**Athletes who qualified for the State Championships by placing at Regions are Green Highlighted.
**Athletes who qualified for the West Region Championships by placing at Conferences are Yellow Highlighted

Girls Results   Boys Results
        10.76 Cole Beck State Champs
        10.83q Cole Beck State Champs
        10.93 Cole Beck Southern Track
        10.97q Cole Beck West Region
        10.98q Cole Beck Cosmo
        10.99 Cole Beck Cosmo
        10.99 Cole Beck West Region
        11.03 Cole Beck Blacksburg
        11.14q Noah Ramsey State Champs
        11.15q Tiquest Terry West Region
        11.15 Noah Ramsey State Champs
        11.16 Cole Beck Conference
        11.16q Noah Ramsey West Region
        11.17q Tiquest Terry State Champs
        11.19 Cole Beck Dogwood
        11.25 Cole Beck Joe Curcio
        11.25 Tiquest Terry State Champs
        11.28 Noah Ramsey West Region
        11.31 Tiquest Terry West Region
12.96 3A State Standard   11.32 3A State Standard
        11.40 Noah Ramsey Blacksburg
        11.40 Noah Ramsey Conference
        11.42 Tiquest Terry Conference
        11.46q Tiquest Terry Cosmo
        11.47 Noah Ramsey Dogwood
        11.52q Jordan Shockley Cosmo
13.09 West Regional Standard   11.55 West Regional Standard
13.29 Stephanie Gardner Joe Curcio   11.56 Jordan Shockley West Region
13.59 Gertrud Jensen Conference   11.60q Noah Ramsey Tri-Cities
13.77 Gertrud Jensen Knights Classic   11.66 Jordan Shockley Blacksburg
        11.69 Tiquest Terry Cosmo
        11.73q Tiquest Terry Tri-Cities
        11.77 Jordan Shockley Conference
        11.78 David Kim Blacksburg
        11.79 Jordan Shockley Cosmo
        11.82 Jordan Shockley Dogwood
        11.85 Ransom Castleberry Conference
        11.90 Ransom Castleberry Cosmo
        11.91 Kyle Poole Blacksburg
        11.94 Nick Czar Cosmo
        11.95 Ransom Castleberry Knights Classic
13.93 Conference 32 Standard   11.95 Conference 32 Standard
14.05 Gertrud Jensen Dogwood   12.00 Tiquest Terry Tri-Cities
14.10 Erica Boerth Cosmo   12.06 Ransom Castleberry Tri-Cities
14.14 Erica Boerth Conference   12.11 Thomas Coffey Knights Classic
14.20 Erica Boerth Knights Classic   12.12 Nick Czar Blacksburg
14.24 Erica Boerth Quad Meet   12.12 Nick Czar Conference
14.24 Bethany Hsiao Quad Meet   12.14 Thomas Coffey Quad Meet
14.27 Abby Hinckley Cosmo   12.17 Nick Czar Colonel Classic
14.34 Anna Kender Quad Meet   12.20 Ransom Castleberry Joe Curcio
14.36 Claire Morris Dogwood   12.21 David Quesenberry Cosmo
14.36 Bethany Hsiao Knights Classic   12.24 Ransom Castleberry Quad Meet
14.44 Abby Hinckley Quad Meet   12.28 Jordan Shockley Tri-Cities
14.49 Abby Hinckley Conference   12.43 Brandon Walters Blacksburg
14.52 Erica Boerth Blacksburg   12.44 Nick Czar Quad Meet
14.54 Claire Morris Knights Classic   12.44 David Quesenberry Quad Meet
14.56 Anna Kender Cosmo   12.63 Brandon Walters Joe Curcio
14.56 Abby Hinckley Knights Classic   12.88 David Quesenberry Joe Curcio
14.62 Abby Hinckley Joe Curcio   13.94 Ethan McDowell Quad Meet
14.64 Tess Belleville Quad Meet        
14.64 Anabel Zier Quad Meet        
14.69 Erica Boerth Tri-Cities        
14.74 Tess Belleville Blacksburg        
14.76 Erica Boerth Joe Curcio        
14.76 Abby Hinckley Colonel Classic        
14.79 Tess Belleville Colonel Classic        
14.87 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg        
14.90 Tess Belleville Joe Curcio        
15.17 Anna Kender Blacksburg        
15.30 Anabel Zier Joe Curcio        
15.38 Sophie Jacobsen Cosmo        
15.39 Julie Walsh Joe Curcio        
15.44 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities        
15.49 Stephanie Mendoza Blacksburg        
15.50 Stephanie Mendoza Tri-Cities        
15.67 Agustina Cordova Blacksburg        
15.97 Sophie Jacobsen Blacksburg        
16.11 Sophie Jacobsen Tri-Cities        
100m Hurdles     110m Hurdles  
16.13 Stephanie Gardner Cosmo        
16.33 3A State Standard   15.77 3A State Standard
16.36 Stephanie Gardner Blacksburg   16.08 Sterling Sims West Region
16.83 Stephanie Gardner Dogwood   16.10 Sterling Sims State Champs
17.15q Stephanie Gardner West Region        
17.38 West Regional Standard   16.22 West Regional Standard
17.85 Stephanie Gardner West Region   16.31 Sterling Sims Knights Classic
        16.35 Sterling Sims Dogwood
        16.38 Sterling Sims Conference
        16.41 Ryan Stanaland West Region
        16.44q Ryan Stanaland West Region
        16.45q Sterling Sims West Region
        16.61 Thomas Coffey Colonel Classic
        16.62 Ryan Stanaland Conference
        16.64 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg
        16.66 Ryan Stanaland Knights Classic
        16.85q Ryan Stanaland Cosmo
        16.88 Thomas Coffey Knights Classic
        16.94 Thomas Coffey Quad Meet
        17.09 Ryan Stanaland Tri-Cities
        17.10 Jack Packard Cosmo
        17.16 Ryan Stanaland Blacksburg
        17.28 Ryan Stanaland Cosmo
        17.31 Jack Packard Dogwood
        17.40 Thomas Coffey Tri-Cities
        17.59 Jack Packard West Region
        17.63 Jack Packard Conference
        17.64 Thomas Coffey Joe Curcio
        17.73 Thomas Coffey Blacksburg
        17.75 Jack Packard Blacksburg
        17.86 Jack Packard Joe Curcio
18.77 Conference 32 Standard   17.89  Conference 32 Standard
19.29 Agustina Cordova West Region   18.05 Ryan Stanaland Colonel Classic
19.31q Agustina Cordova Cosmo   19.44 Nick Harrison Quad Meet
19.31 Agustina Cordova Cosmo   20.06 Nick Harrison Blacksburg
19.47 Agustina Cordova Knights Classic   20.06 Nick Harrison Cosmo
19.47 Agustina Cordova Conference   20.64q Nick Harrison Cosmo
19.50 Agustina Cordova Colonel Classic   21.04 Nick Harrison Tri-Cities
20.35 Stephanie Mendoza Colonel Classic   21.24 Carson Heisel Quad Meet
20.51 Stephanie Mendoza Conference   21.83 Carson Heisel Joe Curcio
20.54 Stephanie Mendoza Quad Meet   21.93 Carson Heisel Cosmo
20.81 Stephanie Mendoza Cosmo   22.50 Carson Heisel Blacksburg
20.88 Stephanie Mendoza Tri-Cities        
20.97 Agustina Cordova Blacksburg        
21.17 Stephanie Mendoza Blacksburg        
21.34 Sophie Jacobsen Quad Meet        
21.44 Julie Walsh Quad Meet        
21.47 Sophie Jacobsen Cosmo        
21.52 Sophie Jacobsen Joe Curcio        
21.78 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities        
22.12 Sophie Jacobsen Tri-Cities        
22.40 Sophie Jacobsen Blacksburg        
26.44 Stephanie Gardner Quad Meet   22.11q Cole Beck State Champs
        22.36 Cole Beck Conference
        22.37 Cole Beck West Region
        22.40 Cole Beck Joe Curcio
        22.45 Cole Beck Dogwood
        22.50 Cole Beck Cosmo
        22.65q Cole Beck West Region
        22.70 Cole Beck Blacksburg
26.56 3A State Standard   23.12 3A State Standard
26.84q Stephanie Gardner West Region   23.18q Cole Beck Cosmo
26.97 Stephanie Gardner Joe Curcio   23.20 Noah Ramsey Curcio
27.15 Gertrud Jensen Conference   23.29q Noah Ramsey West Region
27.27 Stephanie Gardner West Region   23.39 Noah Ramsey Conference
27.57 West Regional Standard   23.51 West Regional Standard
27.90 Gertrud Jensen Knights Classic   23.53 Hulon Jenkins Dogwood
27.98q Mikayla Richardson Tri-Cities   23.71 Noah Ramsey Blacksburg
28.44 Erica Boerth Quad Meet   23.86 Kyle Poole Cosmo
28.45 Gertrud Jensen Dogwood   23.90 David Kim Cosmo
28.50 Catherine Sheen Knights Classic   23.94 Hulon Jenkins Conference
28.56 Mikayla Richardson Tri-Cities   24.04q David Kim Cosmo
        24.10 Hulon Jenkins Knights Classic
        24.13 Hulon Jenkins Blacksburg
28.58 Conference 32 Standard   24.20 Conference 32 Standard
28.83q Kendall Kelley Cosmo   24.21q Kyle Poole Cosmo
28.87 Kendall Kelley Blacksburg   24.31q Tiquest Terry Cosmo
29.05 Beatrice Scott Knights Classic   24.34 Ransom Castleberry Quad Meet
29.27 Erica Boerth Blacksburg   24.36 David Kim Conference
29.40 Claire Morris Conference   24.48 Noah Ramsey West Region
29.46 Kendall Kelley Knights Classic   24.50 Hulon Jenkins West Region
29.61 Kendall Kelley Cosmo   24.65 Nick Czar Colonel Classic
29.64 Anna Kender Quad Meet   24.76 Kyle Poole Conference
29.81 Claire Morris Dogwood   24.84 Nick Czar Quad Meet
29.84 Bethany Hsiao Blacksburg   25.24 Glenn Canfield Quad Meet
29.91 Kendall Kelley Tri-Cities   25.40 Ransom Castleberry Blacksburg
30.05 Abby Hinckley Cosmo   25.41 Brandon Walters Blacksburg
30.14 Erica Boerth Tri-Cities   25.65 Brandon Walters Tri-Cities
30.22 Abby Hinckley Blacksburg   25.69 David Quesenberry Blacksburg
30.35 Tess Belleville Blacksburg   25.81 Brandon Walters Joe Curcio
30.66 Tess Belleville Colonel Classic   26.40 Glenn Canfield Blacksburg
30.76 Marhaid Preston Blacksburg   26.43 Michael Milauskas Tri-Cities
31.02 Anna Kender Blacksburg   26.54 David Quesenberry Tri-Cities
31.03 Tess Belleville Tri-Cities   26.56 Glenn Canfield Joe Curcio
31.53 Sophie Jacobsen Colonel Classic   28.44 Ethan McDowell Quad Meet
31.71 Stephanie Mendoza Cosmo   29.40 Ethan McDowell Blacksburg
31.83 Anabel Zier Blacksburg   29.54 Andy Via Quad Meet
32.80 Mary Kate Lattimer Blacksburg   29.65 Ethan McDowell Cosmo
33.57 Abby Hinckley Joe Curcio   30.12 Andy Via Tri-Cities
33.86 Tess Belleville Joe Curcio        
300m Hurdles
46.90 Stephanie Gardner Southern Track   41.44 Jack Packard West Region
47.41 Stephanie Gardner Tri-Cities   41.75 Sterling Sims State Champs
47.45 Stephanie Gardner Cosmo   41.82 Sterling Sims Knights Classic
47.76 Stephanie Gardner Blacksburg   41.86 Ryan Stanaland Conference
49.09 Stephanie Gardner State Champs        
49.11 3A State Standard   42.03 3A State Standard
49.98 Stephanie Gardner West Region   42.05 Jack Packard Conference
        42.12 Jack Packard Cosmo
        42.26 Thomas Coffey West Region
        42.28 Sterling Sims West Region
        42.33 Thomas Coffey Knights Classic
        42.35 Sterling Sims Conference
        42.46 Thomas Coffey Colonel Classic
        42.53 Sterling Sims Blacksburg
        42.54 Jack Packard Dogwood
        42.63 Sterling Sims Dogwood
        42.71q Jack Packard Cosmo
        42.75 Ryan Stanaland Knights Classic
        42.77 Sterling Sims Joe Curcio
        42.80 Ryan Stanaland West Region
        42.94 Ryan Stanaland Colonel Classic
        42.99 Ryan Stanaland State Champs
50.80 West Regional Standard   43.01 West Regional Standard
52.75 Claire Morris Tri-Cities   43.18 Ryan Stanaland Cosmo
52.88 Agustina Cordova West Region   43.26 Jack Packard Blacksburg
53.06 Agustina Cordova Conference   43.29 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg
53.47 Agustina Cordova Knights Classic   43.33q Ryan Stanaland Cosmo
53.76q Agustina Cordova Cosmo   43.36 Thomas Coffey Tri-Cities
53.94 Agustina Cordova Cosmo   43.44 Ryan Stanaland Blacksburg
        43.50 Thomas Coffey Joe Curcio
        43.56 Thomas Coffey Blacksburg
        43.59 Jack Packard Joe Curcio
        43.73 Jack Packard Tri-Cities
        44.34 Ryan Stanaland Tri-Cities
53.96 Conference 32 Standard   46.49 Conference 32 Standard
55.50 Stephanie Mendoza Conference   49.64 Nick Harrison Quad Meet
55.93 Stephanie Mendoza Colonel Classic   49.71 Nick Harrison Cosmo
56.25 Stephanie Mendoza Cosmo   49.94 Carson Heisel Quad Meet
56.34 Stephanie Mendoza Quad Meet   49.99 Carson Heisel Cosmo
59.95 Sophie Jacobsen Cosmo   51.33 Nick Harrison Blacksburg
1:00.22 Sophie Jacobsen Joe Curcio   52.10 Carson Heisel Tri-Cities
1:02.94 Tess Belleville Quad Meet   54.09 Carson Heisel Blacksburg
        54.75 Carson Heisel Joe Curcio
59.43 Adiah Gholston Cosmo        
59.76 Adiah Gholston Dogwood        
59.91 Adiah Gholston Conference        
1:00.24q Adiah Gholston Tri-Cities        
1:00.62q Adiah Gholston Cosmo        
1:00.79 Adiah Gholston Tri-Cities        
1:01.43 3A State Standard   52.07 3A State Standard
1:01.64 Adiah Gholston West Region   52.23 Kyle Poole West Region
1:02.13 Stephanie Gardner Joe Curcio   52.26 Kyle Poole Dogwood
1:03.25 Catherine Sheen Tri-Cities   52.30q Kyle Poole Tri-Cities
        52.32 Kyle Poole Joe Curcio
        52.34 Kyle Poole Tri-Cities
        52.38 Kyle Poole Conference
        52.99 David Kim Conference
        53.02 John Milauskas West Region
        53.11 Daniel Milauskas Blacksburg
1:03.28 West Regional Standard   53.13 West Regional Standard
1:03.68q Catherine Sheen Cosmo   53.33 David Kim Joe Curcio
1:03.85 Catherine Sheen Dogwood   53.41 John Milauskas Conference
1:04.03 Hannah Jirsa Conference   53.55 David Kim Dogwood
1:04.33 Kendall Kelley Knights Classic   53.74 David Kim West Region
1:04.64 Bethany Hsiao Quad Meet   54.12 John Milauskas Joe Curcio
1:04.68q Kendall Kelley Cosmo   54.26q Elijah Hodges Cosmo
1:04.73 Kendall Kelley Dogwood   54.46 Ben Fleming Blacksburg
1:04.78 Bethany Hsiao Conference        
1:04.78 Bethany Hsiao West Region        
1:05.14 Hannah Jirsa Quad Meet        
1:05.48 Kendall Kelley Tri-Cities        
1:05.40 Conference 32 Standard   54.67 Conference 32 Standard
1:05.44 Kendall Kelley Cosmo   54.71 John Milauskas Dogwood
1:05.61 Kendall Kelley Blacksburg   54.80 John Milauskas Cosmo
1:05.83 Bethany Hsiao Tri-Cities   54.93 David Kim Tri-Cities
1:06.26 Bethany Hsiao Joe Curcio   57.14 Glenn Canfield Quad Meet
1:06.32 Hannah Jirsa Joe Curcio   57.47 Trevor Ierardi Blacksburg
1:06.40q Bethany Hsiao Cosmo   57.74 Michael Milauskas Quad Meet
1:06.40 Bethany Hsiao Cosmo   57.84 Robert Coffey Quad Meet
1:06.64 Kendall Kelley Joe Curcio   58.44 Glenn Canfield Blacksburg
1:06.78 Bethany Hsiao Knights Classic   58.45 Glenn Canfield Cosmo
1:06.92 Hannah Jirsa Cosmo   59.21 Michael Milauskas Colonel Classic
1:07.24 Kendall Kelley Conference   59.34 Gabriel Milauskas Blacksburg
1:09.19 Hannah Jirsa Blacksburg   59.62 Trevor Ierardi Cosmo
        1:00.78 Trevor Ierardi Joe Curcio
        1:01.13 Nick Harrison Colonel Classic
        1:02.21 Gabriel Milauskas Cosmo
        1:04.63 Ethan McDowell Blacksburg
        1:04.67 Tristan Hurst Tri-Cities
        1:05.52 Ethan McDowell Cosmo
        1:08.12 Robert Lee Blacksburg
        1:08.42 Ethan McDowell Tri-Cities
        1:17.74 Christian Londono Quad Meet
2:14.16q Mikayla Richardson Cosmo   2:00.63 Ethan Edwards West Region
2:14.57 Mikayla Richardson State Champs        
2:16.93 Mikayla Richardson West Region        
2:17.88 Mikayla Richardson Conference        
2:18.28 Adiah Gholston State Champs        
2:18.46 Adiah Gholston Knights Classic        
2:18.74 Mikayla Richardson Dogwood        
2:19.19 Mikayla Richardson Tri-Cities        
2:21.05 Mikayla Richardson Cosmo        
2:21.51 Adiah Gholston West Region        
2:23.63 Ailene Edwards Blacksburg        
2:24.20q Adiah Gholston Cosmo        
2:24.35 3A State Standard   2:00.73 3A State Standard
2:24.59q Ailene Edwards Cosmo   2:01.37 Daniel Milauskas West Region
        2:01.44q Ben Fleming Cosmo
        2:01.52 Ethan Edwards Knights Classic
        2:01.62 Daniel Milauskas Conference
        2:01.72 Daniel Milauskas Knights Classic
        2:01.84 Ethan Edwards Quad Meet
        2:01.96 Ethan Edwards Conference
        2:02.42 Ben Fleming Cosmo
2:25.36 West Regional Standard   2:02.96 West Regional Standard
2:25.41 Ailene Edwards Cosmo   2:03.03q Daniel Milauskas Cosmo
        2:03.50 Ethan Edwards Tri-Cities
        2:04.29q Ethan Edwards Cosmo
        2:04.52 Siddharth Nathella Blacksburg
        2:05.51 Elijah Hodges Blacksburg
        2:05.73 Ethan Edwards Cosmo
2:28.26 Conference 32 Standard   2:06.27 Conference 32 Standard
2:28.65 Stephanie Gardner Blacksburg   2:06.38 Sidd Nathella Conference
2:28.68 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities   2:06.61 Sidd Nathella Knights Classic
2:29.02 Catherine Sheen Blacksburg   2:07.72q Reid Holbert Cosmo
2:29.61 Beatrice Scott Knights Classic   2:07.88 Reid Holbert Cosmo
2:30.27 Kaitlyn Elliott Conference   2:08.11 Daniel Milauskas Cosmo
2:30.28 Kaitlyn Elliott Knights Classic   2:08.13 Elijah Hodges Conference
2:30.39 Beatrice Scott West Region   2:09.35q Elijah Hodges Cosmo
2:30.97 Beatrice Scott Conference   2:10.33 Reid Holbert Tri-Cities
2:32.14 Kaitlyn Elliott Joe Curcio   2:13.34 Sidd Nathella West Region
2:32.46 Emily Fitch Joe Curcio   2:14.96 John Milauskas Knights Classic
2:32.65q Bethany Hsiao Cosmo   2:15.86 Henry Coddington Cosmo
2:33.13 Bethany Hsiao Blacksburg   2:19.08 Charlie Skutt Tri-Cities
2:34.54 Beatrice Scott Cosmo   2:20.26 Daniel Milauskas Dogwood
2:35.36 Beatrice Scott Dogwood   2:20.59 David Christle Joe Curcio
2:36.24q Beatrice Scott Cosmo   2:20.91 Elijah Hodges Knights Classic
2:37.51 Adiah Gholston Cosmo   2:21.19 Charlie Skutt Blacksburg
2:38.81 Emily Fitch Tri-Cities   2:23.21 Brandon DeLorenzo Blacksburg
2:39.16 Bethany Hsiao Joe Curcio   2:23.21 Charlie Skutt Colonel Classic
2:39.18 Bethany Hsiao Cosmo   2:23.42 David Christle Blacksburg
2:39.54 Hannah Jirsa Quad Meet   2:25.36 Trevor Ierardi Blacksburg
2:39.80 Julia Lattimer Blacksburg   2:25.86 Trevor Ierardi Joe Curcio
2:39.91 Julia Lattimer Joe Curcio   2:26.16 Sean Bianchi Joe Curcio
2:40.14 Bethany Hsiao Quad Meet   2:26.67 David Christle Tri-Cities
2:41.43 Julia Lattimer Cosmo   2:27.38 Chase Gohlke Blacksburg
2:48.16 Natalie Barnette Blacksburg   2:30.24 Sean Bianchi Quad Meet
2:49.44 Natalie Barnette Quad Meet   2:31.54 Chase Gohlke Quad Meet
2:49.80 Natalie Barnette Titans Distance   2:41.40 Robert Lee Titans Distance
2:51.80 Natalie Barnette Tri-Cities   2:42.44 Robert Lee Quad Meet
3:30.64 Madeline Deck Quad Meet   2:47.70 Robert Lee Joe Curcio
        2:49.20 Robert Lee Blacksburg
5:01.66 Mikayla Richardson Cosmo   4:23.66 Ben Fleming Dogwood
5:02.40 Mikayla Richardson State Champs   4:25.51 Ben Fleming Conference
5:02.92 Mikayla Richardson West Region   4:27.61 Ben Fleming Cosmo
5:05.05 Ailene Edwards Dogwood   4:31.03 Ethan Edwards Cosmo
5:11.11 Simonne Guenette Knights Classic   4:31.42 Sam Teller West Region
5:11.14 Mikayla Richardson Blacksburg        
5:13.94 Samantha Marin Knights Classic        
5:14.73 Ailene Edwards Cosmo        
5:15.09 Samantha Marin State Champs        
5:18.73 Simonne Guenette Conference        
5:21.45 3A State Standard   4:32.01 3A State Standard
5:23.43 Samantha Marin Conference   4:32.29 Sam Teller Conference
5:24.29 Simonne Guenette West Region   4:34.37 Ben Fleming State Champs
5:26.70 Simonne Guenette State Champs        
5:27.56 West Regional Standard   4:34.54 West Regional Standard
5:30.21 Ailene Edwards State Champs   4:34.63 Sam Teller State Champs
        4:35.00 Sam Teller Knights Classic
        4:37.38 Ethan Edwards Blacksburg
        4:40.91 Ben Fleming West Region
5:30.73 Conference 32 Standard   4:42.84 Conference 32 Standard
5:31.90 Annie Kay Combs Knights Classic   4:43.55 Henry Coddington Conference
5:32.03 Samantha Marin West Region   4:49.23 Henry Coddington Cosmo
5:32.81 Ailene Edwards West Region   4:49.47 Daniel Milauskas Blacksburg
5:38.51 Eliza Stowe Dogwood   4:49.83 Reid Holbert Blacksburg
5:38.97 Annie Kay Combs West Region   4:50.40 Barrett Lattimer Blacksburg
5:41.04 Annie Kay Combs Conference   4:53.25 Henry Coddington Colonel Classic
5:41.17 Emily Fitch Cosmo   4:53.43 Henry Coddington Blacksburg
5:44.63 Julia Lattimer Cosmo   4:56.18 Henry Coddington Knights Classic
5:51.12 Julia Lattimer Colonel Classic   5:02.71 Ian Davis Dogwood
6:00.10 Kamryn Phlegar Titans Distance   5:04.14 David Christle Quad Meet
6:00.24 Kamryn Phlegar Quad Meet   5:04.43 Henry Coddington Joe Curcio
7:11.44 Madeline Deck Quad Meet   5:06.36 David Christle Joe Curcio
7:12.72 Madeline Deck Blacksburg   5:06.73 Jakob Nipper Blacksburg
        5:07.94 Jakob Nipper Quad Meet
        5:08.55 David Christle Cosmo
        5:08.81 Brandon DeLorenzo Blacksburg
        5:09.90 Jakob Nipper Titans Distance
        5:11.00 David Christle Titans Distance
        5:11.27 Ian Davis Knights Classic
        5:13.72 Brandon DeLorenzo Colonel Classic
        5:17.64 Chase Gohlke Quad Meet
        5:18.37 Chase Gohlke Blacksburg
        5:19.29 Chase Gohlke Joe Curcio
        5:20.50 Chase Gohlke Titans Distance
        5:21.20 Sean Bianchi Joe Curcio
        5:23.40 Brandon DeLorenzo Titans Distance
        5:23.85 Brandon DeLorenzo Cosmo
        5:25.00 Sean Bianchi Titans Distance
        5:27.94 Sean Bianchi Quad Meet
        5:30.91 Sean Bianchi Blacksburg
        5:48.34 Joseph Molloy Quad Meet
        5:51.33 Joseph Molloy Blacksburg
1 Mile
4:50.40 Mikayla Richardson Southern Track   4:35.49 Ben Fleming Tri-Cities
5:24.30 Samantha Marin Tri-Cities   5:19.88 Jakob Nipper Tri-Cities
5:25.17 Simonne Guenette Tri-Cities   5:34.32 Sean Bianchi Tri-Cities
5:38.48 Annie Kay Combs Tri-Cities   6:00.25 Joseph Molloy Tri-Cities
6:04.49 Julia Lattimer Tri-Cities        
2000m Steeplechase
8:17.77 Emily Fitch Tri-Cities   6:33.88 Ethan Edwards Tri-Cities
8:19.73 Amanda Huang Tri-Cities   6:54.60 Reid Holbert Tri-Cities
8:24.32 Eliza Stowe Tri-Cities   7:09.89 Ian Davis Tri-Cities
8:44.62 Kamryn Phlegar Tri-Cities   7:36.42 Barrett Lattimer Tri-Cities
10:58.28 Samantha Marin State Champs   9:33.02 Ben Fleming State Champs
11:10.66 Ailene Edwards Raleigh   9:42.46 Sam Teller State Champs
11:17.06 Samantha Marin Conference   9:44.01 Ethan Edwards State Champs
11:20.70 Samantha Marin West Region   9:46.37 Ben Fleming Cosmo
11:22.85 Samantha Marin Raleigh   9:50.99 Ethan Edwards Conference
11:27.19 Simonne Guenette Raleigh   9:51.27 Sam Teller Conference
11:30.79 Ailene Edwards State Champs        
11:30.90 Samantha Marin Titans Distance        
11:31.70 Simonne Guenette Titans Distance        
11:34.62 Ailene Edwards Conference        
11:34.83 Simonne Guenette State Champs        
11:37.75 Sophia Link State Champs        
11:38.51 Annie Kay Combs State Champs        
11:39.51 Simonne Guenette West Region        
11:40.54 Simonne Guenette Conference        
11:41.09 Annie Kay Combs Raleigh        
11:44.30 Annie Kay Combs Titans Distance        
11:44.45 Ailene Edwards West Region        
11:45.38 Sophia Link Conference        
11:46.43 3A State Standard   9:54.34 3A State Standard
11:47.66 Sophia Link West Region   9:54.61 Ethan Edwards Knights Classic
11:55.53 Sophia Link Raleigh   9:54.97 Ben Fleming West Region
11:59.86 Annie Kay Combs West Region   9:59.10 Sam Teller Titans Distance
12:04.71 Emily Fitch Dogwood   10:03.83 Sidd Nathella Conference
        10:04.77 Sidd Nathella West Region
12:12.13 West Regional Standard   10:08.91 West Regional Standard
12:12.70 Sophia Link Titans Distance   10:12.54 Sidd Nathella Dogwood
12:15.85 Emily Fitch Conference   10:15.72 Sidd Nathella Knights Classic
12:18.99 Emily Fitch Joe Curcio        
12:21.74 Conference 32 Standard   10:16.06 Conference 32 Standard
12:24.93 Eliza Stowe Knights Classic   10:25.06 Ethan Edwards Cosmo
12:27.57 Emily Fitch West Region   10:25.17 Barrett Lattimer Dogwood
12:27.80 Eliza Stowe Dogwood   10:30.22 Sidd Nathella State Champs
12:28.02 Julia Lattimer Knights Classic   10:31.77 Henry Coddington Knights Classic
12:30.10 Emily Fitch Knights Classic   10:36.94 Henry Coddington Joe Curcio
12:35.01 Emily Fitch Blacksburg   10:37.05 Barrett Lattimer Knights Classic
12:38.15 Eliza Stowe Cosmo   10:42.60 Barrett Lattimer Cosmo
        11:26.77 David Christle Colonel Classic
        11:37.40 Sean Bianchi Titans Distance
        11:45.44 Sean Bianchi Blacksburg
        11:47.61 David Christle Blacksburg
        11:51.65 John Milauskas Blacksburg
        12:47.86 Joseph Molloy Blacksburg
        13:10.74 Joseph Molloy Quad Meet
2 Mile
10:48.37 Ailene Edwards Southern Track   9:26.33 Ben Fleming Southern Track
11:19.38 Ailene Edwards Tri-Cities   9:43.57 Ben Fleming Tri-Cities
11:33.55 Simonne Guenette Tri-Cities   10:25.71 Sidd Nathella Tri-Cities
11:38.60 Annie Kay Combs Tri-Cities   11:16.78 Henry Coddington Tri-Cities
        11:30.83 Brandon DeLorenzo Tri-Cities
High Jump
5-02 Olivia Stinespring West Region   6-00 Tiquest Terry Cosmo
5-00 Anabel Zier Conference   6-00 Tiquest Terry Conference
5-00 Anabel Zier West Region   6-00 Tiquest Terry State Champs
5-00 Anabel Zier State Champs   5-10 Tiquest Terry Titan Relays
5-00 Olivia Stinespring State Champs   5-10 Tiquest Terry Tri-Cities
4-10 Olivia Stinespring Blacksburg   5-10 Robert Coffey Conference
4-10 Anabel Zier Blacksburg   5-10 Jordan Shockley Conference
4-10 Anabel Zier Joe Curcio   5-10 Tiquest Terry West Region
4-10 Olivia Stinespring Quad Meet   5-10 Roberty Coffey State Champs
4-10 3A State Standard   5-10 3A State Standard
4-09 West Regional Standard   5-10 West Regional Standard
4-08 Anabel Zier Cosmo   5-08 Hulon Jenkins Titan Relays
4-08 Olivia Stinespring Dogwood   5-08 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg
4-08 Anabel Zier Dogwood   5-08 Hulon Jenkins Cosmo
4-08 Stephanie Gardner Quad Meet   5-08 Robert Coffey Colonel Classic
4-08 Anabel Zier Quad Meet   5-08 Robert Coffey Quad Meet
        5-08 Hulon Jenkins Conference
        5-08 Nick Czar Conference
        5-08 Robert Coffey West Region
        5-06 Jordan Shockley Blacksburg
        5-06 Robert Coffey Blacksburg
        5-06 Robert Coffey Joe Curcio
        5-06 Nick Czar Joe Curcio
        5-06 Hulon Jenkins Joe Curcio
        5-06 Jordan Shockley Joe Curcio
        5-06 Robert Coffey Cosmo
        5-06 Hulon Jenkins Dogwood
        5-06 Tiquest Terry Dogwood
        5-06 Hulon Jenkins Knights Classic
        5-06 Nick Czar Quad Meet
4-07 Conference 32 Standard   5-05 Conference 32 Standard
4-04 Anna Kender Cosmo   5-04 Nick Czar Colonel Classic
4-04 Anna Kender Quad Meet   5-02 Robert Coffey Tri-Cities
4-03.50 Anna Kender Titan Relays   5-02 Nick Czar Blacksburg
4-02 Anna Kender Tri-Cities   NH Hulon Jenkins Tri-Cities
NH Hannah Jirsa Blacksburg   NH Hulon Jenkins Blacksburg
NH Anna Kender Blacksburg   NH Jordan Shockley Cosmo
NH Anna Kender Conference   NH Jordan Shockley State Champs
Long Jump
16-04.25 3A State Standard   21-00.00 3A State Standard
16-00.75 Gertrud Jensen Conference   20-09.50 Ransom Castleberry Knights Classic
15-09.75 West Regional Standard   20-02.75 West Regional Standard
15-06.00 Gertrud Jensen Dogwood   20-01.75 Tiquest Terry Conference
15-05.50 Gertrud Jensen Knights Classic   20-00.25 Tiquest Terry Blacksburg
15-04.00 Stephanie Gardner Tri-Cities   19-10.75 Ransom Castleberry West Region
15-02.75 Erica Boerth Dogwood   19-07.75 Nick Czar Conference
15-02.00 Stephanie Gardner Blacksburg   19-04.75 Ransom Castleberry Titan Relays
15-01.00 Stephanie Gardner Cosmo   19-00.50 Tiquest Terry West Region
14-10.25 Stephanie Gardner Titan Relays        
14-08.50 Erica Boerth Conference        
14-07.25 Conference 32 Standard   19-00.00 Conference 32 Standard
14-00.00 Erica Boerth Knights Classic   18-08.00 Nick Czar Cosmo
13-10.00 Kendall Kelley Titan Relays   18-07.00 Nick Czar Colonel Classic
13-08.00 Erica Boerth Cosmo   18-04.00 Nick Czar Joe Curcio
13-07.75 Erica Boerth Blacksburg   18-02.50 Glenn Canfield Quad Meet
13-01.75 Julie Walsh Quad Meet   18-01.50 Tiquest Terry Dogwood
12-07.50 Julie Walsh Cosmo   17ish* Nick Czar Tri-Cities
12-07.00 Julie Walsh Blacksburg   16-10.50 Jordan Shockley Blacksburg
        16-08.00 Tristan Hurst Blacksburg
        16-08.00 David Quesenberry Quad Meet
        16-06.00 Jordan Shockley Cosmo
        16-04.50 Glenn Canfield Knights Classic
        16-04.00 Tristan Hurst Colonel Classic
        16-04.00 Tristan Hurst Quad Meet
        16-00.25 Robert Coffey Cosmo
        16-00.00 Tristan Hurst Joe Curcio
        15-09.00 Michael Milauskas Quad Meet
        15-05.00 David Quesenberry Blacksburg
        15-04.00 David Quesenberry Joe Curcio
        15-03.50 Asa Castleberry Quad Meet
        14-10.50 Michael Milauskas Blacksburg
        14-08.50 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg
        14-05.50 Asa Castleberry Titan Relays
        13-09.50 Asa Castleberry Joe Curcio
        13-03.75 David Quesenberry Titan Relays
        13-00.00 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
        11-04.00 Andy Via Quad Meet
        FOUL Nick Czar Blacksburg
        FOUL Andy Via Blacksburg
        FOUL David Quesenberry Cosmo
        *error in results
Triple Jump
        43-03.50 Ransom Castleberry Tri-Cities
34-08.25 3A State Standard   42-05.50 3A State Standard
        42-01.00 Ransom Castleberry State Champs
33-03.75 West Regional Standard   41-04.25 West Regional Standard
32-06.50 Stephanie Gardner Quad Meet   39-03.75 Hulon Jenkins Joe Curcio
32-00.50 Kendall Kelley Cosmo   38-11.50 Hulon Jenkins Knights Classic
31-11.50 Kendall Kelley Dogwood   38-09.50 Tristan Hurst Conference
31-09.00 Kendall Kelley Knights Classic   38-05.50 Hulon Jenkins Conference
31-04.50 Kendall Kelley Joe Curcio        
30-09.25 Kendall Kelley Blacksburg        
30-09.25 Conference 32 Standard   38-01.75 Conference 32 Standard
28-07.75 Kendall Kelley Tri-Cities   38-01.00 Tristan Hurst West Region
25-05.50 Kendall Kelley Titan Relays   37-06.25 Hulon Jenkins Cosmo
        37-02.50 Tristan Hurst Quad Meet
        36-10.25 Hulon Jenkins Blacksburg
        36-10.00 Tristan Hurst Colonel Classic
        36-09.50 Tristan Hurst Tri-Cities
        36-03.75 Tristan Hurst Cosmo
        36-02.00 Tristan Hurst Joe Curcio
        34-09.00 Tristan Hurst Blacksburg
        33-10.00 Asa Castleberry Blacksburg
        33-09.50 Asa Castleberry Conference
        33-09.00 Tristan Hurst Titan Relays
        33-09.00 Michael Milauskas Tri-Cities
        33-03.00 Asa Castleberry Colonel Classic
        33-00.00 Asa Castleberry Tri-Cities
        32-11.00 Michael Milauskas Quad Meet
        32-08.25 Asa Castleberry Knights Classic
        32-01.25 Asa Castleberry Joe Curcio
        32-00.00 Asa Castleberry Quad Meet
        31-10.00 Asa Castleberry Cosmo
        31-08.00 Michael Milauskas Joe Curcio
        30-09.00 Ransom Castleberry Titan Relays
        27-07.50 Michael Milauskas Titan Relays
        FOUL Michael Milauskas Blacksburg
Shot Put
34-06.25 3A State Standard   46-11.75 3A State Standard
33-02.00 West Regional Standard   44-06.25 West Regional Standard
29-05.50 Fiona Carter-Tod Tri-Cities   44-06.00 Chris Betts Knights Classic
28-09.00 Fiona Carter-Tod Conference   43-05.50 Chris Betts West Region
28-02.50 Fiona Carter-Tod Titan Relays   40-10.75 Chris Betts Tri-Cities
        40-09.50 Chris Betts Conference
        39-06.00 Solomon Ghosh Cosmo
        39-04.00 Chris Betts Dogwood
27-06.50 Conference 32 Standard   38-08.50 Conference 32 Standard
27-05.00 Fiona Carter-Tod Dogwood   37-11.50 Solomon Ghosh Knights Classic
27-04.75 Fiona Carter-Tod Cosmo   36-11.00 Solomon Ghosh Quad Meet
25-10.50 Brooke Sudweeks Quad Meet   36-04.00 Tanner Linkous Quad Meet
25-05.75 Olivia Kraft Cosmo   35-07.50 Solomon Ghosh Joe Curcio
24-11.00 Bri Coluni Blacksburg   35-05.50 Tanner Linkous Blacksburg
24-08.50 Bri Coluni Cosmo   35-05.25 Solomon Ghosh Blacksburg
24-06.50 Brooke Sudweeks Conference   35-05.00 Solomon Ghosh Conference
24-05.50 Bri Coluni Conference   35-02.50 Solomon Ghosh Tri-Cities
24-00.50 Bri Coluni Joe Curcio   34-09.50 Solomon Ghosh Titan Relays
23-08.00 Bri Coluni Titan Relays   34-09.00 Tanner Linkous Conference
23-08.00 Bri Coluni Knights Classic   33-10.75 Ethan Crickenberger Cosmo
23-02.75 Brooke Sudweeks Blacksburg   33-10.00 Tanner Linkous Cosmo
22-09.25 Brooke Sudweeks Cosmo   33-08.75 Gideon Driscoll Blacksburg
22-06.00 Bri Coluni Dogwood   31-09.25 Tanner Linkous Tri-Cities
22-01.50 Olivia Kraft Titan Relays   31-01.00 Ethan Crickenberger Blacksburg
21-07.00 Erica Boerth Quad Meet   29-11.00 Micah Lester Quad Meet
20-01.00 Tucker Marshall Cosmo   29-07.00 Seth Hall Titan Relays
19-09.00 Tucker Marshall Quad Meet   29-05.50 Micah Lester Joe Curcio
17-09.50 Tucker Marshall Joe Curcio   29-05.25 Corson Wertz Blacksburg
17-03.00 Mackenzie Guillot Joe Curcio   29-02.00 Corson Wertz Dogwood
16-10.00 Mackenzie Guillot Quad Meet   28-07.00 Brady Hinckley Quad Meet
16-04.00 Mackenzie Guillot Knights Classic   28-01.75 Corson Wertz Cosmo
15-09.50 Mackenzie Guillot Cosmo   26-11.00 Kweku Achenie Joe Curcio
15-09.25 Mackenzie Guillot Blacksburg   26-04.50 Kweku Achenie Blacksburg
        25-01.50 Brady Hinckley Blacksburg
        24-08.50 Kweku Achenie Quad Meet
        22-01.50 Sage Duncan Titan Relays
        17-08.00 Christian Londono Joe Curcio
        17-07.00 Christian Londono Quad Meet
        138-00 Solomon Ghosh State Champs
        134-07 Solomon Ghosh Conference
106-02 3A State Standard   133-03 3A State Standard
98-00 West Regional Standard   128-04 West Regional Standard
97-01 Fiona Carter-Tod Conference   124-07 Solomon Ghosh Cosmo
96-05 Fiona Carter-Tod West Region   120-02 Solomon Ghosh Joe Curcio
92-08 Fiona Carter-Tod Cosmo   119-11 Solomon Ghosh West Region
91-04 Fiona Carter-Tod Dogwood   115-09 Solomon Ghosh Blacksburg
87-06 Fiona Carter-Tod Tri-Cities   114-08 Solomon Ghosh Dogwood
80-00 Conference 32 Standard   107-06 Conference 32 Standard
79-06 Fiona Carter-Tod Titan Relays   88-06 Seth Hall Titan Relays
62-04 Bri Coluni Conference   87-01 Tanner Linkous Conference
60-08 Brooke Sudweeks Quad Meet   86-10 Gideon Driscoll Blacksburg
60-03 Brooke Sudweeks Cosmo   86-01 Micah Lester Joe Curcio
60-00 Bri Coluni Joe Curcio   86-00 Tanner Linkous Knights Classic
59-10 Bri Coluni Dogwood   83-07 Tanner Linkous Blacksburg
59-05 Mackenzie Guillot Conference   81-08 Seth Hall Blacksburg
59-04 Bri Coluni Blacksburg   81-06 Seth Hall Tri-Cities
58-11 Bri Coluni Cosmo   81-01 Micah Lester Cosmo
56-08 Olivia Kraft Cosmo   80-05 Solomon Ghosh Titan Relays
56-01 Mackenzie Guillot Quad Meet   80-00 Tanner Linkous Cosmo
55-10 Kaitlyn Elliott Joe Curcio   73-05 Colby Hinckley Blacksburg
54-02 Tucker Marshall Quad Meet   71-09 Micah Lester Conference
53-07 Mackenzie Guillot Cosmo   69-01 Micah Lester Quad Meet
52-01 Olivia Kraft Titan Relays   67-07 Colby Hinckley Quad Meet
51-07 Tucker Marshall Cosmo   65-09 Ethan Crickenberger Cosmo
51-02 Bri Coluni Knights Classic   65-07 Brady Hinckley Quad Meet
48-02 Mackenzie Guillot Joe Curcio   59-10 Sage Duncan Titan Relays
45-10 Kaitlyn Elliott Blacksburg   54-00 Kweku Achenie Blacksburg
45-03 Mackenzie Guillot Knights Classic   52-04 Brandon Walters Cosmo
40-07 Erica Boerth Blacksburg        
37-00 Sierra Dickerson Quad Meet        
36-05 Mackenzie Guillot Blacksburg        
Pole Vault
9-03 Erica Boerth West Region      
9-00 Anna Kender Cosmo      
9-00 Erica Boerth Dogwood      
8-09 Erica Boerth State Champs      
8-09 3A State Standard   11-06 3A State Standard
8-06 Erica Boerth Cosmo        
8-06 Anna Kender Dogwood        
8-06 Erica Boerth Knights Classic        
8-06 Anna Kender Conference        
8-06 Erica Boerth Conference        
8-04 West Regional Standard   10-09 West Regional Standard
8-03 Anna Kender Joe Curcio   10-00 Charlie Skutt Conference
8-00 Anna Kender Knights Classic   9-06 Charlie Skutt Knights Classic
8-00 Julie Walsh Knights Classic   8-06 Charlie Skutt Cosmo
8-00 Julie Walsh Conference   7-06 Charlie Skutt Colonel Classic
7-09 Anna Kender West Region        
7-09 Julie Walsh West Region        
7-06 Erica Boerth Tri-Cities        
7-06 Anna Kender Tri-Cities        
7-06 Julie Walsh Colonel Classic        
7-03 Julie Walsh Joe Curcio        
7-00 Julie Walsh Cosmo        
6-00 Conference 32 Standard   7-06 Conference 32 Standard
NH Anna Kender State Champs   NH Charlie Skutt West Region
        42.65 Noah Ramsey State Champs
          Ransom Castleberry  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        43.10 Noah Ramsey Southern Track
          Jordan Shockley  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        43.52 Jordan Shockley Dogwood
          Noah Ramsey  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        43.55 Noah Ramsey West Region
          Ransom Castleberry  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        43.57 David Kim Blacksburg
          Noah Ramsey  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        43.69 Jordan Shockley Conference
          Noah Ramsey  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Cole Beck  
        44.24 Jordan Shockley Cosmo
          David Kim  
          Kyle Poole  
          Cole Beck  
        44.88 Kyle Poole Tri-Cities
          Ransom Castleberry  
          David Kim  
          Cole Beck  
52.01 3A State Standard   44.88 3A State Standard
        45.54 Kyle Poole Blacksburg
          Hulon Jenkins  
          Jordan Shockley  
          Robert Coffey  
        45.85   Knights Classic
52.13 West Regional Standard   46.09 West Regional Standard
53.74 Claire Morris Conference   46.77 Ransom Castleberry Joe Curcio
  Erica Boerth       Hulon Jenkins  
  Gertrud Jensen       Jordan Shockley  
  Abby Hinckley       Glenn Canfield  
54.65   Knights Classic   47.0   Titan Relays
55.33 Claire Morris Dogwood   47.24   Quad Meet
  Anna Kender          
  Anabel Zier          
  Gertrud Jensen          
55.44   Quad Meet   47.61 Nick Harrison Cosmo
          Hulon Jenkins  
          Nick Czar  
          Tiquest Terry  
55.66 Anna Kender Blacksburg   47.61 Thomas Coffey Colonel Classic
  Tess Belleville       Ryan Stanaland  
  Abby Hinckley       Robert Coffey  
  Erica Boerth       Nick Czar  
56.15 Agustina Cordova Cosmo   48.40 Hulon Jenkins Tri-Cities
  Anabel Zier       Brandon Walters  
  Abby Hinckley       Robert Coffey  
  Anna Kender       Jordan Shockley  
56.43 Abby Hinckley Colonel Classic   49.26 David Quesenberry Blacksburg
  Sophie Jacobsen       Ethan McDowell  
  Stephanie Mendoza       Asa Castleberry  
  Tess Belleville       Michael Milauskas  
56.83 Tess Belleville Joe Curcio   50.86 Brandon Walters Blacksburg
  Erica Boerth       Tristan Hurst  
  Abby Hinckley       Nick Harrison  
  Kendall Kelley       Thomas Coffey  
58.3   Titan Relays   54.24 Thrower Squad Quad Meet
1:00.52 Stephanie Mendoza Blacksburg   56.57 Ethan Crickenberger Blacksburg
  Agustina Cordova       Colby Hinckley  
  Sophia Jacobsen       Corson Wertz  
  Anabel Zier       Tanner Linkous  
1:00.64 Tess Belleville Tri-Cities        
  Agustina Cordova          
  Sophie Jacobsen          
  Stephanie Mendoza          
1:52.8   Titan Relays   1:33.10 Kyle Poole Tri-Cities
          David Kim  
          Hulon Jenkins  
          Cole Beck  
DQ Tess Belleville Tri-Cities   1:38.3   Titan Relays
  Erica Boerth          
  Kendall Kelley          
  Anna Kender          
        1:49.62 Nick Czar Tri-Cities
          Ethan McDowell  
          Andy Via  
          David Quesenberry  
4:08.79 Adiah Gholston Dogwood   3:28.57 Daniel Milauskas Dogwood
  Catherine Sheen       David Kim  
  Kendall Kelley       Jack Packard  
  Mikayla Richardson       Kyle Poole  
4:13.11 Stephanie Gardner Southern Track   3:32.06 Daniel Milauskas Cosmo
  Adiah Gholston       Jack Packard  
  Catherine Sheen       David Kim  
  Mikayla Richardson       Kyle Poole  
4:16.02 Kendall Kelley West Region   3:32.55 John Milauskas West Region
  Erica Boerth       David Kim  
  Bethany Hsiao       Jack Packard  
  Catherine Sheen       Kyle Poole  
4:16.8   Titan Relays   3:33.63 David Kim Blacksburg
          Jack Packard  
          Ryan Stanaland  
          Kyle Poole  
        3:34.27 Jack Packard Joe Curcio
          John Milauskas  
          David Kim  
          Kyle Poole  
4:17.42 3A State Standard   3:35.07 3A State Standard
4:18.21 Hannah Jirsa Conference        
  Erica Boerth          
  Bethany Hsiao          
  Adiah Gholston          
4:26.35 West Regional Standard   3:40.76 West Regional Standard
4:27.29 Adiah Gholston Cosmo   3:50.09 John Milauskas Tri-Cities
  Amanda Huang       Elijah Hodges  
  Stephanie Gardner       Jakob Nipper  
  Mikayla Richardson       Charlie Skutt  
4:31.41 Hannah Jirsa Cosmo   3:56.33 Hulon Jenkins Knights Classic
  Bethany Hsiao       Jakob Nipper  
  Emily Fitch       Brandon DeLorenzo  
  Kendall Kelley       Ben Fleming  
4:34.05 Hannah Jirsa Joe Curcio   4:01.04 Nick Harrison Colonel Classic
  Kendall Kelley       Tristan Hurst  
  Bethany Hsiao       Michael Milauskas  
  Julia Lattimer       David Quesenberry  
4:34.67 Simonne Guenette Tri-Cities   4:03.87 David Quesenberry Blacksburg
  Eliza Stowe       Michael Milauskas  
  Annie Kay Combs       Andy Via  
  Samantha Marin       Tristan Hurst  
4:36.14   Quad Meet   4:07.24   Quad Meet
4:41.66 Bethany Hsiao Tri-Cities   4:15.07 Chase Gohlke Tri-Cities
  Julia Lattimer       David Christle  
  Mary Kate Lattimer       Joseph Molloy  
  Catherine Sheen       Trevor Ierardi  
        DQ Daniel Milauskas Conference
          David Kim  
          Jack Packard  
          Kyle Poole  
9:27.13 Kaitlyn Elliott State Champs   7:59.15 Daniel Milauskas State Champs
  Adiah Gholston       Ben Fleming  
  Ailene Edwards       Ethan Edwards  
  Mikayla Richardson       Sam Teller  
9:37.64 Kaitlyn Elliott West Region   8:06.71 John Milauskas West Region
  Adiah Gholston       Ben Fleming  
  Ailene Edwards       Ethan Edwards  
  Mikayla Richardson       Sam Teller  
9:40.59 Beatrice Scott Dogwood   8:18.22 John Milauskas Dogwood
  Adiah Gholston       Sidd Nathella  
  Ailene Edwards       Daniel Milauskas  
  Mikayla Richardson       Ben Fleming  
10:17.07 3A State Standard   8:29.32 3A State Standard
10:18.91 Emily Fitch Conference   8:38.31 Ian Davis Tri-Cities
  Ailene Edwards       Barrett Lattimer  
  Adiah Gholston       Elijah Hodges  
  Mikayla Richardson       Daniel Milauskas  
10:31.13 Kaitlyn Elliott Tri-Cities        
  Eliza Stowe          
  Amanda Huang          
  Olivia Hodge          
10:44.61 West Regional Standard   8:48.15 West Regional Standard
10:47.91 Amanda Huang Cosmo   8:48.45 Barrett Lattimer Conference
  Beatrice Scott       Reid Holbert  
  Olivia Hodge       Ian Davis  
  Catherine Sheen       John Milauskas  
10:51.6   Titan Relays   9:07.65 Ian Davis Cosmo
          John Milauskas  
          Daniel Milauskas  
          Barrett Lattimer  
10:56.95 Kaitlyn Elliott Knights Classic   9:08.42 Ian Davis Knights Classic
  Bethany Hsiao       John Milauskas  
  Tess Belleville       Elijah Hodges  
  Amanda Huang       Reid Holbert  
        9:22.91 Brandon DeLorenzo Tri-Cities
          Sidd Nathella  
          Ty Stephenson  
          Gabriel Milauskas  
        10:17.2   Titan Relays
800m Sprint Medley Relay
2:08.9   Titan Relays   1:50.1   Titan Relays
1600m Sprint Medley Relay
4:56.6   Titan Relays   3:40.53 David Kim Southern Track
          Jack Packard  
          Kyle Poole  
          Daniel Milauskas  
        4:01.2   Titan Relays
100m / 110m Shuttle Hurdle Relay
1:18.32 Agustina Cordova Tri-Cities   1:17.0   Titan Relays
  Stephanie Mendoza          
  Sophie Jacobsen          
  Stephanie Gardner          
        1:26.36 Robert Coffey Tri-Cities
          Michael Milauskas  
          Carson Heisel  
          Nick Harrison  
        DQ Jack Packard Tri-Cities
          Ryan Stanaland  
          Tiquest Terry  
          Thomas Coffey  
Distance Medley Relay
12:36.86 Mikayla Richardson Tri-Cities   11:54.97 Jakob Nipper Knights Classic
  Stephanie Gardner       Barrett Lattimer  
  Adiah Gholston       Brandon DeLorenzo  
  Samantha Marin       Ben Fleming  
14:11.04 Natalie Barnette Tri-Cities   11:57.0   Titan Relays
  Emily Fitch          
  Julia Lattimer          
  Olivia Hodge          
14:03.3   Titan Relays   12:25.41 Henry Coddington Blacksburg
          Charlie Skutt  
          Gabriel Milauskas  
          Jakob Nipper  
14:15.82 Emily Fitch Knights Classic   12:28.43 Elijah Hodges Tri-Cities
  Beatrice Scott       John Milauskas  
  Catherine Sheen       Ty Stephenson  
  Eliza Stowe       Daniel Milauskas  
        13:06.76 Trevor Ierardi Tri-Cities
          Chase Gohlke  
          David Christle  
          Sean Bianchi  
23:50.2 Amanda Huang Titan Relays   22:11.9   Titan Relays
  Eliza Stowe          
  Kamryn Phlegar          
  Olivia Hodge          


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