Girls Results   Boys Results

Yellow Highlighting = Qualified for States with a Top 4 Finish at Region Championships

        10.37 Cole Beck Blacksburg
        10.43 Cole Beck Dogwood
        10.44 Cole Beck State Championships
        10.60 Cole Beck Dogwood
        10.64 Cole Beck Tri-Cities
        10.70 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
        10.74 Noah Ramsey Blacksburg
        10.77 Cole Beck Southern Track
        10.78 Noah Ramsey Dogwood
        10.80 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite
        10.85 Noah Ramsey Dogwood
        10.91 Noah Ramsey State Championships
        10.93 Cole Beck Region Championships
        10.94q Cole Beck Tri-Cities
        11.04 Noah Ramsey Region Championships
        11.06 Noah Ramsey Tri-Cities
        11.16 Noah Ramsey Southern Track
        11.28q Noah Ramsey Tri-Cities
12.87 3A State Standard   11.32 3A State Standard
        11.43 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
        11.43 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
        11.45 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
        11.47 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg
        11.49 Nick Czar Blacksburg
13.10 Region D Standard   11.54 Region D Standard
13.70 Ana Czar Cosmo   11.55 Micah Lester Dogwood
13.74 Ana Czar Patrick Henry   11.63 Brian Mitchell Cosmo
13.77 Caroline Jones Cosmo   11.64 Cole Dunlap Patrick Henry
13.85 Grace Reynolds Salem Tri   11.65 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
13.92 Caroline Jones Blacksburg   11.65 Micah Lester Knights Classic
13.95 Ana Czar Blacksburg   11.66 Nick Czar Knights Classic
13.95 Tess Belleville Patrick Henry   11.68 Micah Lester Blacksburg
13.96 Anna Kender Salem Tri   11.70 Micah Lester Patrick Henry
13.98 Erika Modlin Knights Classic   11.71 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
13.98 Erika Modlin Region Championships   11.72 Karim Mohamed Knights Classic
13.99 Caroline Jones Cosmo   11.74 Karim Mohamed Blacksburg
14.04 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg   11.76 Karim Mohamed Patrick Henry
14.10 Ana Czar Knights Classic   11.77 Brian Mitchell Blacksburg
14.13 Caroline Jones Tri-Cities   11.77 Cole Dunlap Knights Classic
14.15 Eden Marquis Blacksburg   11.78 Cole Dunlap Region Championships
14.22 Rachel Morrow Salem Tri   11.91 Brian Mitchell Patrick Henry
14.30 Abby Hinckley Patrick Henry   11.93 Micah Lester Amherst
14.32 Abby Hinckley Region Championships   11.93 Brian Mitchell Knights Classic
14.33 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   11.93 Karim Mohamed Region Championships
14.33 Ana Czar Salem Tri   11.94 Cole Dunlap Amherst
14.34 Tess Belleville Blacksburg   12.00 Joe Cuba Cosmo
14.37 Carly Hopkins Blacksburg   12.01 Brian Mitchell Amherst
14.55 Abby Hinckley Knights Classic   12.08 David Quesenberry Amherst
14.68 Erin Crawford Tri-Cities   12.11 Ben Roethlisberger Patrick Henry
14.79 Caroline Jones Amherst   12.14 Karim Mohamed Salem Tri
14.82 Abby Hinckley Salem Tri   12.15 Brian Mitchell Tri-Cities
14.89 Kenza Kadiri Tri-Cities   12.19 Ben Roethlisberger Blacksburg
14.92 Becky Helm Blacksburg   12.23 Addison Flack Amherst
14.92 Becky Helm Patrick Henry   12.26 Karim Mohamed Terrier Challenge
14.93 Kenza Kadiri Blacksburg   12.28 Ryan Stanaland Patrick Henry
14.97 Kenza Kadiri Terrier Challenge   12.33 Joe Cuba Blacksburg
15.02 Becky Helm Terrier Challenge   12.40 Asa Castleberry Cosmo
15.07 Eden Marquis Amherst   12.42 Giovanni Mills Cosmo
15.07 Erin Crawford Salem Tri   12.44 Ben Roethlisberger Terrier Challenge
15.28 Becky Helm Salem Tri   12.48 Abram Scott Blacksburg
15.50 Kenza Kadiri Salem Tri   12.51 Ben Roethlisberger Salem Tri
16.66 Kayla Feghali Amherst   12.58 Karington Burks Patrick Henry
        12.59 Giovanni Mills Patrick Henry
        12.68 Clay Hopkins Salem Tri
        12.79 Charlie Skutt Salem Tri
        12.81 Joe Cuba Salem Tri
        12.89 Abram Scott Terrier Challenge
        12.92 Abram Scott Salem Tri
        12.94 Thomas Deverin Blacksburg
        13.01 Abram Scott Amherst
        13.01 Asa Castleberry Salem Tri
        13.18 Jaiden Newcomer Blacksburg
        13.22 Giovanni Mills Salem Tri
        13.24 Joe Cuba Amherst
        13.32 Andy Via Salem Tri
        13.41 Thomas Deverin Salem Tri
        13.42 Jaiden Newcomer Terrier Challenge
        13.50 Jaiden Newcomer Patrick Henry
        13.51 Jaiden Newcomer Salem Tri
        13.83 Jaiden Newcomer Amherst
        14.64 Sam Elliott Salem Tri

100m Hurdles     110m Hurdles  
15.80 3A State Standard   15.43 3A State Standard
16.77 Claire Stanaland Cosmo   15.85 Ryan Stanaland Tri-Cities
16.89 Claire Stanaland Cosmo   15.89 Nick Harrison Cosmo
16.96 Claire Stanaland Patrick Henry   16.02 Ryan Stanaland Region Championships
17.14 Claire Stanaland Knights Classic   16.06q Ryan Stanaland Tri-Cities
17.38 Claire Stanaland Terrier Challenge   16.16 Nick Harrison Blacksburg
17.56 Micah Mitchell Region Championships   16.16 Nick Harrison Cosmo
17.63 Claire Stanaland Salem Tri   16.17 Nick Harrison Region Championships
17.80 Claire Stanaland Region Championships   16.36 Ryan Stanaland Knights Crossing
17.94 Claire Stanaland State Championships   16.62 Nick Harrison Amherst
18.04 Micah Mitchell Knights Classic   16.77 Nick Harrison Tri-Cities
18.11 Micah Mitchell Terrier Challenge        
18.12 Region D Standard   16.77 Region D Standard
18.34 Micah Mitchell Patrick Henry   16.82 Nick Harrison Salem Tri
18.52 Agustina Cordova Blacksburg   17.83 Karington Burks Patrick Henry
18.79 Agustina Cordova Knights Classic   18.85 Karington Burks Cosmo
18.81 Agustina Cordova Patrick Henry   20.80 Mike Crowe Cosmo
18.88 Micah Mitchell Salem Tri   20.97 Mike Crowe Blacksburg
18.98 Agustina Cordova Salem Tri   21.23 Mike Crowe Patrick Henry
19.05 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities   21.51 Mike Crowe Amherst
19.12 Julie Walsh Blacksburg   21.79 Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
19.50 Brianna Tabor Patrick Henry        
19.59 Agustina Cordova Amherst        
19.64 Micah Mitchell State Championships        
19.70 Becky Helm Cosmo        
19.71 Brianna Tabor Cosmo        
19.73 Brianna Tabor Knights Classic        
19.85 Becky Helm Tri-Cities        
19.91 Brianna Tabor Salem Tri        
20.34 Becky Helm Amherst        
20.45 Brianna Tabor Amherst        
20.46 Julie Walsh Amherst        
20.60 Brianna Tabor Tri-Cities        
20.85 Julie Walsh Cosmo        
25.34 Caitlin Sedor Tri-Cities        

        21.28 Cole Beck Blacksburg
        21.53 Cole Beck State Championships
        21.55 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
        21.79 Cole Beck Dogwood
        21.80 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite
        22.10 Noah Ramsey Blacksburg
        22.28 Cole Beck Region Championships
        22.50 Noah Ramsey State Championships
25.97 3A State Standard   22.50 3A State Standard
26.50 Grace Reynolds Terrier Challenge   22.62 Noah Ramsey Region Championships
26.56 Grace Reynolds State Championships        
26.63 Grace Reynolds Knights Classic   22.88 Nick Czar Blacksburg
26.72 Grace Reynolds Region Championships   23.00 Noah Ramsey Dogwood
27.01 Grace Reynolds Patrick Henry   23.11 Micah Lester Blacksburg
27.29 Grace Reynolds Amherst        
27.54 Grace Reynolds Cosmo        
27.84 Grace Reynolds Cosmo        
28.00 Region D Standard   23.14 Region D Standard
28.23 Anna Kender Salem Tri   23.19 David Quesenberry Blacksburg
28.53 Caroline Jones Knights Classic   23.19 Cole Dunlap Blacksburg
28.63 Erika Modlin Knights Classic   23.30 Micah Lester Region Championships
28.74 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg   23.34 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
28.93 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg   23.35 Micah Lester Salem Tri
28.97 Eden Marquis Blacksburg   23.35 Micah Lester Knights Classic
29.04 Abby Hinckley Region Championships   23.38 David Quesenberry Cosmo
29.18 Caroline Jones Cosmo   23.48 Nick Czar Region Championships
29.22 Abby Hinckley Knights Classic   23.50 David Quesenberry Cosmo
29.32 Abigail Wontrop Tri-Cities   23.62 Nick Czar Amherst
29.35 Brianna Tabor Salem Tri   23.73 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
29.49 Erika Modlin Patrick Henry   23.75 Charlie Skutt Blacksburg
29.62 Eden Marquis Cosmo   23.77q David Quesenberry Tri-Cities
29.66 Tess Belleville Blacksburg   23.77 David Quesenberry Tri-Cities
29.69 Abby Hinckley Salem Tri   23.77 Micah Lester Dogwood
29.76 Caroline Jones Salem Tri   23.80 Cole Dunlap Knights Classic
29.77 Ellie St. Martin Terrier Challenge   23.89 Cole Dunlap Terrier Challenge
29.92 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   23.90 Micah Lester Amherst
29.92 Eden Marquis Salem Tri   23.90 Cole Dunlap Salem Tri
30.51 Abby Hinckley Patrick Henry   23.90 Brian Mitchell Blacksburg
30.55 Abby Hinckley Amherst   23.91 Addison Flack Salem Tri
30.64 Erin Crawford Blacksburg   23.95 Karim Mohamed Blacksburg
30.65 Erin Crawford Patrick Henry   24.04 Addison Flack Tri-Cities
31.03 Erin Crawford Salem Tri   24.14 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
31.04 Ana Czar Amherst   24.14 Karim Mohamed Patrick Henry
31.20 Kenza Kadiri Salem Tri   24.16 David Quesenberry Amherst
31.38 Erin Crawford Amherst   24.18 Nick Harrison Blacksburg
31.62 Becky Helm Patrick Henry   24.22 Brian Mitchell Cosmo
32.44 Erin Crawford Terrier Challenge   24.35 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
34.33 Kayla Feghali Salem Tri   24.42 Ben Roethlisberger Blacksburg
        24.48 Karim Mohamed Salem Tri
        24.61 Karim Mohamed Amherst
        24.66 Ryan Stanaland Patrick Henry
        24.68 Karim Mohamed Cosmo
        24.78 Karim Mohamed Tri-Cities
        24.86 Karim Mohmaed Terrier Challenge
        24.91 Joe Cuba Cosmo
        24.96 Joe Cuba Blacksburg
        25.06 Clay Hopkins Salem Tri
        25.11 Giovanni Mills Patrick Henry
        25.46 David Quesenberry Knights Classic
        25.69 Abram Scott Patrick Henry
        25.72 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg
        25.91 Ben Roethlisberger Salem Tri
        26.01 Giovanni Mills Salem Tri
        26.09 Joe Cuba Salem Tri
        26.11 Thomas Deverin Blacksburg
        26.19 Thomas Deverin Patrick Henry
        26.39 Jaiden Newcomer Blacksburg
        26.89 Abram Scott Amherst
        26.90 Andy Via Patrick Henry
        26.94 Jaiden Newcomer Patrick Henry
        27.10 Andy Via Amherst
        27.14 Sam Baker Salem Tri
        27.30 Jaiden Newcomer Salem Tri
        27.35 Thomas Deverin Amherst
        27.63 Abram Scott Salem Tri
        27.92 Jaiden Newcomer Amherst
        28.99 Mike Crowe Salem Tri
        30.98 Sam Elliott Salem Tri

300m Hurdles
46.92 3A State Standard   40.54 3A State Standard
49.22 Rachel Morrow Region Championships   41.50 Nick Harrison Knights Classic
50.06 Claire Stanaland Knights Classic   41.68 Nick Harrison Region Championships
50.14 Claire Stanaland Cosmo   41.72 Nick Harrison Blacksburg
50.20 Rachel Morrow Cosmo   42.30 Ryan Stanaland Knights Classic
50.56 Claire Stanaland Patrick Henry   43.10 Nick Harrison Salem Tri
50.89 Agustina Cordova Blacksburg   43.14 Nick Harrison Amherst
50.92 Rachel Morrow Blacksburg        
50.94 Claire Stanaland Region Championships        
50.94 Agustina Cordova Region Championships        
51.06 Rachel Morrow Cosmo        
51.22 Rachel Morrow Patrick Henry        
51.31 Rachel Morrow Salem Tri        
51.37 Claire Stanaland Cosmo        
52.24 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities        
52.42 Claire Stanaland Salem Tri        
52.91 Agustina Cordova Patrick Henry        
53.67 Region D Standard   44.29 Region D Standard
53.91 Brianna Tabor Knights Classic   45.18 Nick Harrison Tri-Cities
54.00 Brianna Tabor Patrick Henry   45.57 Charlie Skutt Blacksburg
54.33 Agustina Cordova Amherst   48.32 Charlie Skutt Salem Tri
54.99 Micah Mitchell Knights Classic   48.92 Karington Burks Cosmo
55.11 Brianna Tabor Salem Tri   50.26 Mike Crowe Blacksburg
55.68 Brianna Tabor Cosmo   51.23 Mike Crowe Patrick Henry
56.35 Brianna Tabor Amherst   51.33 Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
57.68 Micah Mitchell Terrier Challenge   51.35 Mike Crowe Salem Tri
58.43 Brianna Tabor Tri-Cities   52.22 Mike Crowe Cosmo
58.45 Micah Mitchell Patrick Henry   52.38 Mike Crowe Amherst
59.33 Micah Mitchell Salem Tri        
1:04.30 Caitlin Sedor Tri-Cities        
1:04.51 Becky Helm Tri-Cities        

1:00.06 Anna Kender Region Championships        
1:00.23 Anna Kender Cosmo        
1:00.27 3A State Standard   51.08 3A State Standard
1:00.38 Anna Kender State Championships   51.69 Charlie Skutt Region Championships
1:00.90 Anna Kender Tri-Cities   52.42 Cole Beck Salem Tri
1:01.00 Grace Reynolds Cosmo   52.70 David Quesenberry Region Championships
1:01.70 Anna Kender Knights Classic   52.71 David Quesenberry Cosmo
1:02.34 Grace Reynolds Salem Tri        
1:03.21 Abigail Wontrop Region Championships        
1:03.70 Abigail Wontrop Knights Classic        
1:03.80 Abigail Wontrop Blacksburg        
1:03.85 Grace Reynolds Cosmo        
1:04.43 Anna Kender Cosmo        
1:05.00 Region D Standard   53.29 Region D Standard
1:06.33 Grace McGehee Patrick Henry   53.66 Michael Milauskas Knights Classic
1:06.69 Grace McGehee Terrier Challenge   53.98 Charlie Skutt Amherst
1:06.70 Grace McGehee Knights Classic   54.86 Michael Milauskas Salem Tri
1:06.98 Shelly Boerth Tri-Cities   55.54 Ben Roethlisberger Cosmo
1:07.51 Grace McGehee Salem Tri   55.91 Collin Holley Terrier Challenge
1:08.07 Shelly Boerth Amherst   56.74 Collin Holley Blacksburg
1:08.72 Ellie St. Martin Terrier Challenge   56.81 Collin Holley Tri-Cities
1:08.94 Grace McGehee Amherst   56.86 Collin Holley Salem Tri
1:09.63 Kenza Kadiri Blacksburg   57.13 Collin Holley Amherst
1:09.89 Kenza Kadiri Tri-Cities   57.56 Collin Holley Knights Classic
1:11.71 Roshni Bhojwani Cosmo   58.00 Ben Roethlisberger Cosmo
1:12.15 Kenza Kadiri Amherst   58.04 Giovanni Mills Cosmo
1:12.30 Erin Crawford Tri-Cities   58.72 Zachary Bibeau Salem Tri
1:14.86 Becky Helm Terrier Challenge   59.12 Sam Baker Salem Tri
1:15.50 Star Garcia Amherst   59.25 Elliot Shadle Salem Tri
1:23.62 Olivia Hodge Blacksburg   59.33 Elliot Shadle Patrick Henry
        59.50 Sean Bianchi Salem Tri
        59.59 Zachary Bibeau Blacksburg
        59.80 Sam Baker Amherst
        59.80 Sam Baker Terrier Challenge
        1:00.18 Zachary Bibeau Amherst
        1:00.26 Trevor Ierardi Blacksburg
        1:00.38 Elliot Shadle Amherst
        1:00.55 Elliot Shadle Blacksburg
        1:00.69 Thomas Deverin Patrick Henry
        1:01.30 Garrett Knobl Terrier Challenge
        1:01.84 Spencer McGehee Tri-Cities
        1:02.13 Thomas Deverin Blacksburg
        1:02.74 Collin Holley Cosmo
        1:02.86 Sam Baker Cosmo
        1:04.28 James Wallace Tri-Cities
        1:04.59 Thomas Deverin Amherst
        1:04.69 Jaiden Newcomer Terrier Challenge

2:23.09 3A State Standard   1:59.66 3A State Standard
2:23.51 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities   1:59.85 Sidd Nathella Region Championships
2:23.63 Ailene Edwards Region Championships   2:00.02 Sidd Nathella Dogwood
2:23.90 Ailene Edwards State Championships   2:00.61 Sidd Nathella Knights Classic
2:25.93 Ailene Edwards Knights Classic   2:03.13 Sidd Nathella Blacksburg
2:26.90 Emily Fitch Salem Tri        
2:27.97 Emily Fitch Tri-Cities        
2:28.13 Sophia Link Salem Tri        
2:29.29 Ailene Edwards Salem Tri        
2:31.40 Region D Standard   2:05.04 Region D Standard
2:32.69 Sophia Link Knights Classic   2:05.62 Sidd Nathella Salem Tri
2:34.31 Eliza Stowe Salem Tri   2:07.49 Sidd Nathella State Championships
2:34.63 Grayson Lawrence Tri-Cities   2:09.14 Alistair Bushey Salem Tri
2:36.37 Grayson Lawrence Knights Classic   2:09.31 Henry Coddington Salem Tri
2:37.07 Shelly Boerth Terrier Challenge   2:09.72 Ben Schmitt Blacksburg
2:37.38 Shelly Boerth Blacksburg   2:09.91 Henry Coddington Knights Classic
2:41.80 Shelly Boerth Cosmo   2:10.72 Ben Schmitt Salem Tri
2:42.04 Annika Griggs Cosmo   2:10.90 Oscar Coddington Salem Tri
2:43.26 Grayson Lawrence Salem Tri   2:11.97 Nathan Gallagher Salem Tri
2:44.14 Shelly Boerth Salem Tri   2:11.98 Oscar Coddington Knights Classic
2:49.35 Shelly Boerth Knights Classic   2:12.23 Oscar Coddington Region Championships
2:51.18 Shelly Boerth Amherst   2:12.70 Oscar Coddington Tri-Cities
2:52.35 Annika Griggs Amherst   2:13.51 Nathan Gallagher Blacksburg
3:02.32 Grace McGehee Amherst   2:13.61 Ben Schmitt Cosmo
        2:14.34 Chris Harrison Tri-Cities
        2:14.61 Nathan Gallagher Terrier Challenge
        2:15.25 Oscar Coddington Amherst
        2:15.42 Oscar Coddington Cosmo
        2:15.56 Landon Dinkel Cosmo
        2:15.73 Zach Bibeau Knights Classic
        2:16.01 Nathan Gallagher Knights Classic
        2:17.24 Sean Bianchi Tri-Cities
        2:17.47 Spencer McGehee Knights Classic
        2:17.48 Oscar Coddington Blacksburg
        2:17.89 Spencer McGehee Amherst
        2:18.56 Nathan Gallagher Cosmo
        2:19.09 Zach Bibeau Cosmo
        2:19.44 Spencer McGehee Terrier Challenge
        2:19.74 Elliot Howard Salem Tri
        2:20.30 Spencer McGehee Blacksburg
        2:20.64 Spencer McGehee Salem Tri
        2:21.64 Elliot Howard Tri-Cities
        2:24.92 Garrett Knobl Blacksburg
        2:26.67 Elliot Howard Amherst
        2:27.75 Spencer McGehee Cosmo
        2:37.80 Alex Davis Blacksburg

4:53.50 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship        
4:59.50 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite        
5:16.49 Ailene Edwards Blacksburg        
5:20.83 3A State Standard   4:29.25 3A State Standard
        4:35.97 Alistair Bushey Knights Classic
        4:38.12 Alistair Bushey Region Championships
        4:41.28 Sidd Nathella Blacksburg
        4:42.91 Alistair Bushey Amherst
        4:43.83 Henry Coddington Knights Classic
        4:49.97 Ben Schmitt Knights Classic
        4:53.73 Ben Schmitt Cosmo
        4:56.20 Landon Dinkel Knights Classic
        4:57.60 Oscar Coddington Knights Classic
        4:58.44 Landon Dinkel Cosmo
5:20.97 Region D Standard   5:00.00 Region D Standard
5:22.01 Sophia Link State Championships   5:00.67 Oscar Coddington Cosmo
5:24.10 Sophia Link Region Championships   5:00.78 Landon Dinkel Blacksburg
5:27.55 Sophia Link Blacksburg   5:02.10 Oscar Coddington Blacksburg
5:29.03 Sophia Link Knights Classic   5:02.25 Oscar Coddington Terrier Challenge
5:31.98 Simonne Guenette Knights Classic   5:03.90 James Wallace Knights Classic
5:34.49 Simonne Guenette Blacksburg   5:04.90 Elliot Howard Blacksburg
5:38.70 Simonne Guenette Region Championships   5:05.90 Sean Bianchi Blacksburg
5:40.49 Eliza Stowe Blacksburg   5:05.33 Elliot Howard Terrier Challenge
5:49.56 Annika Griggs Cosmo   5:06.15 Elliot Howard Amherst
5:51.95 Grayson Lawrence Cosmo   5:06.70 James Wallace Blacksburg
5:55.83 Annika Griggs Terrier Challenge   5:06.90 Oscar Coddington Amherst
6:02.63 Annika Griggs Blacksburg   5:08.23 Cade Green Terrier Challenge
6:03.54 Annika Griggs Amherst   5:09.23 Elliot Howard Cosmo
6:16.38 Annika Griggs Salem Tri   5:10.70 Sean Bianchi Knights Classic
6:46.60 Madeline Deck Salem Tri   5:13.84 Sean Bianchi Amherst
6:55.99 Emi Miyazaki Amherst   5:15.99 James Wallace Cosmo
6:56.61 Susan Pokharel Blacksburg   5:16.30 Elliot Howard Knights Classic
6:57.10 Emi Miyazaki Knights Classic   5:16.42 Cade Green Salem Tri
6:59.71 Susan Pokharel Cosmo   5:19.12 James Wallace Amherst
7:01.29 Emi Miyazaki Salem Tri   5:20.97 James Wallace Terrier Challenge
7:12.50 Susan Pokharel Salem Tri   5:24.13 James Wallace Salem Tri
        5:25.50 Cade Green Blacksburg
        5:28.02 Cade Green Cosmo
        5:37.01 Trevor Ierardi Blacksburg

1 Mile
5:08.63 Kaitlynn Wolfe Tri-Cities   4:42.48 Sidd Nathella Tri-Cities
5:26.18 Sophia Link Tri-Cities   4:46.82 Henry Coddington Tri-Cities
5:30.68 Simonne Guenette Tri-Cities   4:59.42 Ben Schmitt Tri-Cities
5:38.90 Eliza Stowe Tri-Cities   5:01.78 Landon Dinkel Tri-Cities

2000m Steeplechase
7:15.0 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship   6:15.0 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
7:45.40 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities   6:16.97 Sidd Nathella AAU Mid-Atlantic
        6:23.42 Sidd Nathella Dogwood
        6:43.10 Sidd Nathella Tri-Cities

10:36.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship        
10:45.39 Kaitlynn Wolfe Raleigh Relays        
10:56.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
Guideline for 5k
10:57.00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite        
11:07.72 Ailene Edwards State Championships   9:48.41 Alistair Bushey Dogwood
11:12.81 Ailene Edwards Blacksburg   9:51.00 Henry Coddington Blacksburg
11:26.53 Sophia Link State Championships   9:51.70 Alistair Bushey Blacksburg
11:28.21 Sophia Link Blacksburg   9:59.01 Alistair Bushey State Championships
11:33.19 Simonne Guenette Dogwood        
11:39.06 3A State Standard   9:59.05 3A State Standard
11:39.53 Simonne Guenette State Championships   10:02.45 Alistair Bushey Region Championships
11:45.57 Emily Fitch Dogwood   10:02.75 Henry Coddington Dogwood
11:46.45 Simonne Guenette Blacksburg   10:21.30 Alistair Bushey Amherst
        10:39.30 Landon Dinkel Region Championships
        10:41.70 Sidd Nathella Salem Tri
        10:46.49 Henry Coddington Salem Tri
        10:47.50 Sidd Nathella Knights Classic
        10:49.89 Alistair Bushey Knights Classic
        10:51.97 Alistair Bushey Salem Tri
11:47.31 Region D Standard   10:52.65 Region D Standard
11:57.77 Eliza Stowe Blacksburg   10:56.30 Cade Green Blacksburg
12:00.68 Sophia Link Region Championships   10:56.48 Landon Dinkel Knights Classic
12:15.90 Sophia Link Salem Tri   10:59.85 Sean Bianchi Knights Classic
12:19.91 Emily Fitch State Championships   11:06.62 Cade Green Dogwood
12:22.77 Ailene Edwards Salem Tri   11:12.44 Cade Green Knights Classic
12:28.75 Simonne Guenette Region Championships   11:21.03 Ben Schmitt Salem Tri
12:33.58 Emily Fitch Region Championships   11:23.56 Cade Green Amherst
12:36.07 Emily Fitch Knights Classic   11:31.49 Cade Green Salem Tri
12:40.41 Eliza Stowe Salem Tri   11:48.65 James Wallace Knights Classic
12:42.02 Emily Fitch Salem Tri   11:56.49 Sean Bianchi Amherst

2 Mile
11:45.18 Sophia Link Tri-Cities   10:16.18 Henry Coddington Tri-Cities
11:49.63 Simonne Guenette Tri-Cities   10:50.36 Landon Dinkel Tri-Cities
11:54.74 Emily Fitch Tri-Cities   10:50.99 Ben Schmitt Tri-Cities
11:58.92 Eliza Stowe Tri-Cities   11:13.80 Cade Green Tri-Cities

High Jump
5-02 Abigail Wontrop Salem Tri        
5-00 Ellie St. Martin Blacksburg        
5-00 3A State Standard   6-00 3A State Standard
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Salem Tri   5-10 Karington Burks Region Championships
4-10 Abigail Wontrop Blacksburg        
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Cosmo        
4-10 Abigail Wontrop Cosmo        
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Knights Classic        
4-10 Abigail Wontrop Knights Classic        
4-10 Ellie St. Martin Region Championships        
4-10 Abigail Wontrop Region Championships        
4-08 Abigail Wontrop Tri-Cities        
4-08 Region D Standard   5-08 Region D Standard
        5-06 Clay Hopkins Tri-Cities
        5-06 Clay Hopkins Blacksburg
        5-04 Micah Lester Tri-Cities
        5-04 Clay Hopkins Amherst
        NH Andy Via Amherst
        NH Andy Via Salem Tri
        NH Sean Bianchi Salem Tri
        NH Mike Crowe Terrier Challenge
        NH Andy Via Blacksburg
        NH Clay Hopkins Cosmo
        NH Andy Via Knights Classic
        NH Andy Via Region Championships
        NH Karington Burks State Championships

Long Jump
        22-04.00 Noah Ramsey Region Championships
        21-01.50 Addison Flack Blacksburg
        20-09.25 Nick Czar Blacksburg
        20-09.00 Noah Ramsey Dogwood
16-11.00 3A State Standard   20-08.75 3A State Standard
16-03.00 Caroline Jones Blacksburg   20-04.25 Nick Czar Amherst
16-02.00 Region D Standard   19-09.50 Region D Standard
15-04.75 Caroline Jones Knights Classic   19-09.25 Noah Ramsey State Championships
15-02.00 Caroline Jones Cosmo   19-09.00 Karington Burks Knights Classic
14-11.25 Anna Kender Amherst   19-08.50 Brian Mitchell Knights Classic
14-10.75 Caroline Jones Salem Tri   19-08.00 Addison Flack Amherst
14-06.75 Ana Czar Blacksburg   19-05.00 Addison Flack Dogwood
14-04.25 Caroline Jones Tri-Cities   19-03.25 Brian Mitchell Cosmo
14-01.50 Caroline Jones Amherst   19-00.75 Addison Flack Patrick Henry
14-01.00 Ana Czar Cosmo   18-11.75 Nick Czar Region Championships
14-00.00 Ana Czar Salem Tri   18-08.50 Nick Czar State Championships
13-11.00 Eden Marquis Blacksburg   18-08.25 Karington Burks Tri-Cities
13-10.75 Eden Marquis Cosmo   18-08.00 Karington Burks Patrick Henry
13-07.00 Erin Crawford Terrier Challenge   18-04.50 Addison Flack State Championships
13-03.00 Ana Czar Knights Classic   18-03.75 Clay Hopkins Salem Tri
12-08.50 Erin Crawford Blacksburg   18-03.50 Abram Scott Cosmo
12-06.25 Ana Czar Tri-Cities   18-03.50 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
Foul Kenza Kadiri Blacksburg   18-02.00 Brian Mitchell Salem Tri
        18-01.75 Brian Mitchell Patrick Henry
        18-00.75 Brian Mitchell Tri-Cities
        17-11.00 Micah Lester Salem Tri
        17-06.75 Brian Mitchell Amherst
        17-03.00 Cole Dunlap Salem Tri
        17-01.50 Abram Scott Patrick Henry
        16-04.75 Micah Lester Tri-Cities
        15-11.50 Cole Dunlap Patrick Henry
        15-07.00 Abram Scott Terrier Challenge
        15-04.25 Andy Via Blacksburg
        Foul Abram Scott Blacksburg
        Foul Cole Dunlap Blacksburg

Triple Jump
35-04.75 3A State Standard   43-11.25 3A State Standard
34-01.00 Caroline Jones Region Championships   42-08.75 Clay Hopkins Blacksburg
33-07.75 Caroline Jones Blacksburg   41-05.00 Clay Hopkins Amherst
33-01.75 Caroline Jones Knights Classic   41-04.50 Clay Hopkins Region Championships
        40-10.00 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
        40-07.25 Addison Flack Blacksburg
        40-07.00 Clay Hopkins Knights Classic
        40-07.00 Clay Hopkins State Championships
        40-00.50 Addison Flack Salem Tri
        39-08.25 Clay Hopkins Tri-Cities
        39-05.50 Clay Hopkins Patrick Henry
        39-04.75 Clay Hopkins Cosmo
33-00.00 Region D Standard   38-04.00 Region D Standard
31-03.50 Ana Czar Patrick Henry   38-01.00 Asa Castleberry Salem Tri
30-06.00 Ana Czar Cosmo   37-05.25 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg
30-03.00 Ana Czar Region Championships   37-00.50 Addison Flack Tri-Cities
30-01.25 Ana Czar Blacksburg   36-07.00 Asa Castleberry Amherst
30-00.50 Erin Crawford Blacksburg   36-05.75 Asa Castleberry Cosmo
29-10.50 Anna Kender Salem Tri   36-01.25 Asa Castleberry Patrick Henry
29-06.50 Ana Czar Amherst   35-08.75 Cole Dunlap Amherst
29-01.75 Ana Czar Knights Classic   35-08.50 Cole Dunlap Terrier Challenge
28-00.75 Ana Czar Tri-Cities   35-05.50 Asa Castleberry Knights Classic
27-08.75 Erin Crawford Cosmo   34-11.00 Asa Castleberry Terrier Challenge
26-06.75 Kayla Feghali Knights Classic   34-08.25 Asa Castleberry Region Championships
26-06.50 Kayla Feghali Salem Tri   34-02.25 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
26-03.75 Kalya Feghali Amherst        
25-09.50 Kayla Feghali Cosmo        

Shot Put
        50-07.00 Solomon Ghosh Amherst
        49-04.50 Solomon Ghosh Terrier Challenge
        48-03.75 Solomon Ghosh Region Championships
        48-01.00 Solomon Ghosh Blacksburg
35-01.75 3A State Standard   47-11.25 3A State Standard
        47-09.25 Solomon Ghosh Tri-Cities
        47-05.00 Solomon Ghosh Dogwood
        46-06.75 Solomon Ghosh State Championships
28-04.00 Region D Standard   43-10.00 Region D Standard
26-00.00 Claire Morton Tri-Cities   35-01.00 Chris Frith Patrick Henry
25-09.50 Claire Morton Salem Tri   34-06.50 Chris Frith Terrier Challenge
24-06.00 Kyra Hubble Patrick Henry   33-09.00 Chris Frith Blacksburg
24-00.00 Claire Morton Terrier Challenge   33-03.25 Amiya Islam Salem Tri
23-03.00 Mackenzie Guillot Patrick Henry   33-02.00 Chris Frith Cosmo
22-06.00 Kyra Hubble Knights Classic   32-09.75 Noah Torres Cosmo
22-02.25 Kyra Hubble Cosmo   32-04.50 Noah Torres Blacksburg
21-09.00 Mackenzie Guillot Salem Tri   32-01.00 Raeshon Smith Blacksburg
21-01.00 Kyra Hubble Terrier Challenge   31-11.25 Chris Frith Salem Tri
20-11.00 Kyra Hubble Region Championships   31-11.00 Sam Elliott Patrick Henry
20-06.00 Gillie Freeman Amherst   31-10.50 Amiya Islam Blacksburg
20-05.00 Kyra Kubble Salem Tri   31-07.00 Raeshon Smith Patrick Henry
20-04.50 Mackenzie Guillot Knights Classic   31-04.25 Noah Torres Salem Tri
20-04.00 Mackenzie Guillot Amherst   31-02.00 Noah Torres Patrick Henry
20-03.00 Gilli Freeman Salem Tri   30-10.50 Kellum Bedsaul Patrick Henry
19-07.50 Gilli Freeman Knights Classic   30-08.75 Andrew Thompson Salem Tri
18-09.50 Gilli Freeman Terrier Challenge   30-08.00 Raeshon Smith Amherst
16-04.50 Gilli Freeman Cosmo   30-08.00 Amiya Islam Knights Classic
        30-03.25 Sam Elliott Salem Tri
        29-11.00 Kellum Bedsaul Terrier Challenge
        29-11.00 Kellum Bedsaul Knights Classic
        29-04.25 Kellum Bedsaul Salem Tri
        29-03.75 John Jarels Salem Tri
        28-07.50 Kellum Bedsaul Region Championships
        27-09.00 Kweku Achenie Knights Classic
        27-07.50 John Jarels Patrick Henry
        27-01.75 Amiya Islam Tri-Cities
        26-00.50 Levi Packard Salem Tri
        25-11.75 Connor Cross Salem Tri
        25-09.00 Sean Hall Salem Tri

        180-06.50 Solomon Ghosh Amherst
        175-11 Solomon Ghosh Dogwood
        174-00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
        171-03 Solomon Ghosh State Championships
        170-10 Solomon Ghosh Southern Track
        170-06 Solomon Ghosh Terrier Challenge
        166-05 Solomon Ghosh Tri-Cities
        164-07 Solomon Ghosh Blacksburg
        159-00 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite
        157-05 Solomon Ghosh Region Championships
109-02 3A State Standard   139-01 3A State Standard
87-11 Mackenzie Guillot Cosmo        
82-05 Claire Morton Salem Tri        
82-04.50 Mackenzie Guillot Amherst        
82-01 Mackenzie Guillot Blacksburg        
81-04 Mackenzie Guillot Salem Tri        
81-00 Region D Standard   125-03 Region D Standard
80-08 Claire Morton Blacksburg   100-10 Chris Frith Terrier Challenge
79-10 Mackenzie Guillot Patrick Henry   100-02.50 Sam Elliott Salem Tri
79-00.50 Claire Morton Tri-Cities   99-09 Chris Frith Patrick Henry
76-03 Mackenzie Guillot Region Championships   95-06 Chris Frith Blacksburg
75-08.50 Claire Morton Terrier Challenge   87-10 Amiya Islam Salem Tri
74-11 Mackenzie Guillot Knights Classic   85-03 Chris Frith Salem Tri
57-09.50 Gilli Freeman Amherst   85-03 Kellum Bedsaul Patrick Henry
57-02 Kyra Hubble Cosmo   81-08 Sam Elliott Patrick Henry
55-08 Gilli Freeman Cosmo   80-09 Kweku Achenie Knights Classic
53-00 Gilli Freeman Knights Classic   79-08 Chris Frith Cosmo
52-09 Kyra Hubble Knights Classic   77-10.50 Noah Torres Salem Tri
51-11.50 Gilli Freeman Terrier Challenge   77-07 Kellum Bedsaul Knights Classic
51-05 Kyra Hubble Patrick Henry   77-05 Kellum Bedsaul Terrier Challenge
49-03 Kyra Hubble Terrier Challenge   74-00 Noah Torres Patrick Henry
46-09 Gilli Freeman Salem Tri   73-11 Noah Torres Blacksburg
35-05.50 Kyra Hubble Salem Tri   73-05 Amiya Islam Knights Classic
        73-02.50 Kellum Bedsaul Salem Tri
        72-09.50 Andrew Thompson Salem Tri
        72-04 Noah Torres Cosmo
        71-08 Amiya Islam Tri-Cities
        71-08 Amiya Islam Blacksburg
        69-11 Raeshon Smith Patrick Henry
        65-07 Raeshon Smith Amherst
        64-03.50 Connor Cross Salem Tri
        61-02 Sean Hall Salem Tri
        60-04 Raeshon Smith Blacksburg
        55-08 Levi Packard Salem Tri
        50-05 John Jarels Patrick Henry
        38-04 John Jarels Salem Tri

Pole Vault
11-00 Anna Kender State Championships      
10-09 Anna Kender Southern Track      
10-06 Anna Kender Cosmo      
10-06 Anna Kender Region Championships      
10-00 Anna Kender Tri-Cities      
9-06 Anna Kender Amherst      
9-06 Anna Kender Patrick Henry      
9-03 Julie Walsh Knights Classic      
9-03 3A State Standard   11-09 3A State Standard
9-00 Katie Gabbard Region Championships   11-00 Charlie Skutt Amherst
        10-06 Charlie Skutt Knights Classic
        10-06 Charlie Skutt Region Championships
        10-06 Michael Milauskas Region Championships
9-00 Region D Standard   10-00 Region D Standard
8-06 Julie Walsh Amherst   9-00 Michael Milauskas Patrick Henry
8-06 Julie Walsh Cosmo   9-00 Michael Milauskas Knights Classic
8-06 Katie Gabbard Patrick Henry   8-06 Michael Milauskas Cosmo
8-06 Julie Walsh Patrick Henry   8-00 Cole Dunlap Knights Classic
8-00 Katie Gabbard Knights Classic   6-06 Cole Dunlap Cosmo
7-06 Erin Crawford Cosmo        
7-06 Erin Crawford Patrick Henry        
7-06 Erin Crawford Knights Classic        
NH Katie Gabbard Cosmo        
NH Julie Walsh State Championships        

        42.08 Noah Ramsey Region Championships
          Nick Czar  
          Cole Dunlap  
          Cole Beck  
        42.15 Noah Ramsey State Championships
          Nick Czar  
          Cole Dunlap  
          Cole Beck  
        42.65 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
        42.87 Noah Ramsey Terrier Challenge
          David Quesenberry  
          Micah Lester  
          Cole Beck  
        42.91 Noah Ramsey Southern Track
          Cole Dunlap  
          Karim Mohamed  
          Cole Beck  
        43.17 Noah Ramsey Cosmo
          Addison Flack  
          Micah Lester  
          Cole Beck  
        43.25 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite
        43.26 Noah Ramsey Tri-Cities
          Nick Czar  
          Addison Flack  
          Cole Beck  
50.12 3A State Standard   43.45 3A State Standard
51.72 Grace Reynolds Region Championships   43.75 Noah Ramsey Penn Relays
  Ana Czar       David Quesenberry  
  Caroline Jones       Micah Lester  
  Erika Modlin       Cole Beck  
53.20 Caroline Jones Knights Classic   43.97 Noah Ramsey Salem Tri
  Ana Czar       David Quesenberry  
  Grace Reynolds       Micah Lester  
  Anna Kender       Cole Beck  
53.52 Abby Hinckley Amherst   45.27 Ben Roethlisberger Patrick Henry
  Tess Belleville       Karim Mohamed  
  Caroline Jones       Cole Dunlap  
  Grace Reynolds       Micah Lester  
54.26 Kenza Kadiri Terrier Challenge   45.33 Micah Lester Amherst
  Grace Reynolds       Cole Dunlap  
  Claire Stanaland       Brian Mitchell  
  Micah Mitchell       Karim Mohamed  
54.31 Micah Mitchell Patrick Henry   45.36 Brian Mitchell Cosmo
  Tess Belleville       Ben Roethlisberger  
  Abby Hinckley       Karim Mohamed  
  Erika Modlin       Cole Dunlap  
54.34 Tess Belleville Blacksburg   46.17 Addison Flack Salem Tri
  Abby Hinckley       Cole Dunlap  
  Caroline Jones       Brian Mitchell  
  Rachel Morrow       Karim Mohamed  
55.30 Carly Hopkins Cosmo   46.78 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
  Caroline Jones       Karington Burks  
  Becky Helm       Karim Mohamed  
  Ana Czar       Brian Mitchell  
55.94 Abby Hinckley Salem Tri   47.34 Asa Castleberry Cosmo
  Caroline Jones       Joe Cuba  
  Becky Helm       Giovanni Mills  
  Eden Marquis       Clay Hopkins  
56.18 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   47.54 Abram Scott Blacksburg
  Becky Helm       Ben Roethlisberger  
  Ana Czar       Joe Cuba  
  Caroline Jones       Karim Mohamed  
57.12 Carly Hopkins Blacksburg   48.12 Asa Castleberry Terrier Challenge
  Ana Czar       Karim Mohamed  
  Becky Helm       Abram Scott  
  Julie Walsh       Ben Roethlisberger  
57.90 Erin Crawford Amherst   50.86 Asa Castleberry Amherst
  Kenza Kadiri       Joe Cuba  
  Becky Helm       Sam Baker  
  Brianna Tabor          
57.96 Brianna Tabor Tri-Cities   DNF Noah Ramsey Knights Classic
  Erin Crawford       Nick Czar  
  Caitlin Sedor       Cole Dunlap  
  Kenza Kadiri       Cole Beck  

        1:29.60 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Championship
        1:30.59 Noah Ramsey Tri-Cities
          David Quesenberry  
          Micah Lester  
          Cole Beck  
        1:31.30 New Balance Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elite
1:53.71 Abby Hinckley Tri-Cities   1:39.02 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
  Caroline Jones       Karington Burks  
  Abigail Wontrop       Karim Mohamed  
  Anna Kender       Brian Mitchell  

4:08.82 Grace Reynolds Region Championships        
  Abigail Wontrop          
  Rachel Morrow          
  Anna Kender          
4:10.92 3A State Standard   3:29.67 3A State Standard
4:12.97 Grace Reynolds State Championships   3:31.88 Sidd Nathella Region Championships
  Abigail Wontrop       Nick Czar  
  Rachel Morrow       Charlie Skutt  
  Anna Kender       David Quesenberry  
4:20.34 Abigail Wontrop Salem Tri   3:33.25 Michael Milauskas Knights Classic
  Rachel Morrow       Nick Czar  
  Grace Reynolds       Ryan Stanaland  
  Agustina Cordova       Charlie Skutt  
4:21.24 Abigail Wontrop Knights Classic   3:35.42 Ryan Stanaland State Championships
  Grace McGehee       Nick Czar  
  Grace Reynolds       Charlie Skutt  
  Anna Kender       David Quesenberry  
4:21.83 Anna Kender Cosmo   3:38.25 Sidd Nathella Blacksburg
  Abigail Wontrop       Charlie Skutt  
  Ellie St. Martin       Nick Czar  
  Rachel Morrow       Clay Hopkins  
4:24.35 Shelly Boerth Blacksburg   3:43.67 Ryan Stanaland Patrick Henry
  Ellie St. Martin       Elliot Shadle  
  Rachel Morrow       Charlie Skutt  
  Agustina Cordova       Giovanni Mills  
4:25.22 Emily Fitch Tri-Cities   3:44.08 Addison Flack Amherst
  Abigail Wontrop       Nick Harrison  
  Agustina Cordova       Charlie Skutt  
  Anna Kender       Clay Hopkins  
4:26.87 Erin Crawford Patrick Henry   3:45.44 Sidd Nathella Tri-Cities
  Grace McGehee       Collin Holley  
  Grace Reynolds       Clay Hopkins  
  Rachel Morrow       Addison Flack  
4:31.94 Agustina Cordova Patrick Henry   3:45.55 Michael Milauskas Cosmo
  Becky Helm       Clay Hopkins  
  Anna Kender       Ben Schmitt  
  Claire Stanaland       Spencer McGehee  
4:38.39 Agustina Cordova Amherst   3:56.30   Salem Tri
  Anna Kender       Thomas Deverin  
  Tess Belleville       Michael Milauskas  
  Kenza Kadiri       Charlie Skutt  
4:38.99 Grace Reynolds Cosmo   3:57.10 Zachary Bibeau Salem Tri
  Shelly Boerth       Spencer McGehee  
  Kenza Kadiri       Elliot Shadle  
  Becky Helm       Collin Holley  
4:43.87 Annika Griggs Terrier Challenge   3:58.52 Clay Hopkins Patrick Henry
  Kenza Kadiri       Thomas Deverin  
  Grace McGehee       Michael Milauskas  
  Shelly Boerth       Mike Crowe  
4:49.57 Annika Griggs Salem Tri   3:59.30 Sam Baker Cosmo
  Grace McGehee       Collin Holley  
  Emi Miyazaki       Elliot Howard  
  Shelly Boerth       Zach Bibeau  
4:53.23 Annika Griggs Blacksburg   3:59.87 Oscar Coddington Blacksburg
  Kenza Kadiri       Ben Schmitt  
  Olivia Hodge       Zachary Bibeau  
  Erin Crawford       James Wallace  
5:06.81 Erin Crawford Tri-Cities   4:00.87 Oscar Coddington Amherst
  Aarati Pokharel       Collin Holley  
  Chloe Guenette       Zachary Bibeau  
  Kenza Kadiri       Elliot Howard  
        4:01.32 Sam Baker Terrier Challenge
          Garrett Knobl  
          Spencer McGehee  
          Collin Holley  
        4:02.34 Zach Bibeau Tri-Cities
          Cole Dunlap  
          Alistair Bushey  
          Oscar Coddington  
        4:03.71 Mike Crowe Blacksburg
          Collin Holley  
          Elliot Shadle  
          Spencer McGehee  

9:58.07 3A State Standard   8:14.98 3A State Standard
10:17.64 Annika Griggs Region Championships   8:44.22 Nathan Gallagher Region Championships
  Ailene Edwards       Ben Schmitt  
  Shelly Boerth       Zach Bibeau  
  Emily Fitch       Oscar Coddington  
12:16.31 Madeline Deck Tri-Cities   9:22.44 Elliot Howard Terrier Challenge
  Susan Pokharel       James Wallace  
  Emi Miyazaki       Cade Green  
  Grace McGehee       Oscar Coddington  
        9:35.55 Cade Green Tri-Cities
          James Wallace  
          Spencer McGehee  
          Sean Bianchi  

800m Sprint Medley Relay

1600m Sprint Medley Relay
        4:08.86 Asa Castleberry Terrier Challenge
          Giovanni Mills  
          Zach Bibeau  
          Nathan Gallagher  

100m / 110m Shuttle Hurdle Relay
1:21.11 Caitlin Sedor Tri-Cities   1:13.27 Cole Dunlap Tri-Cities
  Brianna Tabor       David Quesenberry  
  Agustina Cordova       Nick Harrison  
  Becky Helm       Ryan Stanaland  

Distance Medley Relay
15:05.27 Grayson Lawrence Tri-Cities   12:02.19 Oscar Coddington Tri-Cities
  Shelly Boerth       Collin Holley  
  Aarati Pokharel       Chris Harrison  
  Chloe Guenette       Alistair Bushey  
16:18.57 Susan Pokharel Tri-Cities   12:38.95 Elliot Howard Tri-Cities
  Grace McGehee       Zach Bibeau  
  Emi Miyazaki       Spencer McGehee  
  Madeline Deck       James Wallace  




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