylan Socha Titan Early Bird   11.69 Karim Mohamed Titan Early Bird
13.78 Tess Belleville Blacksburg Invite   11.74 Karim Mohamed Terrier Challenge
13.89 Ana Czar Cosmo   11.75 Karim Mohamed Blue Demon
13.90 Kylan Socha Blacksburg Invite   11.79 Isaac Shimozono Patrick Henry
13.91 Ana Czar Blacksburg Invite   11.82 Abram Scott Cosmo
13.97 Kylan Socha Blue Demon   11.95 Isaac Shimozono Terrier Challenge
14.00 Kylan Socha Terrier Challenge   12.00 Abram Scott Patrick Henry
14.01 Tess Belleville Dogwood   12.03 Asa Castleberry Patrick Henry
14.03 Tess Belleville Terrier Challenge   12.04 Isaac Shimozono Quad Meet #1
14.15 Abby Hinckley Region Champs   12.13 Isaac Shimozono Tri-Cities
14.16 Becky Helm Region Champs   12.16 Abram Scott Blacksburg Invite
14.18 Abby Hinckley Patrick Henry   12.20 Abram Scott Terrier Challenge
14.23 Ana Czar Tri-Cities   12.23 Giovanni Mills Titan Early Bird
14.23 Abby Hinckley Cosmo   12.26 Giovanni Mills Blacksburg Invite
14.24 Becky Helm Quad Meet #1   12.26 Jaiden Newcomer Patrick Henry
14.31 Abby Hinckley Terrier Challenge   12.48 Abram Scott Tri-Cities
14.32 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg Invite   12.54 James Cook Patrick Henry
14.35 Becky Helm Patrick Henry   12.64 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Quad Meet #1
14.37 Becky Helm Terrier Challenge   12.65 Jaiden Newcomer Cosmo
14.42 Ana Czar Blue Demon   12.68 Risher Hedgepeth Hidden Valley
14.44 Becky Helm Cosmo   12.71 Dylan McDonald Blacksburg Invite
14.49 Becky Helm Titan Early Bird   12.71 Risher Hedgepeth Blacksburg Invite
14.49 Becky Helm Tri-Cities   12.75 James Cook Cosmo
14.52 Caroline Jones Cosmo   12.82 James Cook Hidden Valley
14.54 Erin Crawford Blue Demon   12.83 James Cook Blacksburg Invite
14.60 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   12.86 Ethan St. Martin Patrick Henry
14.61 Cherylanne Harris Blue Demon   12.88 Jaiden Newcomer Blacksburg Invite
14.64 Becky Helm Blacksburg Invite   13.04 Zander Weber Quad Meet #1
14.65 Becky Helm Blue Demon   13.06 James Cook Tri-Cities
14.68 Caroline Jones Blacksburg Invite   13.06 Thomas Deverin Blacksburg Invite
14.69 Abby Hinckley Titan Early Bird   13.13 Donovan Johnson Hidden Valley
14.69 Artemisia Blythe Tri-Cities   13.20 Ethan St. Martin Blue Demon
14.69 Abby Hinckley Blue Demon   13.22 Donovan Johnson Blacksburg Invite
14.75 Feidra Gjata Blacksburg Invite   13.25 Jaiden Newcomer Blue Demon
14.88 Lily Belleville Titan Early Bird   13.27 Donovan Johnson Blue Demon
15.04 Kenza Kadiri Quad Meet #1   13.32 Ethan St. Martin Hidden Valley
15.42 Emma Baldwin Patrick Henry   13.34 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Hidden Valley
15.58 Emma Baldwin Blacksburg Invite   13.35 Donovan Johnson Patrick Henry
        13.36 Ethan St. Martin Blacksburg Invite
        13.38 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Blacksburg Invite
        14.31 Henry Valatka Patrick Henry
        14.32 Mason Lattimer Patrick Henry
        14.35 Mason Lattimer Blue Demon
        14.42 Mason Lattimer Hidden Valley
        14.54 Henry Valatka Hidden Valley
        14.61 Mason Lattimer Blacksburg Invite
        14.62 Henry Valatka Blacksburg Invite
        FS Abram Scott Cosmo

100m Hurdles     110m Hurdles  
        14.59 Thomas Coffey Region Champs
        14.60 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 110m Hurdles
        14.75 Thomas Coffey Nationals
        14.86 Thomas Coffey State Champs
        14.94 Thomas Coffey Terrier Challenge
        14.96q Thomas Coffey Region Champs
        15.14 Thomas Coffey Quad Meet #1
        15.20q Thomas Coffey State Champs
        15.25q Nick Harrison Region Champs
        15.30 Nick Harrison Patrick Henry
        15.33 Thomas Coffey Blue Demon
        15.40 Thomas Coffey Tri-Cities
15.80 3A State Standard   15.43 3A State Standard
        15.51 Nick Harrison Region Champs
        15.54 Nick Harrison Titan Early Bird
        15.57 Nick Harrison State Champs
        15.59 Ethan Young Region Champs
        15.65q Nick Harrison State Champs
        15.73 Nick Harrison Tri-Cities
        15.76 Nick Harrison Blacksburg Invite
        15.76 Nick Harrison Dogwood
        15.88q Ethan Young Region Champs
        16.00 Ethan Young State Champs
        16.07 Nick Harrison Blue Demon
        16.11 Ethan Young Tri-Cities
        16.45 Ethan Young Terrier Challenge
        16.81 Ethan Young Blue Demon
18.09 Region D Standard   17.14 Region D Standard
18.12 Micah Mitchell Terrier Challenge   17.49 Mike Crowe Cosmo
18.24 Micah Mitchell Quad Meet #1   17.70 Mike Crowe Patrick Henry
18.26 Micah Mitchell Cosmo   17.96 Mike Crowe Cosmo
18.40 Micah Mitchell Blacksburg Invite   18.53 Mike Crowe Blacksburg Invite
18.41 Agustina Cordova Blue Demon   18.71 Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
18.43 Micah Mitchell Cosmo   18.74 Mike Crowe Blue Demon
18.74 Micah Mitchell Region Champs   18.98 Mike Crowe Titan Early Bird
18.81 Agustina Cordova Titan Early Bird   19.23 Mike Crowe Tri-Cities
18.83 Jolie Rice Cosmo        
18.84 Jolie Rice Terrier Challenge        
18.91 Micah Mitchell Patrick Henry        
19.00 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities        
19.01 Jolie Rice Cosmo        
19.22 Jolie Rice Blacksburg Invite        
19.22 Jolie Rice Patrick Henry        
19.50 Jolie Rice Titan Early Bird        
19.60 Tess Belleville Titan Early Bird        
19.71 Tess Belleville Tri-Cities        
19.94 Tess Belleville Blue Demon        
21.59 Caitlin Sedor Cosmo        
21.67 Caitlin Sedor Patrick Henry        
22.15 Caitlin Sedor Terrier Challenge        
22.41 Jolie Rice Blue Demon        
22.47 Caitlin Sedor Blacksburg Invite        
22.68 Caitlin Sedor Blue Demon        
23.46 Caitlin Sedor Tri-Cities        
27.72 Caitlin Sedor Titan Early Bird        
DQ Jolie Rice Region Champs        

        22.35 David Quesenberry Blacksburg Invite
        22.47 David Quesenberry Region Champs
25.97 3A State Standard   22.50 3A State Standard
26.15 Grace Reynolds Blacksburg Invite   22.51 Tiquest Terry Region Champs
26.52 Grace Reynolds Dogwood   22.58 David Quesenberry Patrick Henry
26.66 Grace Reynolds Region Champs   22.61 Nick Czar Blacksburg Invite
26.82 Grace Reynolds State Champs   22.69 David Quesenberry Dogwood
27.04 Grace Reynolds Titan Early Bird   22.69 David Quesenberry Southern Track
27.09 Grace Reynolds Blue Demon   22.94 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg Invite
27.43 Grace Reynolds Terrier Challenge   23.03 Tiquest Terry Tri-Cities
27.94 Tess Belleville Quad Meet #1   23.03 Cole Dunlap Dogwood
        23.14 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
        23.30 Nick Czar Blue Demon
        23.31 Cole Dunlap Patrick Henry
        23.40 Cole Dunlap Blue Demon
        23.65 Nick Harrison Terrier Challenge
28.22 Region D Standard   23.71 Region D Standard
28.44 Kylan Socha Blacksburg Invite   23.73 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
28.44 Ellie St. Martin Quad Meet #1   23.78 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
28.57 Anna Kender Patrick Henry   24.10 Michael Milauskas Blacksburg Invite
28.60 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg Invite   24.15 Mason Zoellner Patrick Henry
28.60 Kylan Socha Cosmo   24.19 Isaac Shimozono Patrick Henry
28.74 Kylan Socha Tri-Cities   24.26 Karim Mohamed Blue Demon
28.92 Erin Crawford Blacksburg Invite   24.28 Dylan McDonald Patrick Henry
28.98 Kylan Socha Cosmo   24.39 Giovanni Mills Blacksburg Invite
29.01 Cherylanne Harris Blacksburg Invite   24.53 Risher Hedgepeth Patrick Henry
29.07 Ellie St. Martin Blue Demon   24.86 Isaac Shimozono Tri-Cities
29.13 Ellie St. Martin Patrick Henry   24.99 Risher Hedgepeth Blacksburg Invite
29.20 Abby Hinckley Patrick Henry   25.04 Risher Hedgepeth Cosmo
29.22 Roshni Bhojwani Blacksburg Invite   25.14 Abram Scott Blacksburg Invite
29.24 Cherylanne Harris Cosmo   25.18 Dylan McDonald Blacksburg Invite
29.31 Maggie Zier Blacksburg Invite   25.20 Abram Scott Cosmo
29.36 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg Invite   25.43 Giovanni Mills Titan Early Bird
29.45 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   25.44 Mason Lattimer Quad Meet #1
29.46 Kylan Socha Blue Demon   25.48 Risher Hedgepeth Titan Early Bird
29.49 Cherylanne Harris Patrick Henry   25.49 Mason Zoellner Blue Demon
29.53 Cherylanne Harris Hidden Valley   25.64 Joshua Gholston Cosmo
29.59 Cherylanne Harris Tri-Cities   25.68 Jaiden Newcomer Blacksburg Invite
29.64 Grace McGehee Patrick Henry   25.70 Risher Hedgepeth Hidden Valley
29.72 Lily Belleville Blacksburg Invite   25.71 Joshua Gholston Blue Demon
29.73 Abby Hinckley Cosmo   25.75 James Cook Blacksburg Invite
29.81 Vera Rust Blacksburg Invite   25.79 Risher Hedgepeth Blue Demon
29.91 Caroline Jones Blacksburg Invite   25.79 Joshua Gholston Terrier Challenge
29.92 Caroline Jones Terrier Challenge   25.86 Jaiden Newcomer Patrick Henry
29.98 Maggie Zier Titan Early Bird   25.92 Abram Scott Titan Early Bird
30.33 Maggie Zier Cosmo   25.95 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Blacksburg Invite
30.37 Roshni Bhojwani Blue Demon   26.09 Dylan McDonald Hidden Valley
30.42 Feidra Gjata Blacksburg Invite   26.14 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Quad Meet #1
30.42 Caroline Jones Cosmo   26.26 Dylan McDonald Blue Demon
30.44 Grace McGehee Quad Meet #1   26.54 Dylan McDonald Titan Early Bird
30.92 Feidra Gjata Patrick Henry   26.59 James Cook Cosmo
31.04 Lily Belleville Titan Early Bird   26.89 James Cook Patrick Henry
31.84 Kenza Kadiri Quad Meet #1   27.17 Thomas Deverin Hidden Valley
31.95 Kenza Kadiri Blacksburg Invite   27.54 Alejandro Ruvalcaba Hidden Valley
32.26 Kenza Kadiri Hidden Valley   29.10 Azat Hedgepeth Patrick Henry
32.37 Kenza Kadiri Titan Early Bird   30.68 Azat Hedgepeth Hidden Valley
32.63 Kenza Kadiri Blue Demon        
33.03 Micah Mitchell Patrick Henry        
33.18 Emma Baldwin Hidden Valley        
33.54 Caitlin Sedor Quad Meet #1        
34.54 Caitlin Sedor Blacksburg Invite        
34.76 Caitlin Sedor Patrick Henry        

300m Hurdles
        39.55 Nick Harrison Region Champs
        39.88 Nick Harrison Dogwood
        39.98 Nick Harrison Blacksburg Invite
        40.00 Nick Harrison Tri-Cities
        40.45 Nick Harrison Titan Early Bird
46.92 3A State Standard   40.54 3A State Standard
50.17 Grace Reynolds Tri-Cities   40.55 Nick Harrison Southern Track
51.78 Tess Belleville Blacksburg Invite   40.56 Nick Harrison Patrick Henry
51.81 Tess Belleville Dogwood   40.96 Nick Harrison State Champs
52.52 Tess Belleville Terrier Challenge   41.04 Thomas Coffey State Champs
52.59 Jolie Rice Cosmo   41.15 Thomas Coffey Region Champs
52.61 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities   41.49 Thomas Coffey Terrier Challenge
        42.20 Mike Crowe Cosmo
        42.96 Ethan Young Terrier Challenge
        43.23 Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
        43.23 Mike Crowe Region Champs
        43.36 Ethan Young Region Champs
        43.44 Nick Harrison Blue Demon
        43.44 Thomas Coffey Quad Meet #1
        43.94 Mike Crowe Blacksburg Invite
        44.08 Ethan Young Tri-Cities
        44.14 Ethan Young Blue Demon
        44.16 Mike Crowe Patrick Henry
52.61 Region D Standard   44.26 Region D Standard
52.84 Agustina Cordova Titan Early Bird   44.45 Mike Crowe Cosmo
53.09 Jolie Rice Patrick Henry   44.95 Mike Crowe Tri-Cities
53.12 Tess Belleville Titan Early Bird   45.01 Mike Crowe Blue Demon
53.39 Jolie Rice Blacksburg Invite   45.80 Mike Crowe Titan Early Bird
53.77 Tess Belleville Blue Demon        
54.10 Jolie Rice Titan Early Bird        
54.17 Jolie Rice Terrier Challenge        
54.34 Tess Belleville Region Champs        
54.44 Jolie Rice Region Champs        
54.66 Tess Belleville Tri-Cities        
55.06 Jolie Rice Blue Demon        
55.44 Jolie Rice Cosmo        
1:00.49 Micah Mitchell Cosmo        
1:03.65 Caitlin Sedor Cosmo        
1:03.65 Micah Mitchell Terrier Challenge        
1:04.30 Caitlin Sedor Blacksburg Invite        
1:04.51 Caitlin Sedor Blue Demon        
1:04.61 Caitlin Sedor Terrier Challenge        
1:06.12 Caitlin Sedor Tri-Cities        
1:12.43 Caitlin Sedor Titan Early Bird        

59.31 Grace Reynolds Region Champs        
59.43 Grace Reynolds State Champs        
1:00.14 Grace Reynolds Quad Meet #1        
1:00.27 3A State Standard   51.08 3A State Standard
1:00.41 Anna Kender Region Champs   51.84 Nick Czar Quad Meet #1
1:00.77 Grace Reynolds Titan Early Bird   51.95 Miles Kominsky Terrier Challenge
1:00.79 Anna Kender Dogwood   52.14 David Quesenberry Quad Meet #1
1:00.88 Grace Reynolds Blue Demon        
1:01.24 Mari Garza Blacksburg Invite        
1:03.48 Mari Garza Region Champs        
1:03.81 Abigail Wontrop Blacksburg Invite        
1:03.83 Abigail Wontrop Region Champs        
1:04.37 Mari Garza Blue Demon        
1:05.34 Erin Crawford Patrick Henry        
1:05.39 Kylan Socha Patrick Henry        
1:05.66 Region D Standard   52.90 Region D Standard
1:05.95 Cherylanne Harris Patrick Henry   54.88 Oscar Coddington Hidden Valley
1:06.01 Agustina Cordova Cosmo   55.76 Collin Holley Blue Demon
1:06.07 Erin Crawford Cosmo   55.83 Collin Holley Titan Early Bird
1:06.09 Roshni Bhojwani Blacksburg Invite   56.02 Collin Holley Terrier Challenge
1:06.34 Caroline Jones Terrier Challenge   56.03 Collin Holley Patrick Henry
1:06.34 Grace McGehee Patrick Henry   56.30 Mason Zoellner Blacksburg Invite
1:06.59 Erin Crawford Terrier Challenge   56.51 Ben Roethlisberger Patrick Henry
1:06.67 Roshni Bhojwani Blue Demon   56.67 Collin Holley Cosmo
1:06.76 Caroline Jones Patrick Henry   56.77 Joshua Gholston Region Champs
1:07.10 Erin Crawford Tri-Cities   56.97 Spencer McGehee Hidden Valley
1:07.14 Caroline Jones Quad Meet #1   57.03 Risher Hedgepeth Tri-Cities
1:07.33 Ellie St. Martin Blue Demon   57.17 Mason Zoellner Titan Early Bird
1:07.34 Grace McGehee Quad Meet #1   57.28 Dylan McDonald Blacksburg Invite
1:07.47 Ellie St. Martin Titan Early Bird   57.38 Risher Hedgepeth Titan Early Bird
1:07.59 Roshni Bhojwani Terrier Challenge   57.58 Dylan McDonald Hidden Valley
1:07.68 Kylan Socha Region Champs   57.91 Dylan McDonald Cosmo
1:07.71 Erin Crawford Cosmo   58.00 Dylan McDonald Blue Demon
1:08.14 Roshni Bhojwani Quad Meet #1   58.03 Mason Zoellner Terrier Challenge
1:08.42 Cherylanne Harris Hidden Valley   58.09 Dylan McDonald Titan Early Bird
1:08.45 Roshni Bhojwani Titan Early Bird   58.16 Risher Hedgepeth Cosmo
1:08.50 Erin Crawford Region Champs   58.19 Risher Hedgepeth Patrick Henry
1:09.37 Feidra Gjata Patrick Henry   58.74 Mason Zoellner Tri-Cities
1:11.36 Feidra Gjata Cosmo   59.67 Joshua Gholston Cosmo
1:12.39 Kenza Kadiri Blacksburg Invite   59.78 Dylan McDonald Patrick Henry
1:15.98 Kenza Kadiri Tri-Cities   1:00.04 Mason Zoellner Cosmo
1:19.48 Caitlin Sedor Patrick Henry   1:00.70 Thomas Deverin Blacksburg Invite
        1:01.36 Ben Roethlisberger Blue Demon
        1:03.26 Thomas Deverin Hidden Valley
        1:05.71 Zander Weber Hidden Valley
        1:07.18 Zander Weber Titan Early Bird
        1:07.25 Zander Weber Patrick Henry
        1:07.49 Zander Weber Blue Demon
        1:08.00 Zander Weber Blacksburg Invite

        1:54.14 Miles Kominsky Dogwood
        1:55.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 800m
2:19.74 Kaitlynn Wolfe Region Champs   1:56.60 Miles Kominsky Tri-Cities
2:21.96 Ailene Edwards State Champs   1:56.62 Miles Kominsky Nationals
2:23.02 Audrey Link Tri-Cities   1:56.83 Miles Kominsky State Champs
2:23.09 3A State Standard   1:59.66 3A State Standard
2:23.26 Ailene Edwards Cosmo   2:00.28 Miles Kominsky Titan Early Bird
2:23.30 Audrey Link Southern Track   2:00.62 Miles Kominsky Blacksburg Invite
2:23.72 Ailene Edwards Blacksburg Invite   2:03.63 Alistair Bushey Blacksburg Invite
2:24.06 Ailene Edwards Cosmo   2:04.35 Oscar Coddington Blacksburg Invite
2:25.34 Ailene Edwards Region Champs   2:04.78 Oscar Coddington Region Champs
2:27.30 Audrey Link State Champs   2:04.82 Oscar Coddington Dogwood
2:29.82 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities   2:06.11 Ben Schmitt Patrick Henry
2:33.50 Mari Garza Terrier Challenge   2:06.24 Zachary Bibeau Patrick Henry
        2:06.57 Zachary Bibeau Region Champs
        2:06.64 Oscar Coddington Terrier Challenge
        2:07.05 Ben Schmitt Hidden Valley
2:34.09 Region D Standard   2:07.28 Region D Standard
2:34.84 Grayson Lawrence Titan Early Bird   2:07.67 Ben Schmitt Blacksburg Invite
2:40.56 Annika Griggs Titan Early Bird   2:07.85 Nathan Gallagher Cosmo
2:40.99 Annika Griggs Patrick Henry   2:07.91 Nathan Gallagher Terrier Challenge
2:42.35 Mariah Burks Patrick Henry   2:08.20 Nathan Gallagher Blacksburg Invite
2:42.41 Mia Jones Blue Demon   2:08.54 Oscar Coddington Blue Demon
2:42.53 Mia Jones Blacksburg Invite   2:08.69 Nathan Gallagher Blue Demon
2:43.55 Mia Jones Patrick Henry   2:08.94 Zachary Bibeau Quad Meet #1
2:43.68 Mariah Burks Titan Early Bird   2:09.26 Zachary Bibeau Blue Demon
2:44.45 Mariah Burks Blacksburg Invite   2:09.51 Ben Schmitt Blue Demon
2:45.72 Meghan Sforza Titan Early Bird   2:09.93 Henry Coddington Patrick Henry
2:46.96 Meghan Sforza Cosmo   2:10.29 Spencer McGehee Patrick Henry
2:47.01 Mariah Burks Tri-Cities   2:10.62 Nathan Gallagher Cosmo
2:51.23 Meghan Sforza Blue Demon   2:10.70 Zachary Bibeau Terrier Challenge
3:01.23 Stephanie Welbaum Hidden Valley   2:10.72 Oscar Coddington Titan Early Bird
        2:10.84 Oscar Coddington Tri-Cities
        2:10.87 Zachary Bibeau Tri-Cities
        2:11.13 Spencer McGehee Blue Demon
        2:11.19 Elliot Howard Terrier Challenge
        2:12.69 Spencer McGehee Cosmo
        2:13.26 Spencer McGehee Tri-Cities
        2:13.76 Chris Harrison Blue Demon
        2:13.86 Spencer McGehee Blacksburg Invite
        2:14.76 Elliot Shadle Hidden Valley
        2:14.77 Christian Shushok Terrier Challenge
        2:14.82 Elliot Shadle Cosmo
        2:17.20 Elliot Howard Blue Demon
        2:17.20 Ben Schmitt Region Champs
        2:17.68 Nate Lehman Patrick Henry
        2:17.86 Elliot Shadle Blacksburg Invite
        2:17.87 Chris Harrison Titan Early Bird
        2:18.19 James Wallace Cosmo
        2:20.29 Christian Shushok Patrick Henry
        2:21.82 Elliot Shadle Blue Demon
        2:22.05 Nate Lehman Blue Demon
        2:25.48 Johnny Lowry Blacksburg Invite
        2:25.79 James Wallace Blue Demon
        2:26.48 Azat Hedgepeth Patrick Henry
        2:27.15 Azat Hedgepeth Hidden Valley
        2:27.36 Alex Davis Patrick Henry
        2:28.49 Jethro Rust Blue Demon
        2:28.76 Johnny Lowry Blue Demon
        2:30.28 Azat Hedgepeth Blacksburg Invite
        2:30.35 Azat Hedgepeth Blue Demon
        2:30.42 Azat Hedgepeth Titan Early Bird
        2:31.90 Azat Hedgepeth Cosmo
        2:33.75 Jethro Rust Cosmo

5:02.43 Kaitlynn Wolfe Dogwood        
5:07.03 Kaitlynn Wolfe State Champs        
5:14.17 Audrey Link Blue Demon        
5:16.70 Ailene Edwards Blue Demon        
5:17.04 Audrey Link Dogwood        
5:17.63 Kaitlynn Wolfe Region Champs        
5:18.39 Sophia Link Dogwood        
5:19.27 Ailene Edwards Cosmo        
5:20.83 3A State Standard   4:29.25 3A State Standard
5:22.86 Sophia Link Blue Demon   4:29.95 Miles Kominsky Blacksburg Invite
5:24.17 Ailene Edwards Region Champs   4:32.29 Alistair Bushey Region Champs
5:24.18 Audrey Link State Champs   4:35.92 Henry Coddington Region Champs
5:25.74 Audrey Link Titan Early Bird   4:39.70 Alistair Bushey Blue Demon
5:29.29 Annika Griggs Region Champs   4:40.51 Cade Green Region Champs
5:29.61 Sophia Link Region Champs   4:41.64 Henry Coddington Blue Demon
5:30.15 Audrey Link Region Champs   4:43.19 Henry Coddington State Champs
5:33.14 Sophia Link Titan Early Bird   4:44.26 Cade Green Patrick Henry
5:34.15 Annika Griggs State Champs   4:44.32 Henry Coddington Terrier Challenge
5:37.98 Sophia Link State Champs   4:44.58 Cade Green State Champs
5:40.05 Grayson Lawrence Titan Early Bird   4:46.52 Cade Green Blue Demon
5:41.29 Annika Griggs Patrick Henry   4:48.98 Landon Dinkel Patrick Henry
5:41.64 Mia Jones Patrick Henry   4:50.87 Christian Shushok Patrick Henry
5:42.14 Annika Griggs Blue Demon   4:52.30 Oscar Coddington Patrick Henry
5:47.38 Annika Griggs Terrier Challenge   4:53.10 Cade Green Cosmo
        4:54.41 Christian Shushok Blacksburg Invite
        4:54.95 Cade Green Terrier Challenge
        4:55.80 Elliot Howard Patrick Henry
5:47.74 Region D Standard   4:56.85 Region D Standard
5:49.94 Mia Jones Terrier Challenge   5:00.40 Ben Schmitt Cosmo
5:50.01 Annika Griggs Dogwood   5:00.46 Jonathan Goerlich Patrick Henry
5:51.25 Mia Jones Titan Early Bird   5:01.16 Christian Shushok Cosmo
5:55.32 Annika Griggs Titan Early Bird   5:04.95 James Wallace Blue Demon
6:00.89 Julia Lattimer Blue Demon   5:07.70 James Wallace Cosmo
6:07.15 Julia Lattimer Terrier Challenge   5:08.19 Jonathan Goerlich Cosmo
6:26.69 Meghan Sforza Cosmo   5:09.00 Nate Lehman Hidden Valley
6:46.46 Madeline Deck Blue Demon   5:09.52 Nate Lehman Patrick Henry
6:56.65 Madeline Deck Hidden Valley   5:12.22 Spencer McGehee Titan Early Bird
7:00.94 Madeline Deck Quad Meet #1   5:12.96 James Wallace Terrier Challenge
7:03.99 Madeline Deck Patrick Henry   5:13.91 Zach Swartzwelder Blacksburg Invite
        5:14.35 Jonathan Goerlich Hidden Valley
        5:16.24 Nate Lehman Quad Meet #1
        5:16.31 Johnny Lowry Patrick Henry
        5:17.34 James Wallace Patrick Henry
        5:18.84 Jonathan Goerlich Blacksburg Invite
        5:18.99 Johnny Lowry Hidden Valley
        5:19.40 Zach Swartzwelder Blue Demon
        5:22.26 Nathan Lewis Patrick Henry
        5:22.38 Nate Lehman Blacksburg Invite
        5:22.71 Zach Swartzwelder Patrick Henry
        5:24.37 Nate Lehman Titan Early Bird
        5:24.44 Nathan Lewis Quad Meet #1
        5:24.80 Zach Swartzwelder Hidden Valley
        5:25.86 Gavin Paye Blacksburg Invite
        5:26.04 Gavin Paye Quad Meet #1
        5:26.45 Nathan Lewis Titan Early Bird
        5:27.49 Gavin Paye Hidden Valley
        5:27.75 Zach Swartzwelder Cosmo
        5:28.55 Gavin Paye Titan Early Bird
        5:31.54 Zach Swartzwelder Titan Early Bird
        5:39.49 Alex Davis Blue Demon
        5:40.83 Jethro Rust Hidden Valley
        5:54.76 Bradley Finch Blue Demon
        6:14.39 Bradley Finch Hidden Valley

1 Mile
5:07.01 Kaitlynn Wolfe Tri-Cities   4:43.98 Alistair Bushey Tri-Cities
5:16.00 Sophia Link Southern Track   4:44.67 Henry Coddington Tri-Cities
5:44.74 Grayson Lawrence Tri-Cities   5:00.26 Elliot Howard Tri-Cities
7:23.65 Madeline Deck Tri-Cities   5:01.88 Cade Green Tri-Cities

1 Mile Race Walk
        8:07.66 Landon Dinkel Blacksburg Invite
        8:26.43 James Wallace Blacksburg Invite
        8:26.46 Oscar Coddington Blacksburg Invite
        8:50.0 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Championship 3000m Walk

2000m Steeplechase
7:15.0 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship   6:15.0 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
8:12.09 Annika Griggs Dogwood   6:51.94 Ben Schmitt Dogwood
8:24.97 Annika Griggs Tri-Cities   7:06.42 Ben Schmitt Tri-Cities
        7:35.27 Chris Harrison Tri-Cities

9:53.09 Kaitlynn Wolfe The Penn Relays        

3000m Race Walk
        14:43.27 Oscar Coddington Nationals
        19:24.90 James Wallace Nationals
        DQ Landon Dinkel Nationals

10:35.92 Kaitlynn Wolfe Raleigh Relays        
10:38.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Championship 2 Mile
10:49.03 Kaitlynn Wolfe State Champs        
10:54.85 Kaitlynn Wolfe Dogwood        
11:01.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 2 Mile
11:00.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Championship 5000m
11:02.18 Ailene Edwards State Champs        
11.23.18 Ailene Edwards Blue Demon   9:39.15 Alistair Bushey State Champs
        9:40.74 Alistair Bushey Dogwood
11:31.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Freshman 2 Mile
  9:55.94 Alistair Bushey Blacksburg Invite
        9:57.04 Alistair Bushey Terrier Challenge
11:31.21 Audrey Link Blacksburg Invite   9:57.97 Alistair Bushey Blue Demon
        9:58.53 Henry Coddington Blue Demon
11:39.06 3A State Standard   9:59.05 3A State Standard
11:48.38 Sophia Link Dogwood   10:01.30 Landon Dinkel State Champs
11.48.57 Sophia Link Blue Demon   10:05.23 Landon Dinkel Dogwood
11.49.36 Audrey Link Blue Demon   10:07.01 Henry Coddington Terrier Challenge
11:56.93 Audrey Link Dogwood   10:09.38 Henry Coddington State Champs
11:57.26 Sophia Link Blacksburg Invite   10:09.77 Henry Coddington Titan Early Bird
12:05.63 Sophia Link Region Champs   10:10.95 Alistair Bushey Region Champs
12:14.02 Audrey Link Region Champs   10:14.83 Henry Coddington Region Champs
12:21.80 Audrey Link Titan Early Bird   10:17.03 Landon Dinkel Blacksburg Invite
12:22.40 Mia Jones Region Champs   10:20.19 Landon Dinkel Region Champs
12:25.09 Mia Jones State Champs   10:22.00 Landon Dinkel Terrier Challenge
12:31.23 Mia Jones Terrier Challenge   10:24.77 Cade Green Blacksburg Invite
12:33.05 Sophia Link Titan Early Bird   10:24.84 Alistair Bushey Titan Early Bird
12:33.65 Annika Griggs Terrier Challenge   10:28.53 Henry Coddington Dogwood
12:33.92 Emily Fitch Blacksburg Invite   10:30.54 Landon Dinkel Blue Demon
12:35.68 Emily Fitch Blue Demon   10:36.38 Cade Green Blue Demon
12:35.73 Annika Griggs Blacksburg Invite   10:42.64 Cade Green Titan Early Bird
12:35.78 Mia Jones Blacksburg Invite   10:42.80 Cade Green Terrier Challenge
12:36.94 Julia Lattimer Titan Early Bird        
12:37.00 Mia Jones Dogwood        
12:44.18 Julia Lattimer Terrier Challenge        
12:44.80 Emily Fitch Region Champs        
12:50.83 Emily Fitch Terrier Challenge        
12:59.82 Region D Standard   10:51.39 Region D Standard
13:14.11 Julia Lattimer Cosmo   10:53.95 Elliot Howard Dogwood
13:14.67 Mia Jones Titan Early Bird   10:54.04 Cade Green Region Champs
15:25.32 Madeline Deck Titan Early Bird   11:10.61 Henry Coddington Patrick Henry
15:31.81 Madeline Deck Blacksburg Invite   11:17.84 Landon Dinkel Patrick Henry
        11:25.49 James Wallace Blacksburg Invite
        11:28.96 Johnny Lowry Blacksburg Invite
        11:34.73 Johnny Lowry Dogwood
        11:47.89 Johnny Lowry Patrick Henry
        11:48.78 James Wallace Titan Early Bird
        11:50.37 Jonathan Goerlich Titan Early Bird
        11:56.74 Johnny Lowry Hidden Valley
        11:58.11 Ben Schmitt Patrick Henry
        11:58.32 Cade Green Patrick Henry
        12:03.05 Gavin Paye Patrick Henry
        12:07.57 Zach Swartzwelder Blue Demon
        12:11.22 Elliot Howard Patrick Henry
        12:11.33 Oscar Coddington Patrick Henry

2 Mile
10:42.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Championship 2 Mile
10:42.52 Kaitlynn Wolfe Southern Track        
11:05.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 2 Mile
11:11.53 Ailene Edwards Southern Track   9:54.34 Alistair Bushey Tri-Cities
12:30.61 Julia Lattimer Tri-Cities   9:54.91 Henry Coddington Tri-Cities
15:46.16 Madeline Deck Tri-Cities   10:27.62 Cade Green Tri-Cities
        10:34.19 Landon Dinkel Tri-Cities

DNF Kaitlynn Wolfe Nationals        

High Jump
        6-08 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Championship High Jump
5-07 Ellie St. Martin Quad Meet #1   6-06 Tiquest Terry Titan Early Bird
5-06 Ellie St. Martin Region Champs   6-06 Tiquest Terry Region Champs
5-05 Ellie St. Martin Nationals        
5-04.50 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite High Jump
  6-06 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite High Jump
5-04 Ellie St. Martin Southern Track   6-04 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg Invite
5-04 Ellie St. Martin Patrick Henry   6-04 Tiquest Terry State Champs
5-02 Ellie St. Martin Titan Early Bird   6-02 Tiquest Terry Blue Demon
5-02 Ellie St. Martin Tri-Cities   6-02 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Blacksburg Invite
5-02 Ellie St. Martin Blue Demon   6-02 Tiquest Terry Quad Meet #1
5-02 Ellie St. Martin State Champs   6-02 Tiquest Terry Dogwood
5-00 Abigail Wontrop Quad Meet #1   6-00 Clay Hopkins Titan Early Bird
5-00 Abigail Wontrop Dogwood   6-00 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Tri-Cities
5-00 Abigail Wontrop Patrick Henry   6-00 Tiquest Terry Southern Track
5-00 Abigail Wontrop Region Champs        
5-00 3A State Standard   6-00 3A State Standard
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg Invite   5-10 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Blue Demon
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg Invite   5-08 Clay Hopkins Tri-Cities
4-10 Abigail Wontrop State Champs   5-08 Joshua Gholston Region Champs
4-08 Vera Rust Quad Meet #1   5-06 Clay Hopkins Blue Demon
4-08 Artemisia Blythe Cosmo   5-06 Joshua Gholston Cosmo
4-08 Vera Rust Hidden Valley        
4-08 Vera Rust Region Champs        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Titan Early Bird        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Tri-Cities        
4-06 Abigail Wontrop Tri-Cities        
4-06 Vera Rust Blue Demon        
4-06 Vera Rust Blacksburg Invite        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Quad Meet #1        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Terrier Challenge        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Patrick Henry        
4-06 Vera Rust Patrick Henry        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Region Champs        
4-06 Region D Standard   5-06 Region D Standard
4-04 Vera Rust Titan Early Bird   5-04 Mason Zoellner Titan Early Bird
4-04 Vera Rust Tri-Cities   5-04 Mason Zoellner Tri-Cities
4-04 Artemisia Blythe Blue Demon   5-04 Joshua Gholston Blue Demon
4-04 Artemisia Blythe Blacksburg Invite   5-04 Mason Zoellner Cosmo
4-04 Vera Rust Cosmo   5-04 Joshua Gholston Hidden Valley
4-04 Vera Rust Terrier Challenge   5-04 Joshua Gholston Terrier Challenge
NH Abigail Wontrop Southern Track   5-02 Mason Zoellner Patrick Henry
        5-00 Mason Zoellner Terrier Challenge
        NH Mason Zoellner Blue Demon
        NH Mason Zoellner Blacksburg Invite

Long Jump
        22-03.00 Nick Czar Dogwood
        21-00.00 Nick Czar Blacksburg Invite
16-11.00 3A State Standard   20-08.75 3A State Standard
        20-08.50 Nick Czar Blue Demon
        20-08.00 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
        20-02.50 Clay Hopkins Patrick Henry
        19-11.00 Karim Mohamed Region Champs
        19-07.00 Asa Castleberry Quad Meet #1
        19-06.50 Karim Mohamed Patrick Henry
15-08.00 Region D Standard   19-06.25 Region D Standard
14-10.50 Ana Czar Cosmo   19-06.00 Clay Hopkins Region Champs
14-08.75 Artemisia Blythe Region Champs   19-02.25 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
14-08.25 Artemisia Blythe Cosmo   19-00.75 Asa Castleberry Cosmo
14-07.25 Caroline Jones Cosmo   18-08.00 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Blacksburg Invite
14-03.25 Artemisia Blythe Blacksburg Invite   18-07.50 Asa Castleberry Region Champs
14-01.50 Ana Czar Blue Demon   18-07.00 Joshua Gholston Patrick Henry
14-00.00 Erin Crawford Cosmo   18-05.50 Asa Castleberry Blue Demon
13-10.50 Kylan Socha Blacksburg Invite   18-02.00 Asa Castleberry Titan Early Bird
13-10.00 Erin Crawford Blacksburg Invite   17-09.50 Abram Scott Cosmo
13-08.75 Artemisia Blythe Terrier Challenge   17-09.50 Asa Castleberry Terrier Challenge
13-02.50 Artemisia Blythe Blue Demon   17-07.00 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg Invite
13-01.50 Erin Crawford Blue Demon   17-07.00 Abram Scott Blacksburg Invite
12-10.25 Erin Crawford Region Champs   17-05.25 Abram Scott Tri-Cities
12-09.75 Artemisia Blythe Patrick Henry   17-05.00 Abram Scott Titan Early Bird
12-09.25 Kylan Socha Titan Early Bird   17-02.00 Nick Czar State Champs
12-08.00 Emma Baldwin Hidden Valley   16-09.00 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg Invite
12-05.50 Artemisia Blythe Titan Early Bird   16-06.50 Cole Dunlap Terrier Challenge
12-05.50 Artemisia Blythe Tri-Cities   15-02.00 Donovan Johnson Quad Meet #1
11-07.00 Emma Baldwin Titan Early Bird   14-05.50 Donovan Johnson Blacksburg Invite
10-10.75 Kenza Kadiri Tri-Cities   14-04.00 Donovan Johnson Hidden Valley
        13-08.25 Donovan Johnson Cosmo
        13-01.00 Ben Roethlisberger Patrick Henry
        NM Tiquest Terry Blacksburg Invite
        NM Tiquest Terry Dogwood
        FOUL Asa Castleberry Cosmo

Triple Jump
35-04.75 3A State Standard   43-11.25 3A State Standard
33-11.00 Vera Rust Region Champs   43-10.00 Clay Hopkins Blacksburg Invite
33-05.75 Caroline Jones Patrick Henry   43-08.50 Clay Hopkins Region Champs
33-04.00 Caroline Jones Region Champs   43-06.00 Clay Hopkins Patrick Henry
32-05.50 Vera Rust Blacksburg Invite   43-03.00 Clay Hopkins Dogwood
32-02.25 Vera Rust Terrier Challenge   42-08.00 Clay Hopkins State Champs
        42-01.25 Clay Hopkins Blue Demon
        41-11.00 Clay Hopkins Titan Early Bird
        41-08.75 Clay Hopkins Tri-Cities
        39-01.00 Asa Castleberry Blue Demon
        38-07.00 Asa Castleberry Titan Early Bird
        38-06.50 Asa Castleberry Region Champs
        38-04.00 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg Invite
        38-02.00 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
32-02.00 Region D Standard   38-01.75 Region D Standard
31-11.50 Ana Czar Blacksburg Invite   37-01.00 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Tri-Cities
31-08.25 Vera Rust Patrick Henry   36-07.00 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Blue Demon
31-02.75 Abigail Wontrop Blacksburg Invite        
30-11.25 Vera Rust Tri-Cities        
30-10.00 Abigail Wontrop Patrick Henry        
30-08.00 Vera Rust Titan Early Bird        
30-06.00 Ana Czar Cosmo        
29-10.50 Abigail Wontrop Tri-Cities        
29-05.00 Vera Rust Blue Demon        
28-10.00 Emma Baldwin Cosmo        
28-10.00 Emma Baldwin Hidden Valley        
28-08.00 Emma Baldwin Blacksburg Invite        
28-05.25 Vera Rust Cosmo        
27-03.00 Emma Baldwin Titan Early Bird        
26-10.25 Erin Crawford Cosmo        
25-07.00 Emma Baldwin Patrick Henry        

Shot Put
37-00.50 Kaylee Sloss Patrick Henry        
35-01.75 3A State Standard   47-11.25 3A State Standard
34-04.75 Kaylee Sloss Region Champs        
33-10.50 Kaylee Sloss Dogwood        
33-03.50 Kaylee Sloss State Champs        
32-09.00 Kaylee Sloss Quad Meet #1        
31-08.00 Kaylee Sloss Titan Early Bird        
31-08.00 Kaylee Sloss Blue Demon        
29-04.00 Region D Standard   42-05.75 Region D Standard
27-10.00 Claire Morton Blue Demon   35-09.00 Ian Hole Patrick Henry
27-09.50 Claire Morton Terrier Challenge   35-00.75 Amiya Islam Patrick Henry
27-00.50 Claire Morton Patrick Henry   34-08.00 John Jarels Patrick Henry
26-10.00 Emily Martin Quad Meet #1   34-06.75 Amiya Islam Region Champs
26-08.00 Claire Morton Quad Meet #1   34-03.50 Tim Sawyers Quad Meet #1
26-00.00 Emily Martin Patrick Henry   34-00.50 Amiya Islam Quad Meet #1
25-10.75 Emily Martin Cosmo   33-09.25 John Jarels Quad Meet #1
24-09.50 Kayla Feghali Quad Meet #1   33-04.00 Kellum Bedsaul Quad Meet #1
24-00.50 Emily Martin Blacksburg Invite   33-04.00 Kellum Bedsaul Patrick Henry
23-08.00 Sidnie Saville Quad Meet #1   33-01.50 Ian Hole Quad Meet #1
23-06.00 Kayla Feghali Patrick Henry   33-00.00 John Jarels Blue Demon
23-01.00 Kayla Feghali Cosmo   32-01.00 John Jarels Terrier Challenge
22-11.00 Claire Morton Blacksburg Invite   32-00.00 Davis Cirillo Quad Meet #1
22-08.00 Emily Martin Region Champs   31-04.00 Ian Hole Region Champs
22-07.75 Mackenzie Guillot Blacksburg Invite   31-00.50 John Jarels Titan Early Bird
22-02.00 Kayla Feghali Blacksburg Invite   31-00.25 John Jarels Blacksburg Invite
22-02.00 Mackenzie Guillot Quad Meet #1   31-00.00 Seth Boehringer Patrick Henry
22-01.00 Emily Martin Blue Demon   30-08.00 John Jarels Tri-Cities
22-00.00 Mackenzie Guillot Blue Demon   30-07.00 John Jarels Hidden Valley
21-11.00 Mackenzie Guillot Titan Early Bird   27-09.50 Johnathan Surface Blacksburg Invite
21-07.50 Sidnie Saville Patrick Henry   27-08.50 Seth Boehringer Terrier Challenge
21-01.00 Kayla Feghali Blue Demon   27-05.75 Johnathan Surface Cosmo
21-01.00 Sidnie Saville Blue Demon   27-01.00 Johnathan Surface Patrick Henry
20-00.00 Claire Morton Titan Early Bird   26-11.00 Seth Boehringer Quad Meet #1
        26-09.50 Owen Walters Quad Meet #1
        25-07.00 Cameron Kelley Quad Meet #1
        25-04.00 Johnathan Surface Quad Meet #1
        25-04.00 Johnathan Surface Terrier Challenge
        24-06.00 Johnathan Surface Hidden Valley
        24-02.00 Johnathan Surface Blue Demon
        24-00.00 Cameron Kelley Blue Demon
        23-10.75 Johnathan Surface Titan Early Bird
        23-05.00 Owen Walters Titan Early Bird
        23-03.00 Cameron Kelley Blacksburg Invite
        22-09.50 Seth Boehringer Blacksburg Invite
        22-06.00 Cameron Kelley Hidden Valley
        FOUL Tim Sawyers Cosmo
        FOUL Amiya Islam Cosmo

112-06 Claire Morton State Champs        
110-08 Claire Morton Terrier Challenge        
109-02 3A State Standard   139-01 3A State Standard
108-00 Claire Morton Quad Meet #1        
105-09 Claire Morton Blue Demon        
105-00 Claire Morton Patrick Henry        
105-00 Claire Morton Region Champs        
101-01 Claire Morton Titan Early Bird        
90-11 Claire Morton Blacksburg Invite        
84-03 Mackenzie Guillot Quad Meet #1        
84-00 Region D Standard   122-03 Region D Standard
81-09 Mackenzie Guillot Blacksburg Invite   98-07 Amiya Islam Region Champs
81-06 Mackenzie Guillot Blue Demon   98-06 Ian Hole Region Champs
78-10 Kaylee Sloss Blue Demon   95-08 Ian Hole Quad Meet #1
78-06 Kaylee Sloss Patrick Henry   94-11 Ian Hole Patrick Henry
77-06 Mackenzie Guillot Titan Early Bird   85-09 Amiya Islam Quad Meet #1
76-10 Kaylee Sloss Quad Meet #1   80-11 Amiya Islam Patrick Henry
76-09 Mackenzie Guillot Region Champs   79-10 Owen Walters Quad Meet #1
76-08 Kaylee Sloss Titan Early Bird   76-11 Kellum Bedsaul Patrick Henry
73-04 Mackenzie Guillot Cosmo   76-08 Kellum Bedsaul Quad Meet #1
71-01 Sidnie Saville Blue Demon   74-02 Owen Walters Titan Early Bird
70-01 Sidnie Saville Quad Meet #1   74-00 Seth Boehringer Terrier Challenge
70-00 Sidnie Saville Patrick Henry   66-01 John Jarels Titan Early Bird
65-01 Emily Martin Quad Meet #1   65-10 John Jarels Terrier Challenge
64-02 Emily Martin Cosmo   64-08 Seth Boehringer Quad Meet #1
60-02 Emily Martin Patrick Henry   63-11 Cameron Kelley Quad Meet #1
59-09.50 Emily Martin Blacksburg Invite   63-07 John Jarels Patrick Henry
59-02 Kayla Feghali Cosmo   62-04 Cameron Kelley Hidden Valley
58-07 Kayla Feghali Patrick Henry   62-01 Seth Boehringer Patrick Henry
56-05 Kayla Feghali Blacksburg Invite   61-01 Cameron Kelley Blacksburg Invite
51-05 Emily Martin Blue Demon   60-10 John Jarels Quad Meet #1
48-07 Kayla Feghali Quad Meet #1   58-09 Johnathan Surface Terrier Challenge
48-06 Kayla Feghali Blue Demon   58-00 Seth Boehringer Blacksburg Invite
        57-10 John Jarels Blue Demon
        57-04 John Jarels Hidden Valley
        55-03 Johnathan Surface Titan Early Bird
        54-11 Johnathan Surface Hidden Valley
        54-02 Johnathan Surface Patrick Henry
        54-00 Johnathan Surface Blacksburg Invite
        54-00 Miles Simpson Quad Meet #1
        53-09 John Jarels Blacksburg Invite
        52-09 Johnathan Surface Quad Meet #1
        50-10 John Jarels Tri-Cities
        49-10 Miles Simpson Blacksburg Invite
        44-10 Miles Simpson Blue Demon
        NM Cameron Kelley Blue Demon

Pole Vault
11-00 Anna Kender Patrick Henry   12-06 Michael Milauskas Blacksburg Invite
11-00 Anna Kender Blue Demon   12-06 Michael Milauskas Region Champs
11-00 Anna Kender Blacksburg Invite   12-00 Michael Milauskas Terrier Challenge
11-00 Anna Kender Region Champs   12-00 Michael Milauskas Patrick Henry
10-06 Anna Kender Dogwood        
10-06 Anna Kender State Champs        
10-00 Anna Kender Tri-Cities        
10-00 Anna Kender Southern Track        
9-06 Katie Gabbard Quad Meet #1        
9-06 Katie Gabbard Terrier Challenge        
9-06 Katie Gabbard Region Champs        
9-06 Katie Gabbard State Champs        
9-03 3A State Standard   11-09 3A State Standard
9-00 Katie Gabbard Blacksburg Invite   11-00 Michael Milauskas Blue Demon
9-00 Katie Gabbard Dogwood   10-06 Charlie Skutt Tri-Cities
9-00 Katie Gabbard Patrick Henry   10-06 Michael Milauskas Quad Meet #1
        10-00 Cole Dunlap Blue Demon
        9-06 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
9-00 Region D Standard   8-00 Region D Standard
8-06 Julie Walsh Blacksburg Invite   7-06 Giovanni Mills Blue Demon
8-06 Julie Walsh Quad Meet #1   NH Michael Milauskas Dogwood
8-06 Julie Walsh Cosmo        
8-00 Julie Walsh Tri-Cities        
7-00 Maggie Zier Quad Meet #1        
7-00 Lily Belleville Terrier Challenge        
7-00 Lily Belleville Patrick Henry        
7-00 Maggie Zier Patrick Henry        
6-06 Lily Belleville Cosmo        
6-00 Lily Belleville Blacksburg Invite        
6-00 Maggie Zier Cosmo        
NH Katie Gabbard Tri-Cities        
NH Lily Belleville Blue Demon        
NH Katie Gabbard Blue Demon        
NH Maggie Zier Blue Demon        
NH Maggie Zier Blacksburg Invite        
NH Lily Belleville Quad Meet #1        

        42.20 Cole Dunlap State Champs
          Thomas Coffey  
          Tiquest Terry  
          David Quesenberry  
        43.12 Cole Dunlap Region Champs
          Thomas Coffey  
          Karim Mohamed  
          David Quesenberry  
        43.19 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
          Nick Czar  
          Thomas Coffey  
          Tiquest Terry  
        43.25 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite 4x100m
        43.26 Cole Dunlap Blue Demon
          Nick Czar  
          Thomas Coffey  
          Tiquest Terry  
50.12 3A State Standard   43.45 3A State Standard
52.80 Ana Czar Blacksburg Invite   43.63 Cole Dunlap Titan Early Bird
  Grace Reynolds       Nick Czar  
  Tess Belleville       Karim Mohamed  
  Kylan Socha       Tiquest Terry  
53.21 Tess Belleville Region Champs   44.36 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg Invite
  Becky Helm       Nick Czar  
  Abby Hinckley       Giovanni Mills  
  Kylan Socha       Tiquest Terry  
53.57 Tess Belleville Tri-Cities   44.63 Cole Dunlap Terrier Challenge
  Ana Czar       Isaac Shimozono  
  Abby Hinckley       Karim Mohamed  
  Kylan Socha       Giovanni Mills  
53.60 Tess Belleville Terrier Challenge   45.08 Ben Roethlisberger Cosmo
  Becky Helm       Karim Mohamed  
  Abby Hinckley       Asa Castleberry  
  Kylan Socha       Joshua Gholston  
53.98 Tess Belleville Titan Early Bird   46.30 Asa Castleberry Terrier Challenge
  Kylan Socha       Michael Milauskas  
  Abby Hinckley       Ben Roethlisberger  
  Maggie Zier       Joshua Gholston  
54.53 Caroline Jones Cosmo   46.46 Asa Castleberry Patrick Henry
  Vera Rust       Donovan Johnson  
  Abby Hinckley       Dylan McDonald  
  Agustina Cordova       Karim Mohamed  
55.44 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg Invite   47.47 Karim Mohamed Blue Demon
  Becky Helm       Giovanni Mills  
  Caroline Jones       Risher Hedgepeth  
  Cherylanne Harris       Jaiden Newcomer  
55.67 Becky Helm Patrick Henry   48.32 Abram Scott Cosmo
  Abby Hinckley       Risher Hedgepeth  
  Kylan Socha       Dylan McDonald  
  Jolie Rice       Isaac Shimozono  
56.31 Micah Mitchell Blacksburg Invite   48.82 Isaac Shimozono Tri-Cities
          Marley Spennacchio-Parker  
  Feidra Gjata       Dylan McDonald  
          Donovan Johnson  
57.77 Feidra Gjata Tri-Cities   49.54 Ben Schmitt Quad Meet #1
  Katie Gabbard       Oscar Coddington  
  Vera Rust       Elliot Howard  
  Julie Walsh       Cade Green  
58.19 Jolie Rice Blue Demon   49.72   Hidden Valley
  Katie Gabbard          
  Lily Belleville          
  Maggie Zier          
DNF Tess Belleville Blue Demon   50.14 Zachary Bibeau Quad Meet #1
  Ana Czar       Johnny Lowry  
  Abby Hinckley       Elliot Shadle  
  Kylan Socha       James Wallace  
DQ Ana Czar Cosmo   50.69 Abram Scott Blacksburg Invite
  Becky Helm       Mason Zoellner  
  Maggie Zier       Jaiden Newcomer  
  Kylan Socha       Donovan Johnson  
        51.57 Dylan McDonald Blue Demon
          Donovan Johnson  
          Mason Lattimer  
          Ethan St. Martin  
        53.72 Ethan St. Martin Blacksburg Invite
          Mason Lattimer  
          Henry Valatka  
          Alejandro Ruvalcaba  
        1:05.16 Throwers Blacksburg Invite

2:01.06 Becky Helm Tri-Cities   1:36.19 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
  Roshni Bhojwani       Ben Roethlisberger  
  Kenza Kadiri       Charlie Skutt  
  Ellie St. Martin       Clay Hopkins  
DQ Feidra Gjata Tri-Cities   1:45.38 Risher Hedgepeth Tri-Cities
  Erin Crawford       Dylan McDonald  
  Vera Rust       Donovan Johnson  
  Cherylanne Harris       James Cook  

4:03.66 Abigail Wontrop State Champs   3:28.43 Nick Harrison State Champs
  Mari Garza       Clay Hopkins  
  Anna Kender       Miles Kominsky  
  Grace Reynolds       David Quesenberry  
4:08.90 Abigail Wontrop Region Champs   3:29.43 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
  Anna Kender       Nick Harrison  
  Mari Garza       Oscar Coddington  
  Grace Reynolds       Miles Kominsky  
4:10.13 Mari Garza Dogwood   3:29.59 Ethan Young Region Champs
  Anna Kender       David Quesenberry  
  Abigail Wontrop       Clay Hopkins  
  Grace Reynolds       Nick Harrison  
4:10.92 3A State Standard   3:29.67 3A State Standard
4:18.51 Mari Garza Blacksburg Invite   3:30.67 Nick Czar Blacksburg Invite
  Abigail Wontrop       Nick Harrison  
  Ailene Edwards       David Quesenberry  
  Grace Reynolds       Miles Kominsky  
4:20.99 Abigail Wontrop Tri-Cities   3:33.98 Ethan Young Blue Demon
  Agustina Cordova       Oscar Coddington  
  Ailene Edwards       Clay Hopkins  
  Grace Reynolds       Nick Czar  
4:21.95 Anna Kender Blue Demon   3:38.85 Mike Crowe Titan Early Bird
  Annika Griggs       Elliot Howard  
  Erin Crawford       Clay Hopkins  
  Mari Garza       Nick Harrison  
4:25.81 Anna Kender Terrier Challenge   3:41.40 Collin Holley Patrick Henry
  Erin Crawford       Mike Crowe  
  Caroline Jones       Joshua Gholston  
  Mari Garza       Nick Harrison  
4:27.04 Abigail Wontrop Patrick Henry   3:41.90 Oscar Coddington Hidden Valley
  Kylan Socha       Ben Schmitt  
  Erin Crawford       Elliot Shadle  
  Anna Kender       Spencer McGehee  
4:28.27 Abigail Wontrop Terrier Challenge   3:42.61 Ben Roethlisberger Cosmo
  Kylan socha       Collin Holley  
  Roshni Bhojwani       Jethro Rust  
  Grace Reynolds       Zachary Bibeau  
4:36.00 Roshni Bhojwani Titan Early Bird   3:48.51 Spencer McGehee Blacksburg Invite
  Agustina Cordova       Ben Schmitt  
  Jolie Rice       Oscar Coddington  
  Kylan Socha       Mike Crowe  
4:36.08 Cherylanne Harris Cosmo   3:50.12 Collin Holley Tri-Cities
  Jolie Rice       James Wallace  
  Feidra Gjata       Elliot Shadle  
  Erin Crawford       Ethan Young  
4:36.65 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg Invite   3:50.77 Ben Schmitt Blue Demon
  Roshni Bhojwani       Zachary Bibeau  
  Erin Crawford       Spencer McGehee  
          Mike Crowe  
        3:51.07 Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
          Oscar Coddington  
          Spencer McGehee  
          Ethan Young  
        3:52.26 Dylan McDonald Cosmo
          Mason Zoellner  
          Risher Hedgepeth  
          Mike Crowe  
        3:52.81 Christian Shushok Patrick Henry
          Spencer McGehee  
          James Wallace  
          Zachary Bibeau  
        3:53.45 Elliot Howard Terrier Challenge
          Cole Dunlap  
          Collin Holley  
          Thomas Coffey  
        3:59.85 Chris Harrison Blue Demon
          Nathan Gallagher  
          Azat Hedgepeth  
          Collin Holley  
        4:02.44 Nate Lehman Blue Demon
          Johnny Lowry  
          Elliot Shadle  
          James Wallace  

9:32.89 Sophia Link State Champs   8:09.07 Oscar Coddington State Champs
  Audrey Link       Alistair Bushey  
  Ailene Edwards       Zachary Bibeau  
  Kaitlynn Wolfe       Miles Kominsky  
9:40.99 Sophia Link The Penn Relays        
  Audrey Link          
  Ailene Edwards          
  Kaitlynn Wolfe          
9:58.07 3A State Standard   8:14.98 3A State Standard
10:10.00 Mia Jones Region Champs   8:21.36 Henry Coddington Titan Early Bird
  Mari Garza       Alistair Bushey  
  Annika Griggs       Oscar Coddington  
  Ailene Edwards       Miles Kominsky  
11:01.99 Mariah Burks Blue Demon   8:38.08 Spencer McGehee Region Champs
  Mia Jones       Zachary Bibeau  
  Meghan Sforza       Ben Schmitt  
  Mari Garza       Oscar Coddington  
        8:43.60 Spencer McGehee Terrier Challenge
          Zachary Bibeau  
          Nathan Gallagher  
          Elliot Howard  
        8:54.00 Oscar Coddington Blue Demon
          Zachary Bibeau  
          Elliot Howard  
          Ben Schmitt  
        8:55.13 Nathan Gallagher Cosmo
          Zachary Bibeau  
          Elliot Howard  
          Spencer McGehee  
        9:22.06 Chris Harrison Blue Demon
          Elliot Shadle  
          Johnny Lowry  
          Spencer McGehee  
        9:43.00 Nate Lehman Blue Demon
          Azat Hedgepeth  
          Jethro Rust  
          Nathan Gallagher  

800m Sprint Medley Relay
1:57.87 Jolie Rice Terrier Challenge   1:39.32 Cole Dunlap Titan Early Bird
  Becky Helm       Giovanni Mills  
  Abby Hinckley       Karim Mohamed  
  Grace Reynolds       Nick Czar  
2:12.47 Maggie Zier Titan Early Bird   DNF Abram Scott Terrier Challenge
  Becky Helm       Isaac Shimozono  
  Abby Hinckley       Giovanni Mills  
  Kenza Kadiri       Ben Roethlisberger  

1600m Sprint Medley Relay
        3:36.53 Cole Dunlap Nationals
          David Quesenberry  
          Nick Czar  
          Miles Kominsky  

100m / 110m Shuttle Hurdle Relay
        1:04.73 Ethan Young Nationals
          Mike Crowe  
          Nick Harrison  
          Thomas Coffey  

Distance Medley Relay
12:28.90 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities        
  Grace Reynolds          
  Audrey Link          
  Kaitlynn Wolfe          
12:32.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Emerging Elite Distance Medley Relay
14:19.07 Julia Lattimer Tri-Cities   11:52.40 Zachary Bibeau Tri-Cities
  Mariah Burks       Oscar Coddington  
  Annika Griggs       Spencer McGehee  
  Grayson Lawrence       Elliot Howard  
        11:59.12 Elliot Howard Titan Early Bird
          Spencer McGehee  
          Zachary Bibeau  
          Ben Schmitt  
        12:17.89 Chris Harrison Tri-Cities
          Elliot Shadle  
          Collin Holley  
          James Wallace  




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