Highlighted Yellow = Qualified for States by finishing Top 3 at Region Championships

Girls Results   Boys Results

7.04 New Balance Indoor National   6.34 New Balance Indoor National
  60m Championship Standard (55m time)     60m Championship Standard (55m time)
7.14 New Balance Indoor National   6.44 New Balance Indoor National
  60m Emerging Elite Standard (55m time)     60m Emerging Elite Standard (55m time)
7.44 New Balance Indoor National   6.74 New Balance Indoor National
  60m Emerging Elite Standard (55m time)     60m Freshman Standard (55m time)
        6.65 Cole Dunlap Polar Bear
        6.66 Cole Dunlap Region Championship
7.56 4A State Standard   6.68 4A State Standard
7.79 Grace Reynolds Region Championship   6.75 Cole Dunlap Roanoke #1
        6.81 Cole Dunlap Liberty Premier
        6.82 Cole Dunlap State Championship
        6.83 Cole Dunlap Liberty Opener
        6.84 Cole Dunlap Commonwealth
        6.87 Cole Dunlap VA Showcase
        6.89 Cole Dunlap Bulldog
        6.92 Cole Dunlap Liberty XMas
7.80  4D Region Standard   6.92 4D Region Standard
7.89 Kylan Socha Region Championship   6.95 Ben Hager Roanoke #1
7.94 Grace Reynolds Bulldog   6.97 Ben Hager Bulldog
7.99 Kylan Socha Roanoke #1   6.99 Ben Hager Commonwealth
8.04 Kylan Socha Bulldog   6.99 Ben Hager Liberty Premier
8.05 Kylan Socha Liberty Premier   7.01 Caleb Byun Region Championship
8.06 Kylan Socha VA Showcase   7.02 Ben Hager Liberty Opener
8.07 Alexa Mayer Polar Bear   7.07 Caleb Byun Roanoke #1
8.11 Amaya Williams Polar Bear   7.09 Ben Hager Liberty XMas
8.12 Sophia Krouscas Bulldog   7.15 Caleb Byun Bulldog
8.20 Kylan Socha Commonwealth   7.16 Abram Scott VA Showcase
8.21 Sophia Krouscas VA Showcase   7.18 Caleb Byun Liberty Premier
8.23 Amaya Williams VA Showcase   7.18 Robert Cowan Polar Bear
8.25 Becky Helm Liberty Opener   7.19 Abram Scott Liberty Opener
8.26 Alexa Mayer Liberty Premier   7.26 Caleb Byun VA Showcase
8.27 Becky Helm Liberty XMas   7.30 James Cook Polar Bear
8.27 Becky Helm Commonwealth   7.33 Jaiden Newcomer Liberty Opener
8.27 Alexa Mayer VA Showcase   7.36 Robert Cowan VA Showcase
8.30 Anna Szefc Liberty Opener   7.36 Jack Deverin Polar Bear
8.30 Amy Fugate Bulldog   7.37 Donovan Johnson Polar Bear
8.30 Becky Helm Polar Bear   7.40 Donovan Johnson VA Showcase
8.33 Alexa Mayer Roanoke #2   7.42 Dylan McDonald Bulldog
8.34 Sophia Krouscas Liberty XMas   7.43 Robert Cowan Liberty Premier
8.34 Alaina Marquis Bulldog   7.44 Mike Crowe Commonwealth
8.34 Alexa Mayer Bulldog   7.46 Jaiden Newcomer Liberty Premier
8.34 Cherylanne Harris VA Showcase   7.47 Jaiden Newcomer Liberty XMas
8.34 Grace Reynolds Polar Bear   7.47 Ethan St. Martin VA Showcase
8.37 Cherylanne Harris Roanoke #2   7.50 Donovan Johnson Commonwealth
8.38 Erin Crawford Liberty Opener   7.51 Carter Ackerman Bulldog
8.38 Amy Fugate Liberty Opener   7.52 Jaiden Newcomer VA Showcase
8.43 Amy Fugate Liberty Premier   7.54 James Cook Liberty Opener
8.43 Becky Helm VA Showcase   7.55 James Cook Liberty XMas
8.44 Caroline Jones Liberty Opener   7.55 Mason Zoellner Liberty XMas
8.45 Amy Fugate Liberty XMas   7.55 Rowan Porter Liberty XMas
8.47 Amaya Williams Commonwealth   7.55 Donovan Johnson Roanoke #2
8.48 Amy Fugate Roanoke #1   7.56 Donovan Johnson Liberty Opener
8.48 Cherylanne Harris Liberty Premier   7.58 Carter Ackerman Commonwealth
8.56 Katerina Leedy Roanoke #1   7.58 Jack Deverin Liberty Premier
8.58 Micah Mitchell Liberty Premier   7.59 Risher Hedgepeth Liberty Opener
8.61 Katerina Leedy Bulldog   7.60 James Cook Commonwealth
8.61 Cherylanne Harris Bulldog   7.63 Carter Ackerman VA Showcase
8.64 Ana Czar VA Showcase   7.64 Jack Deverin VA Showcase
8.72 Feidra Gjata Liberty Premier   7.75 Linden Ambrose Commonwealth
8.73 Feidra Gjata VA Showcase   7.77 James Cook VA Showcase
8.77 Feidra Gjata Liberty XMas   7.91 Sean Asbrand VA Showcase
8.79 Martha Crawford Liberty Opener   7.97 Sean Asbrand Liberty Premier
8.92 Rebecca Webster VA Showcase   8.04 Sean Asbrand Bulldog
9.01 Heewon Lim VA Showcase   8.04 Sean Asbrand Roanoke #2
9.06 Heewon Lim Liberty Premier   8.07 Riley Fisher Liberty Opener
9.16 Heewon Lim Roanoke #2   8.08 Sam Helton Polar Bear
9.30 Heewon Lim Bulldog   8.13 Sean Asbrand Commonwealth
9.52 Heewon Lim Liberty XMas   8.14 Sean Asbrand Liberty Opener
9.62 Camille Girardeau-Montaut Liberty Premier   8.17 Sean Asbrand Liberty XMas
9.69 Camille Girardeau-Montaut VA Showcase   8.21 Sam Helton Roanoke #2
9.85 Camille Girardeau-Montaut Liberty Opener   8.28 Riley Fisher Liberty Premier
        8.34 Henry Valatka Liberty XMas
        8.42 Waleed Kadiri Liberty Opener
        8.72 Sam Helton Commonwealth
        9.64 Griffin Warren Liberty Premier

55m Hurdles
8.04 New Balance Indoor National   7.44 New Balance Indoor National
  60mH Championship Standard (55mH time)     60mH Championship Standard (55mH time)
8.24 New Balance Indoor National   7.54 New Balance Indoor National
  60mH Emerging Elite Standard (55mH time)     60mH Emerging Elite Standard (55mH time)
        7.87 Ethan Young Region Championship
        7.87 Ethan Young State Championship
        7.90q Ethan Young State Championship
        7.97 Ethan Young Bulldog
        8.04 Ethan Young Commonwealth
        8.07q Ethan Young Liberty XMas
        8.08 Ethan Young Polar Bear
        8.13 Ethan Young Liberty Opener
9.15 4A State Standard   8.13 4A State Standard
9.26 Alaina Marquis Polar Bear   8.16 Ethan Young Liberty XMas
9.45 Alaina Marquis Region Championship   8.16 Ethan Young Liberty Premier
9.46 Alaina Marquis VA Showcase   8.18 Ethan Young Roanoke #1
9.67 Alaina Marquis Liberty Premier   8.19 Ethan Young VA Showcase
9.72 Alaina Marquis Roanoke #1   8.26q Ethan Young Liberty Opener
9.75 Alaina Marquis Commonwealth        
9.87 Alaina Marquis Liberty Opener        
9.90 Suzie Kim Liberty Premier        
9.92 Suzie Kim Region Championship        
9.94 Alaina Marquis Liberty XMas        
9.94 Suzie Kim Roanoke #1        
9.96 Suzie Kim Bulldog        
10.01 Suzie Kim VA Showcase        
10.03 Suzie Kim Liberty Opener        
10.32 Anna Szefc Polar Bear        
10.33 4D Region Standard   8.85 4D Region Standard
10.34 Micah Mitchell Liberty Opener   8.87 Mike Crowe Roanoke #1
10.40 Micah Mitchell Liberty XMas   8.92 Mike Crowe VA Showcase
10.84 Jolie Rice Commonwealth   8.93 Mike Crowe Region Championship
10.84 Jolie Rice VA Showcase   9.02 Mike Crowe Liberty Premier
10.95 Katerina Leedy VA Showcase   9.10 Mike Crowe Polar Bear
11.09 Jolie Rice Polar Bear   9.13 Mike Crowe Bulldog
11.13 Jolie Rice Liberty Premier        
11.51 Heewon Lim Polar Bear        
12.16 Anna Szefc Liberty XMas        
DNF Jolie Rice Liberty XMas        

39.99 New Balance Indoor National   35.09 New Balance Indoor National
  200m Championship Standard (300m time)     200m Championship Standard (300m time)
40.44 New Balance Indoor National   35.39 New Balance Indoor National
  200m Emerging Elite Standard (300m time)     200m Emerging Elite Standard (300m time)
42.87 4A State Standard   36.66 4A State Standard
44.07 Grace Reynolds Liberty Opener   37.12 Ethan Young Polar Bear
44.18 Grace Reynolds Roanoke #1   37.51 Ethan Young Region Championship
        37.77 Ben Hager Commonwealth
        37.77 Vance Ruiz Polar Bear
        37.86 Ben Hager Bulldog
        37.95 Ben Hager Liberty Opener
        37.98 Ethan Young Liberty Opener
        38.05 Ben Hager Polar Bear
        38.19 Vance Ruiz Liberty XMas
        38.22 Eli Sterling Polar Bear
45.80 4D Region Standard   38.40 4D Region Standard
46.21 Amy Fugate Region Championship   38.62 Ben Hager Region Championship
46.92 Grace McGehee Liberty Premier   38.96 Elliot Howard Liberty XMas
46.92 Grace McGehee VA Showcase   39.14 Vance Ruiz Bulldog
47.08 Grace Reynolds Region Championship   39.72 Elliot Howard Bulldog
47.20 Mari Garza Liberty XMas   39.77 Mike Crowe Commonwealth
47.25 Erin Crawford Commonwealth   39.96 Jaiden Newcomer Polar Bear
47.43 Kylan Socha Liberty Premier   40.06 Oscar Coddington Liberty XMas
47.56 Amy Fugate VA Showcase   40.09 Mike Crowe Liberty Opener
47.73 Suzie Kim Liberty Premier   40.27 Will Shi Polar Bear
47.79 Suzie Kim Bulldog   40.28 Mason Zoellner Bulldog
48.08 Caroline Jones Commonwealth   40.38 Risher Hedgepeth VA Showcase
48.18 Suzie Kim Roanoke #1   40.52 Ben Schmitt Liberty XMas
48.19 Suzie Kim Liberty Opener   40.53 Risher Hedgepeth Polar Bear
48.21 Amy Fugate Liberty Opener   40.54 Ben Schmitt Bulldog
48.21 Grace McGehee Polar Bear   40.57 Spencer McGehee Liberty XMas
48.31 Sophia Krouscas Bulldog   40.61 Robert Cowan Polar Bear
48.32 Erin Crawford Bulldog   40.63 Mason Zoellner Liberty Premier
48.46 Amy Fugate Bulldog   40.63 James Cook Polar Bear
48.51 Amaya Williams VA Showcase   40.69 Nathan Lewis Bulldog
48.53 Katerina Leedy Bulldog   40.72 Mason Zoellner Roanoke #1
48.53 Caroline Jones Liberty Premier   40.72 Will Shi VA Showcase
48.59 Jolie Rice Commonwealth   40.79 Zachary Bibeau Liberty XMas
48.59 Katerina Leedy Liberty Premier   40.84 Caleb Byun Liberty Premier
48.62 Alaina Marquis Liberty Opener   40.90 Risher Hedgepeth Commonwealth
48.63 Sophia Krouscas Liberty Opener   40.94 Mason Zoellner VA Showcase
48.66 Kylan Socha Bulldog   40.96 Mason Zoellner Liberty Opener
48.75 Katerina Leedy Liberty XMas   41.01 Caleb Byun Roanoke #1
48.76 Maggie Zier Liberty Premier   41.04 Zach Bibeau Bulldog
48.78 Maggie Zier Commonwealth   41.06 Will Shi Commonwealth
48.80 Erin Crawford Liberty Opener   41.44 Ethan St. Martin VA Showcase
48.84 Kylan Socha Commonwealth   41.49 Risher Hedgepeth Roanoke #2
48.92 Alaina Marquis Roanoke #1   41.60 Dylan McDonald Commonwealth
48.99 Caroline Jones Bulldog   41.60 Dylan McDonald Bulldog
49.09 Alaina Marquis Commonwealth   41.66 Robert Cowan Liberty Premier
49.10 Jolie Rice Liberty Premier   41.69 Dylan McDonald Liberty Opener
49.21 Jolie Rice VA Showcase   41.72 Caleb Byun Bulldog
49.39 Alexa Mayer VA Showcase   41.89 Donovan Johnson Liberty XMas
49.48 Cherylanne Harris Bulldog   41.89 Jaiden Newcomer Liberty Premier
49.50 Alaina Marquis Liberty Premier   41.91 Will Shi Liberty XMas
49.70 Katja Kehlenbeck VA Showcase   41.94 Donovan Johnson Liberty Opener
50.05 Martha Crawford Liberty Opener   41.96 Carter Ackerman Commonwealth
50.16 Jolie Rice Liberty XMas   42.00 Zach Davis Bulldog
50.17 Rebecca Webster Liberty Premier   42.02 Dylan McDonald Liberty XMas
50.21 Cherylanne Harris Roanoke #2   42.04 Donovan Johnson Commonwealth
50.24 Alexa Mayer Bulldog   42.09 Rowan Porter Liberty XMas
50.32 Shelly Boerth Bulldog   42.16 Risher Hedgepeth Liberty Opener
50.47 Alaina Marquis Bulldog   42.25 Donovan Johnson Liberty Premier
50.50 Shelly Boerth Liberty XMas   42.32 Jaiden Newcomer Liberty Opener
50.83 Katja Kehlenbeck Bulldog   42.38 Carter Ackerman Roanoke #1
50.86 Feidra Gjata VA Showcase   42.58 Risher Hedgepeth Bulldog
50.93 Micah Mitchell Liberty Opener   42.78 James Cook VA Showcase
51.14 Riley Verniel VA Showcase   42.92 Jack Deverin Polar Bear
51.21 Lily Belleville VA Showcase   43.04 Henry Goldschmidt Commonwealth
51.26 Haley Bortner Commonwealth   43.40 James Cook Liberty Opener
51.55 Shelly Boerth VA Showcase   43.46 Donovan Johnson Bulldog
51.69 Maggie Zier Liberty Opener   44.14 Nate Lehman Bulldog
51.94 Riley Verniel Bulldog   44.22 James Cook Roanoke #2
51.94 Alexa Mayer Roanoke #2   44.50 Jack Deverin VA Showcase
52.73 Heewon Lim Polar Bear   44.69 Azat Hedgepeth Polar Bear
52.83 Adriane Boerth Bulldog   44.80 Jack Deverin Liberty Premier
53.21 Heewon Lim VA Showcase   45.24 Sean Asbrand Bulldog
53.46 Heewon Lim Roanoke #2   45.39 Riley Fisher Roanoke #2
53.83 Kenza Kadiri Liberty XMas   45.41 Azat Hedgepeth Commonwealth
54.93 Heewon Lim Bulldog   45.43 Zander Weber Polar Bear
56.79 Ana Czar Commonwealth   45.69 Sean Asbrand Liberty Premier
57.17 Camille Girardeau-Montaut Liberty Opener   46.01 Sean Asbrand VA Showcase
57.31 Camille Girardeua-Montaut VA Showcase   46.08 Sean Asbrand Liberty XMas
57.83 Heewon Lim Liberty XMas   46.23 Riley Fisher Liberty Opener
58.18 Leah van Gelder Polar Bear   46.50 Sean Asbrand Liberty Opener
        47.25 Azat Hedgepeth Bulldog
        52.09 Waleed Kadiri Liberty XMas

1:15.00 New Balance Indoor National   1:04.50 New Balance Indoor National
  400m Championship Standard (500m time)     400m Championship Standard (500m time)
1:16.60 New Balance Indoor National   1:05.20 New Balance Indoor National
  400m Emerging Elite Standard (500m time)     400m Emerging Elite Standard (500m time)
1:20.80 New Balance Indoor National   1:09.00 New Balance Indoor National
  400m Freshman Standard (500m time)     400m Freshman Standard (500m time)
        1:07.95 Vance Ruiz VA Showcase
        1:08.26 Vance Ruiz Bulldog
        1:08.44 Vance Ruiz Liberty Premier
1:22.45 4A State Standard   1:08.48 4A State Standard
1:24.14 Audrey Link Liberty XMas   1:08.93 Vance Ruiz Commonwealth
1:24.82 Erin Crawford Region Championship   1:09.04 Vance Ruiz State Championship
1:25.93 Erin Crawford State Championship   1:09.16 Vance Ruiz Region Championship
1:26.04 Erin Crawford Polar Bear   1:10.34 Elliot Howard Region Championship
1:26.58 Mari Garza Holiday Classic   1:12.14 Elliot Howard Liberty Premier
1:27.13 Sophia Krouscas Commonwealth   1:12.22 Ben Schmitt Bulldog
1:27.18 Sophia Krouscas VA Showcase   1:12.42 Mike Crowe Region Championship
1:27.20 Erin Crawford VA Showcase   1:12.48 Zach Bibeau Bulldog
1:27.56 Mari Garza Liberty Premier   1:12.74 Elliot Howard VA Showcase
1:27.68 Grace McGehee Polar Bear   1:13.23 Eli Sterling Bulldog
1:27.86 Sophia Krouscas Region Championship   1:13.31 Mike Crowe VA Showcase
1:28.14 Grace McGehee Liberty Premier   1:13.36 Elliot Howard Bulldog
1:28.17 Sophia Krouscas Liberty Premier        
1:28.31 Mari Garza Liberty XMas        
1:28.60 4D Region Standard   1:13.50 4D Region Standard
1:28.72 Grace McGehee VA Showcase   1:13.83 Mike Crowe Bulldog
1:29.70 Amy Fugate VA Showcase   1:13.91 Ben Schmitt VA Showcase
1:30.31 Sophia Krouscas Liberty XMas   1:14.08 Zach Bibeau Region Championship
1:30.45 Annika Griggs Liberty XMas   1:14.38 Spencer McGehee VA Showcase
1:30.52 Grace McGehee Region Championship   1:14.94 Dylan McDonald Polar Bear
1:30.96 Erin Crawford Roanoke #1   1:15.05 Mike Crowe Liberty Premier
1:31.08 Katerina Leedy Roanoke #1   1:15.42 Mike Crowe Liberty Opener
1:31.66 Katerina Leedy Liberty XMas   1:15.61 Will Shi Polar Bear
1:31.78 Kennedy Thomason Liberty XMas   1:15.64 Spencer McGehee Holiday Classic
1:32.26 Sophia Krouscas Liberty Opener   1:15.94 Dylan McDonald VA Showcase
1:32.31 Sophia Krouscas Roanoke #1   1:15.96 Will Shi Liberty Premier
1:32.39 Mia Jones Liberty XMas   1:16.00 Landon Dinkel Bulldog
1:33.51 Katerina Leedy VA Showcase   1:16.01 Collin Holley VA Showcase
1:33.87 Shelly Boerth Bulldog   1:16.03 Cade Green Bulldog
1:34.92 Shelly Boerth VA Showcase   1:16.25 Dylan McDonald Roanoke #1
1:35.30 Mia Jones Bulldog   1:16.37 Dylan McDonald Liberty Premier
1:36.22 Mari Garza Region Championship   1:16.52 Will Shi VA Showcase
1:36.38 Kennedy Thomason Roanoke #2   1:16.62 Dylan McDonald Bulldog
1:36.89 Haley Bortner Liberty Opener   1:16.74 Will Shi Bulldog
1:37.11 Katja Kehlenbeck Bulldog   1:17.01 Kai Feng Roanoke #1
1:37.40 Riley Verniel Liberty XMas   1:17.03 Collin Holley Liberty XMas
1:37.51 Dulaney Hudgins Bulldog   1:17.07 Collin Holley Roanoke #2
1:37.78 Adriane Boerth Bulldog   1:17.13 Will Shi Roanoke #1
1:38.12 Riley Verniel VA Showcase   1:17.56 Zach Davis Bulldog
1:38.37 Katja Kehlenbeck Liberty XMas   1:17.68 Dylan McDonald Liberty Opener
1:38.46 Riley Verniel Roanoke #2   1:17.78 Will Shi Liberty XMas
1:38.54 Riley Verniel Bulldog   1:18.07 Kai Feng Holiday Classic
1:38.65 Riley Verniel Polar Bear   1:18.19 Nathan Lewis Bulldog
1:39.41 Emi Miyazaki Bulldog   1:18.72 Dylan McDonald Liberty XMas
1:42.75 Kenza Kadiri Liberty XMas   1:19.40 Will Shi Liberty Opener
1:52.86 Leah van Gelder Polar Bear   1:20.40 James Wallace Liberty XMas
        1:20.65 Zach Swartzwelder Bulldog
        1:21.04 Jordan Pease Polar Bear
        1:21.11 Johnny Lowry Bulldog
        1:21.32 Gavin Paye Bulldog
        1:22.54 Nate Lehman Bulldog
        1:24.36 Conner Rutherford Bulldog
        1:24.72 Jonathan Goerlich Bulldog
        1:25.41 Azat Hedgepeth Bulldog
        1:25.90 Zachary Ermann Bulldog
        1:26.00 Riley Fisher VA Showcase
        1:30.21 Riley Fisher Roanoke #2
        1:30.54 Zander Weber Liberty XMas
        1:33.86 Zander Weber Roanoke #2
        1:34.34 Zander Weber Commonwealth

2:54.50 New Balance Indoor National   2:29.60 New Balance Indoor National
  800m Championship Standard (1000m time)     800m Championship Standard (1000m time)
2:57.80 New Balance Indoor National   2:32.60 New Balance Indoor National
  800m Emerging Elite Standard (1000m time)     800m Emerging Elite Standard (1000m time)
3:02.90 Audrey Link Commonwealth        
3:03.42 Audrey Link Liberty Premier        
3:05.88 Audrey Link State Championship        
3:10.92 Audrey Link Region Championship        
3:11.10 4A State Standard   2:40.38 4A State Standard
3:13.62 Annika Griggs Commonwealth   2:43.25 Landon Dinkel Commonwealth
3:18.15 Annika Griggs Liberty Premier   2:43.69 Vance Ruiz Liberty XMas
3:19.19 Annika Griggs Polar Bear   2:43.95 Oscar Coddington Commonwealth
3:19.62 Annika Griggs VA Showcase   2:44.00 Ben Schmitt Liberty Premier
3:21.23 Mari Garza Liberty Opener   2:44.11 Landon Dinkel VA Showcase
        2:45.06 Oscar Coddington Liberty Premier
        2:45.86 Oscar Coddington Liberty XMas
        2:46.35 Oscar Coddington Region Championship
        2:46.87 Zach Bibeau VA Showcase
        2:47.14 Zach Bibeau Liberty Premier
        2:47.34 Zach Bibeau Commonwealth
        2:47.96 Ben Schmitt Region Championship
        2:47.97 Elliot Howard Bulldog
        2:48.16 Ben Schmitt Liberty XMas
        2:48.20 Landon Dinkel Bulldog
        2:48.22 Ben Schmitt Commonwealth
        2:48.55 Spencer McGehee VA Showcase
        2:49.81 Eli Sterling VA Showcase
        2:50.13 Zach Bibeau Liberty XMas
        2:50.90 Spencer McGehee Liberty XMas
3:23.00 4D Regional Standard   2:51.00 4D Region Standard
3:26.30 Mia Jones VA Showcase   2:51.26 Spencer McGehee Polar Bear
3:27.62 Annika Griggs Region Championship   2:51.35 Zach Bibeau Bulldog
3:30.43 Mia Jones Bulldog   2:52.51 Elliot Howard Liberty XMas
3:34.12 Shelly Boerth Polar Bear   2:53.11 Vance Ruiz Bulldog
3:35.30 Adriane Boerth VA Showcase   2:53.14 Spencer McGehee Liberty Premier
3:35.59 Shelly Boerth Liberty Opener   2:54.24 Jonathan Goerlich VA Showcase
3:36.80 Shelly Boerth Liberty XMas   2:54.64 Jonas Roach VA Showcase
3:38.02 Dulaney Hudgins Commonwealth   2:54.97 Zach Davis Polar Bear
3:38.08 Katja Kehlenbeck Polar Bear   2:55.12 Ben Schmitt Bulldog
3:38.44 Shelly Boerth Roanoke #1   2:55.19 Elliot Howard Commonwealth
3:38.94 Adriane Boerth Polar Bear   2:55.62 Zach Davis VA Showcase
3:39.63 Norah Griggs Polar Bear   2:56.49 Eli Sterling Bulldog
3:40.51 Katja Kehlenbeck Liberty Premier   2:56.75 Cade Green VA Showcase
3:41.89 Dulaney Hudgins VA Showcase   2:57.01 Zach Davis Liberty Premier
3:42.34 Norah Griggs VA Showcase   2:58.25 Nathan Lewis VA Showcase
3:42.41 Katja Kehlenbeck VA Showcase   2:58.43 Johnny Lowry VA Showcase
3:43.65 Adriane Boerth Commonwealth   2:58.57 Spencer McGehee Region Championship
3:46.38 Adriane Boerth Bulldog   2:58.76 Zach Davis Commonwealth
3:46.68 Norah Griggs Commonwealth   2:58.91 Cade Green Bulldog
3:47.42 Dulaney Hudgins Bulldog   2:59.03 Nathan Lewis Roanoke #1
3:47.69 Katja Kehlenbeck Liberty Opener   2:59.73 Zach Davis Liberty XMas
3:49.28 Riley Verniel Liberty Opener   3:00.63 Zach Davis Bulldog
3:50.05 Grace McGehee Roanoke #1   3:01.39 Nathan Lewis Liberty XMas
3:50.68 Shelly Boerth Bulldog   3:01.40 Nate Lehman VA Showcase
3:50.74 Norah Griggs Roanoke #1   3:03.33 Johnny Lowry Bulldog
4:00.95 Emi Miyazaki Bulldog   3:03.44 Henry Goldschmidt Commonwealth
4:02.65 Katja Kehlenbeck Bulldog   3:03.66 Zach Swartzwelder VA Showcase
4:05.85 Riley Verniel Bulldog   3:04.21 Nate Lehman Liberty XMas
        3:05.50 Jonas Roach Commonwealth
        3:07.51 Zachary Ermann VA Showcase
        3:07.92 Jonathan Goerlich Bulldog
        3:07.92 James Wallace VA Showcase
        3:08.87 Nathan Lewis Bulldog
        3:08.93 Conner Rutherford VA Showcase
        3:08.97 Azat Hedgepeth Polar Bear
        3:09.72 Nate Lehman Roanoke #2
        3:11.79 Gavin Paye VA Showcase
        3:11.87 Azat Hedgepeth VA Showcase
        3:11.89 Azat Hedgepeth Commonwealth
        3:14.09 Azat Hedgepeth Roanoke #1
        3:14.76 Conner Rutherford Bulldog
        3:15.08 Nate Lehman Bulldog
        3:15.46 Jonas Roach Roanoke #1
        3:15.72 Vance Ruiz Region Championship
        3:18.58 Gavin Paye Bulldog
        3:19.00 Nate Lehman Commonwealth
        3:19.98 Azat Hedgepeth Liberty XMas
        3:20.37 Azat Hedgepeth Bulldog
        3:20.72 Zachary Ermann Bulldog
        3:22.55 Zach Swartzwelder Bulldog
        3:23.62 Carson Gilmore Liberty XMas
        3:23.66 Carson Gilmore Commonwealth
        4:29.84 Holden Higgins Liberty XMas

4:57.50 New Balance Indoor National   4:16.30 New Balance Indoor National
  1 Mile Championship Standard (1600m time)     1 Mile Championship Standard (1600m time)
5:03.50 New Balance Indoor National   4:21.80 New Balance Indoor National
  1 Mile Emerging Elite Standard (1600m time)     1 Mile Emerging Elite Standard (1600m time)
        4:33.29 4A State Standard
5:13.15 Audrey Link Liberty XMas   4:34.19 Landon Dinkel Commonwealth
5:14.80 Audrey Link Region Championship      
5:15.30 Kaitlynn Wolfe Polar Bear      
5:17.50 New Balance Indoor National   4:36.80 New Balance Indoor National
  1 Mile Freshman Standard (1600m time)     1 Mile Freshman Standard (1600m time)
5:26.09 4A State Standard      
5:27.71 Mia Jones Region Championship   4:37.39 Eli Sterling State Championship
5:37.26 Annika Griggs Liberty XMas   4:40.19 Landon Dinkel VA Showcase
5:38.21 Mia Jones Liberty XMas   4:41.01 Eli Sterling Region Championship
5:39.69 Mia Jones Liberty Premier   4:45.06 Cade Green State Championship
5:40.44 Mia Jones VA Showcase   4:45.22 Landon Dinkel Bulldog
5:41.89 Annika Griggs VA Showcase   4:45.24 Cade Green Region Championship
5:44.49 Mia Jones Bulldog   4:45.32 Eli Sterling Polar Bear
        4:46.92 Jonathan Goerlic State Championship
        4:47.15 Vance Ruiz Liberty Opener
        4:47.41 Cade Green Liberty Premier
        4:48.02 Oscar Coddington Liberty Opener
        4:48.19 Eli Sterling VA Showcase
        4:48.53 Cade Green VA Showcase
        4:49.26 Jonathan Goerlich Region Championship
        4:49.28 Ben Schmitt Liberty Opener
        4:49.44 Elliot Howard Liberty Opener
        4:49.49 Zach Bibeau Liberty Opener
        4:49.57 Landon Dinkel Region Championship
        4:51.51 Cade Green Polar Bear
        4:51.71 Jonathan Goerlich Polar Bear
        4:51.75 Zach Bibeau VA Showcase
        4:52.01 Eli Sterling Bulldog
        4:53.61 Cade Green Holiday Classic
        4:54.53 Oscar Coddington VA Showcase
        4:54.89 Johnny Lowry Liberty Premier
5:48.50 4D Region Standard   4:55.50 4D Region Standard
5:56.56 Adriane Boerth Polar Bear   4:55.76 Jonathan Goerlich VA Showcase
5:58.40 Adriane Boerth VA Showcase   4:56.04 Cade Green Bulldog
6:08.99 Norah Griggs Polar Bear   4:57.34 Ben Schmitt VA Showcase
6:11.93 Dulaney Hudgins VA Showcase   4:57.71 Spencer McGehee VA Showcase
6:11.99 Adriane Boerth Roanoke #1   4:58.20 Johnny Lowry Liberty Opener
6:16.96 Dulaney Hudgins Liberty XMas   4:58.37 Jonathan Goerlich Liberty Premier
6:18.94 Julia Wallace Commonwealth   4:58.68 Spencer McGehee Liberty Opener
6:19.42 Dulaney Hudgins Roanoke #1   4:59.71 Conner Rutherford Polar Bear
6:20.41 Julia Wallace Polar Bear   5:01.50 Johnny Lowry VA Showcase
6:20.90 Julia Wallace Roanoke #1   5:02.15 Jonas Roach VA Showcase
6:22.72 Norah Griggs VA Showcase   5:03.31 Conner Rutherford VA Showcase
6:27.96 Norah Griggs Liberty XMas   5:03.45 James Wallace Commonwealth
6:28.46 Dulaney Hudgins Bulldog   5:05.08 James Wallace Liberty XMas
6:53.82 Emi Miyazaki Bulldog   5:05.58 Johnny Lowry Bulldog
7:01.75 Emi Miyazaki Liberty XMas   5:06.64 Zach Davis VA Showcase
        5:07.33 James Wallace Liberty Premier
        5:07.46 Conner Rutherford Commonwealth
        5:07.63 Zachary Ermann Liberty Premier
        5:08.76 Matthew McPherson Roanoke #2
        5:10.73 Conner Rutherford Bulldog
        5:10.84 Johnny Lowry Region Championship
        5:11.67 Jonathan Goerlich Bulldog
        5:11.76 Nate Lehman Polar Bear
        5:11.78 James Wallace VA Showcase
        5:12.00 Zachary Ermann VA Showcase
        5:12.50 Jonathan Goerlich Liberty XMas
        5:12.52 Zachary Ermann Bulldog
        5:12.62 Jonas Roach Commonwealth
        5:14.21 Conner Rutherford Roanoke #1
        5:14.36 Bela Williams VA Showcase
        5:14.94 Nate Lehman VA Showcase
        5:15.53 Zach Davis Liberty Opener
        5:16.30 Nathan Lewis VA Showcase
        5:16.96 Bela Williams Roanoke #2
        5:17.32 Conner Rutherford Liberty XMas
        5:17.40 Gavin Paye Commonwealth
        5:17.40 Gavin Paye VA Showcase
        5:18.73 Gavin Paye Roanoke #1
        5:18.90 Gavin Paye Liberty XMas
        5:19.37 Nathan Lewis Liberty Opener
        5:21.41 Zach Swartzwelder Liberty Premier
        5:22.02 Gavin Paye Bulldog
        5:22.21 James Wallace Polar Bear
        5:23.81 Zach Swartzwelder VA Showcase
        5:26.03 Henry Goldschmidt Liberty Opener
        5:29.11 Azat Hedgepeth VA Showcase
        5:32.04 Nate Lehman Commonwealth
        5:32.65 Zach Swartzwelder Liberty XMas
        5:35.38 Harrison Tracy Commonwealth
        5:36.01 Carson Gilmore Liberty Opener
        5:36.64 Zach Swartzwelder Bulldog
        5:37.14 Carson Gilmore Commonwealth
        5:37.66 Nate Lehman Liberty Opener
        5:38.23 Azat Hedgepeth Liberty Opener
        5:43.80 Bradley Finch Polar Bear
        5:44.37 Harrison Tracy Liberty XMas
        6:18.38 James Miller Liberty Opener

1 Mile
5:13.53 Audrey Link VA Showcase        

10:43.00 New Balance Indoor National   9:14.00 New Balance Indoor National
  2 Mile Championship Standard (3200m time)     2 Mile Championship Standard (3200m time)
11:00.00 New Balance Indoor National   9:24.90 New Balance Indoor National
  2 Mile Emerging Elite Standard (3200m time)     5000m Emerging Elite Standard (3200m time)
11:16.62 Audrey Link Liberty Opener      
11:18.00 New Balance Indoor National   9:26.00 New Balance Indoor National
  5000m Championship Standard (3200m time)     2 Mile Championship Standard (3200m time)
11:25.84 Kaitlynn Wolfe Liberty XMas   9:38.37 Alistair Bushey Liberty Opener
11:34.40 Mia Jones Polar Bear   9:40.10 Landon Dinkel Liberty Opener
11:41.45 Mia Jones State Championship   9:46.65 Alistair Bushey State Championship
11:42.48 Kaitlynn Wolfe Region Championship   9:58.00 Landon Dinkel State Championship
11:42.72 4A State Standard   10:00.45 4A State Standard
11:44.19 Mia Jones VA Showcase   10:03.67 Landon Dinkel VA Showcase
11:46.34 Mia Jones Liberty Premier   10:07.35 Alistair Bushey Region Championship
11:51.29 Audrey Link VA Showcase   10:15.93 Landon Dinkel Region Championship
11:55.05 Mia Jones Commonwealth   10:27.21 Cade Green VA Showcase
11:57.09 Annika Griggs Liberty Opener   10:27.93 Cade Green Commonwealth
11:58.59 Mia Jones Liberty Opener   10:35.75 Cade Green Liberty Premier
12:03.16 Audrey Link State Championship   10:36.49 Johnny Lowry Polar Bear
12:36.69 Mia Jones Region Championship   10:42.38 Eli Sterling Liberty Premier
        10:45.25 Johnny Lowry Liberty Opener
        10:46.22 Jonathan Goerlich VA Showcase
        10:47.00 Eli Sterling Liberty XMas
        10:49.17 James Wallace Commonwealth
12:40.00 4D Region Standard   10:50.00 4D Region Standard
12:42.21 Annika Griggs Region Championship   10:51.84 Zachary Ermann Polar Bear
13:09.54 Annika Griggs State Championship   10:52.01 Oscar Coddington Polar Bear
13:30.16 Dulaney Hudgins VA Showcase   10:52.70 Johnny Lowry Liberty Premier
13:30.99 Julia Wallace Commonwealth   10:53.58 Jonathan Goerlich Liberty Opener
13:40.95 Dulaney Hudgins Liberty Opener   10:53.93 Elliot Howard Polar Bear
13:43.39 Dulaney Hudgins Polar Bear   10:53.97 Johnny Lowry VA Showcase
13:49.77 Julia Wallace Polar Bear   10:54.35 Johnny Lowry Region Championship
13:57.69 Julia Wallace Roanoke #1   10:54.56 Zachary Ermann VA Showcase
14:10.87 Julia Wallace Liberty XMas   10:55.06 Zachary Ermann Liberty Opener
14:17.10 Dulaney Hudgins Roanoke #1   10:55.81 Conner Rutherford Polar Bear
        11:01.11 Conner Rutherford VA Showcase
        11:07.21 James Wallace Region Championship
        11:08.48 Cade Green Region Championship
        11:09.27 Jonathan Goerlich Liberty Premier
        11:10.97 James Wallace VA Showcase
        11:11.37 Jonathan Goerlich Commonwealth
        11:11.40 Zachary Ermann Commonwealth
        11:13.61 Zachary Ermann Liberty Premier
        11:14.75 Conner Rutherford Liberty Opener
        11:15.68 Conner Rutherford Roanoke #1
        11:16.04 Jonathan Goerlich Region Championship
        11:18.40 James Wallace Liberty Premier
        11:24.05 Eli Sterling Region Championship
        11:25.30 Conner Rutherford Commonwealth
        11:29.47 Gavin Paye VA Showcase
        11:32.52 Bela Williams Liberty XMas
        11:39.39 Gavin Paye Polar Bear
        11:39.40 Matthew McPherson Roanoke #2
        11:41.16 Gavin Paye Commonwealth
        11:47.82 Gavin Paye Liberty Opener
        11:54.66 Zach Swartzwelder VA Showcase
        12:00.03 Zach Swartzwelder Liberty Premier
        12:10.16 Zach Swartzwelder Liberty Opener
        12:12.38 Bela Williams Roanoke #2
        12:20.20 Gavin Paye Roanoke #1

High Jump
5-06.50 New Balance Indoor National   6-07 New Balance Indoor National
  2 Mile Championship Standard (3200m time)     2 Mile Championship Standard (3200m time)
5-05 New Balance Indoor National   6-05 New Balance Indoor National
  2 Mile Emerging Elite Standard (3200m time)     2 Mile Emerging Elite Standard (3200m time)
5-04 Ellie St. Martin Region Championship        
5-02 Ellie St. Martin Liberty Opener        
5-02 Ellie St. Martin Liberty XMas        
5-02 Ellie St. Martin State Championship        
5-00 Ellie St. Martin Commonwealth        
4-10 Artemisia Blythe Region Championship        
4-10 4A State Standard   5-11 4A State Standard
4-08 Katja Kehlenbeck Commonwealth   5-10 Marley Spennacchio-Parker Liberty Opener
4-08 Katja Kehlenbeck Roanoke #1        
4-08 Artemisia Blythe VA Showcase        
4-08 Katja Kehlenbeck Polar Bear        
4-08 Lydia Peton Polar Bear        
4-08 Lydia Peton Region Championship        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Liberty XMas        
4-06 Artemisia Blythe Roanoke #1        
4-06 Katja Kehlenbeck Liberty Premier        
4-06 Haley Bortner VA Showcase        
4-06 Katja Kehlenbeck VA Showcase        
4-06 Katja Kehlenbeck Region Championship        
4-06 4D Region Standard   5-08 4D Region Standard
4-04 Haley Bortner Commonwealth   5-06 Joshua Gholston Liberty Opener
4-04 Haley Bortner Liberty Premier   5-06 Joshua Gholston Liberty XMas
4-04 Artemisia Blythe Polar Bear   5-06 Joshua Gholston Liberty Premier
4-04 Haley Bortner Region Championship   5-04 Mason Zoellner Liberty Opener
4-02 Haley Bortner Polar Bear   5-04 Mason Zoellner Liberty XMas
NH Erin Crawford Liberty Opener   5-04 Mason Zoellner Roanoke #1
NH Erin Crawford Liberty XMas   5-04 Mason Zoellner VA Showcase
NH Katja Kehlenbeck Bulldog   5-04 Mason Zoellner Polar Bear
NH Artemisia Blythe State Championship   5-02 Mason Zoellner Bulldog
        5-02 Mason Zoellner Liberty Premier
        NH Josh Gholston Region Championship
        NH Mason Zoellner Region Championship

Long Jump
19-00.00 New Balance Indoor National   22-10.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Long Jump Championship Standard     Long Jump Championship Standard
18-03.00 New Balance Indoor National   22-03.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Long Jump Emerging Elite Standard     Long Jump Emerging Elite Standard
16-07.75 4A State Standard   20-09.25 4A State Standard
15-07.75 Kylan Socha Roanoke #1        
15-02.00 4D Region Standard   20-00.00 4D Region Standard
14-06.25 Rebecca Webster VA Showcase   19-04.00 Abram Scott VA Showcase
14-03.50 Lydia Peton Polar Bear   18-07.00 Cole Dunlap Bulldog
14-02.75 Caroline Jones Liberty XMas   17-11.50 Carter Ackerman Commonwealth
14-01.75 Artemisia Blythe Polar Bear   17-10.50 Abram Scott Liberty Opener
13-10.00 Artemisia Blythe Liberty XMas   17-08.50 Carter Ackerman Bulldog
13-10.00 Artemisia Blythe VA Showcase   17-07.00 Carter Ackerman Polar Bear
13-10.00 Kylan Socha Polar Bear   17-05.75 Abram Scott Liberty Opener
13-06.50 Ana Czar Liberty Premier   17-05.75 Abram Scott Region Championship
13-04.50 Kylan Socha VA Showcase   17-03.25 Cole Dunlap Region Championship
13-03.00 Kylan Socha Region Championship   16-08.75 Carter Ackerman Liberty Premier
12-07.25 Ana Czar VA Showcase   16-07.50 Cole Dunlap Liberty Premier
12-05.75 Ana Czar Polar Bear   16-07.00 Cole Dunlap VA Showcase
12-05.50 Emma Baldwin Liberty XMas   13-11.25 Donovan Johnson Commonwealth
12-04.75 Rebecca Webster Liberty Premier   13-10.50 Donovan Johnson Roanoke #2
12-04.00 Kylan Socha Commonwealth   13-10.00 Donovan Johnson Bulldog
12-00.75 Rebecca Webster Commonwealth   13-06.00 Donovan Johnson Liberty Premier
11-06.50 Rebecca Webster Liberty XMas        
11-06.50 Rebecca Webster Region Championship        
Foul Amaya Williams Commonwealth        

Triple Jump
38-06.00 New Balance Indoor National   46-03.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Triple Jump Championship Standard     Triple Jump Championship Standard
37-03.00 New Balance Indoor National   45-00.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Triple Jump Emerging Elite Standard     Triple Jump Emerging Elite Standard
34-09.75 4A State Standard   42-11.50 4A State Standard
32-06.00 4D Region Standard   39-01.00 4D Region Standard
32-05.75 Caroline Jones VA Showcase   36-03.75 Carter Ackerman Polar Bear
32-05.00 Caroline Jones Region Championship   36-02.50 Donovan Johnson Region Championship
32-03.75 Caroline Jones Liberty Premier   36-01.25 Carter Ackerman Region Championship
32-03.75 Caroline Jones Polar Bear   35-11.50 Carter Ackerman VA Showcase
31-11.25 Caroline Jones Commonwealth   35-03.25 Carter Ackerman Bulldog
31-10.25 Caroline Jones Liberty Opener   34-08.00 Carter Ackerman Roanoke #1
28-06.25 Ana Czar Region Championship   34-06.00 Donovan Johnson Polar Bear
28-01.75 Emma Baldwin Liberty XMas   FOUL Conner Rutherford Roanoke #1
27-10.00 Ana Czar Liberty Premier        
FOUL Ana Czar VA Showcase        

Shot Put
41-06.00 New Balance Indoor National   56-06.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Shot Put Championship Standard     Shot Put Championship Standard
38-09.00 New Balance Indoor National   51-09.00 New Balance Indoor National
  Shot Put Emerging Elite Standard     Shot Put Emerging Elite Standard
36-08.00 Kaylee Sloss Bulldog        
36-07.50 Kaylee Sloss Commonwealth        
36-04.50 Kaylee Sloss Roanoke #2        
34-08.00 Kaylee Sloss VA Showcase        
34-00.25 4A State Standard   45-05.25 4A State Standard
29-01.00 Kaylee Sloss Liberty Opener      
29-01.00 Claire Morton Roanoke #1      
28-00.00 4D Region Standard   38-00.00 4D Region Standard
27-05.25 Emily Martin Region Championship   37-07.25 Arthur Lucia Region Championship
26-11.50 Claire Morton Region Championship   35-04.00 John Jarels Commonwealth
26-07.00 Claire Morton Bulldog   35-00.00 Arthur Lucia Roanoke #1
26-04.50 Claire Morton Commonwealth   34-10.00 Arthur Lucia Bulldog
25-04.00 Claire Morton Liberty Opener   34-05.50 Arthur Lucia Commonwealth
25-02.00 Emily Martin VA Showcase   34-05.50 John Jarels Region Championship
24-08.00 Emily Martin Commonwealth   34-04.00 John Jarels Roanoke #2
23-09.00 Emily Martin Roanoke #2   33-11.50 Arthur Lucia Polar Bear
22-10.25 Emily Martin Bulldog   33-00.75 John Jarels Bulldog
22-10.00 Sidnie Saville VA Showcase   32-10.00 John Jarels Liberty Opener
21-05.00 Kayla Feghali Roanoke #1   32-09.00 John Jarels VA Showcase
21-03.50 Kayla Feghali Polar Bear   32-08.50 John Jarels Polar Bear
20-07.00 Gabrielle Chasse Bulldog   32-00.00 Arthur Lucia VA Showcase
20-02.50 Gabrielle Chasse VA Showcase   29-09.00 Arthur Lucia Liberty Opener
20-02.00 Gabrielle Chasse Roanoke #1   29-00.00 Vincent O'Connor VA Showcase
20-01.00 Sidnie Saville Liberty Opener   28-04.50 Vincent O'Connor Bulldog
19-11.25 Gabrielle Chasse Commonwealth   28-03.50 Vincent O'Connor Polar Bear
19-10.00 Tyler Graves Polar Bear   27-06.50 Vincent O'Connor Roanoke #2
19-07.00 Sidnie Saville Polar Bear   27-02.50 Johnathan Surface Commonwealth
19-06.50 Tyler Graves VA Showcase   26-11.00 Johnathan Surface Polar Bear
19-05.75 Sidnie Saville Roanoke #2   26-06.00 Johnathan Surface Liberty Opener
19-03.00 Gabrielle Chasse Liberty Opener   26-04.25 Seth Boehringer Commonwealth
18-07.00 Gabrielle Chasse Polar Bear   26-03.00 Vincent O'Connor Commonwealth
18-04.75 Sidnie Saville Bulldog   24-09.00 Vincent O'Connor Liberty Opener
15-10.00 Tyler Graves Liberty Opener   24-09.00 Seth Boehringer Polar Bear
15-10.00 Tyler Graves Commonwealth   23-00.00 Seth Boehringer Liberty Opener
15-03.75 Tyler Graves Bulldog        
FOUL Claire Morton VA Showcase        

Pole Vault
12-06 New Balance Indoor National   15-06 New Balance Indoor National
  Pole Vault Championship Standard     Pole Vault Championship Standard
11-08 New Balance Indoor National   14-09 New Balance Indoor National
  Pole Vault Emerging Elite Standard     Pole Vault Emerging Elite Standard
9-06 Maggie Zier State Championship        
9-00 Maggie Zier Polar Bear        
9-00 4A State Standard   11-06 4A State Standard
8-00 Maggie Zier Liberty Opener        
8-00 Maggie Zier Commonwealth        
8-00 Maggie Zier Liberty Premier        
8-00 Maggie Zier VA Showcase        
8-00 4D Region Standard   8-06 4D Region Standard
7-06 Lily Belleville Liberty Opener   8-00 Linden Ambrose Commonwealth
7-06 Lily Belleville Polar Bear   8-00 Dylan McDonald Region Championship
7-04 Lily Belleville Liberty Premier   8-00 Ben Schmitt Region Championship
7-00 Lily Belleville Commonwealth   7-00 Dylan McDonald Polar Bear
7-00 Maggie Zier Roanoke #1        
7-00 Lily Belleville VA Showcase        
6-06 Emily Martin Polar Bear        
6-00 Martha Crawford Commonwealth        
6-00 Emily Martin Roanoke #1        
6-00 Haley Bortner Polar Bear        
NH Emily Martin Commonwealth        
NH Lily Belleville Roanoke #1        
NH Dulaney Hudgins VA Showcase        
NH Emily Martin VA Showcase        
NH Dulaney Hudgins Polar Bear        
NH Lily Belleville Region Championship        
NH Maggie Zier Region Championship        

1:44.00 New Balance Indoor National   1:30.60 New Balance Indoor National
  4x100m and 4x200m Championship Standard     4x100m and 4x200m Championship Standard
1:45.20 New Balance Indoor National   1:31.90 New Balance Indoor National
  4x200m Emerging Elite Standard     4x200m Emerging Elite Standard
        1:34.56 Ben Hager Bulldog
          Ethan Young  
          Cole Dunlap  
          Mike Crowe  
1:49.66 4A State Standard   1:34.60 4A State Standard
1:55.17 Kylan Socha Polar Bear   1:34.61 Ben Hager Polar Bear
  Grace Reynolds       Ethan Young  
  Caroline Jones       Cole Dunlap  
  Anna Szefc       Mike Crowe  
1:56.43 Kylan Socha Bulldog   1:35.35 Ben Hager State Championship
  Grace Reynolds       Ethan Young  
  Caroline Jones       Cole Dunlap  
  Amy Fugate       Caleb Byun  
1:57.46 Caroline Jones Liberty Opener   1:35.96 Ben Hager Commonwealth
  Grace Reynolds       Ethan Young  
  Maggie Zier       Cole Dunlap  
  Becky Helm       Mike Crowe  
1:58.51 Alexa Mayer VA Showcase   1:36.13 Ben Hager Roanoke #1
  Becky Helm       Ethan Young  
  Alaina Marquis       Cole Dunlap  
  Suzie Kim       Mike Crowe  
1:58.99 Alaina Marquis Roanoke #1   1:36.22 Ben Hager Region Championship
  Suzie Kim       Ethan Young  
  Grace Reynolds       Cole Dunlap  
  Amy Fugate       Caleb Byun  
1:59.59 Amaya Williams Commonwealth   1:38.00 Mason Zoellner Liberty Opener
  Maggie Zier       Ethan Young  
  Becky Helm       Ben Hager  
  Alaina Marquis       Cole Dunlap  
1:59.84 Amaya Williams VA Showcase   1:39.21 Ben Hager Liberty XMas
  Rebecca Webster       Ethan Young  
  Feidra Gjata       Cole Dunlap  
  Cherylanne Harris       Abram Scott  
2:00.27 Alaina Marquis Polar Bear   1:41.21 Donovan Johnson Bulldog
  Sophia Krouscas       Caleb Byun  
  Maggie Zier       Risher Hedgepeth  
  Becky Helm       Mason Zoellner  
2:00.95 Becky Helm Liberty XMas   1:43.35 Risher Hedgepeth Polar Bear
  Anna Szefc       Mason Zoellner  
  Caroline Jones       Jaiden Newcomer  
  Ellie St. Martin       Donovan Johnson  
2:01.44 Amaya Williams Polar Bear   1:44.15 Carter Ackerman VA Showcase
  Cherylanne Harris       Risher Hedgepeth  
  Alexa Mayer       Jaiden Newcomer  
  Jolie Rice       Riley Fisher  
2:01.86 Kylan Socha Region Championship   1:44.90 Donovan Johnson Liberty Premier
  Alexa Mayer       Caleb Byun  
  Caroline Jones       Carter Ackerman  
  Suzie Kim       Sean Asbrand  
2:02.61 Feidra Gjata Liberty XMas   1:45.93 Donovan Johnson Commonwealth
  Amy Fugate       Will Shi  
  Erin Crawford       Dylan McDonald  
  Ana Czar       Sean Asbrand  
2:03.17 Suzie Kim Liberty Opener   1:46.16 Donovan Johnson Liberty XMas
  Anna Szefc       Jaiden Newcomer  
  Lily Belleville       James Cook  
  Alaina Marquis       Risher Hedgepeth  
2:05.34 Alaina Marquis Liberty Premier   1:49.19 James Cook Commonwealth
  Grace Reynolds       Risher Hedgepeth  
  Erin Crawford       Ethan St. Martin  
  Amy Fugate       Sam Helton  
2:08.10 Lily Belleville Commonwealth   DNF Ben Hager Liberty Premier
  Martha Crawford       Ethan Young  
  Rebecca Webster       Cole Dunlap  
  Ana Czar       Mason Zoellner  
DQ Suzie Kim Bulldog   DNF Donovan Johnson VA Showcase
  Alexa Mayer       Ethan Young  
  Sophia Krouscas       Cole Dunlap  
  Katerina Leedy       Mason Zoellner  
DQ Alexa Mayer Liberty Premier        
  Katerina Leedy          
  Feidra Gjata          
  Cherylanne Harris          
DNF Kylan Socha VA Showcase        
  Amy Fugate          
  Caroline Jones          
  Maggie Zier          

4:01.00 New Balance Indoor National   3:25.00 New Balance Indoor National
  4x400m Championship Standard     4x400m Championship Standard
4:05.00 New Balance Indoor National   3:28.00 New Balance Indoor National
  4x400m Emerging Elite Standard     4x400m Emerging Elite Standard
        3:33.63 Oscar Coddington VA Showcase
          Vance Ruiz  
          Ethan Young  
          Elliot Howard  
        3:34.37 Oscar Coddington State Championship
          Vance Ruiz  
          Ethan Young  
          Elliot Howard  
4:16.36 4A State Standard   3:34.59 4A State Standard
4:28.57 Grace Reynolds Liberty Premier   3:34.69 Ethan Young Liberty Premier
  Mari Garza       Elliot Howard  
  Erin Crawford       Vance Ruiz  
  Kylan Socha       Oscar Coddington  
4:29.05 Kylan Socha State Championship   3:35.23 Ethan Young Commonwealth
  Amy Fugate       Oscar Coddington  
  Caroline Jones       Ben Schmitt  
  Erin Crawford       Vance Ruiz  
4:33.31 Grace McGehee Liberty Premier   3:39.50 Oscar Coddington Region Championship
  Annika Griggs       Ben Hager  
  Audrey Link       Mike Crowe  
  Katja Kehlenbeck       Elliot Howard  
4:33.90 Amy Fugate Liberty Premier   3:43.72 Spencer McGehee Polar Bear
  Suzie Kim       Will Shi  
  Sophia Krouscas       Eli Sterling  
  Katerina Leedy       Oscar Coddington  
4:34.51 Katerina Leedy Roanoke #1   3:44.26 Mason Zoellner Polar Bear
  Kylan Socha       Mike Crowe  
  Sophia Krouscas       Dylan McDonald  
  Erin Crawford       Ben Hager  
4:34.70 Annika Griggs Liberty XMas   3:45.23 Elliot Howard Liberty XMas
  Mia Jones       Collin Holley  
  Mari Garza       Zach Bibeau  
  Kaitlynn Wolfe       Vance Ruiz  
4:34.75 Grace McGehee Region Championship   3:45.44 Mike Crowe Liberty Premier
  Amy Fugate       Ben Hager  
  Kylan Socha       Dylan McDonald  
  Erin Crawford       Will Shi  
4:35.92 Sophia Krouscas Polar Bear   3:45.56 Zach Bibeau Commonwealth
  Kylan Socha       Dylan McDonald  
  Caroline Jones       Will Shi  
  Erin Crawford       Elliot Howard  
4:36.63 Erin Crawford VA Showcase   3:47.29 Spencer McGehee Liberty XMas
  Annika Griggs       Dylan McDonald  
  Caroline Jones       Ben Schmitt  
  Grace McGehee       Oscar Coddington  
4:38.61 Erin Crawford Liberty Opener   3:50.20 Zach Bibeau Liberty Premier
  Sophia Krouscas       Spencer McGehee  
  Grace Reynolds       Zach Davis  
  Caroline Jones       Ben Schmitt  
4:39.04 Katja Kehlenbeck Polar Bear   3:52.92 Will Shi VA Showcase
  Grace McGehee       Mike Crowe  
  Norah Griggs       Dylan McDonald  
  Riley Verniel       Jaiden Newcomer  
4:43.06 Annika Griggs Commonwealth   3:56.25 Mike Crowe Liberty Opener
  Mia Jones       Dylan McDonald  
  Audrey Link       Mason Zoellner  
  Norah Griggs       Will Shi  
4:44.93 Sophia Krouscas Commonwealth   3:58.10 Zach Davis Polar Bear
  Caroline Jones       Johnny Lowry  
  Jolie Rice       Jordan Pease  
  Kylan Socha       Ben Schmitt  
4:45.62 Adriane Boerth VA Showcase   3:59.68 Nathan Lewis Roanoke #1
  Katja Kehlenbeck       Kai Feng  
  Norah Griggs       Dylan McDonald  
  Shelly Boerth       Azat Hedgepeth  
4:47.80 Erin Crawford Commonwealth   4:01.70 Conner Rutherford Liberty XMas
  Dulaney Hudgins       James Wallace  
  Katja Kehlenbeck       Zach Davis  
  Adriane Boerth       Will Shi  
4:48.24 Haley Bortner Liberty Opener   4:02.46 Jonas Roach VA Showcase
  Shelly Boerth       Azat Hedgepeth  
  Riley Verniel       Nate Lehman  
  ?       Collin Holley  
4:54.73 Adriane Boerth Liberty XMas   4:05.48 Nate Lehman Liberty XMas
  Kennedy Thomason       Gavin Paye  
  Riley Verniel       Nathan Lewis  
  Shelly Boerth       Jonathan Goerlich  
4:57.83 Dulaney Hudgins Liberty XMas   4:10.90 Risher Hedgepeth Roanoke #2
  Katja Kehlenbeck       Nate Lehman  
  Emi Miyazaki       Collin Holley  
  Norah Griggs       Zander Weber  
5:14.00 Riley Verniel Roanoke #2   4:15.60 Azat Hedgepeth Commonwealth
  Kennedy Thomason       Zander Weber  
  Emily Martin       Cade Green  
  Alexa Mayer       Zach Davis  
        4:22.82 Zach Swartzwelder Liberty XMas
          Carson Gilmore  
          Zander Weber  
          Azat Hedgepeth  

9:32.00 New Balance Indoor National   8:02.00 New Balance Indoor National
  4x800m Championship Standard     4x800m Championship Standard
9:41.00 New Balance Indoor National   8:08.00 New Balance Indoor National
  4x800m Emerging Elite Standard     4x800m Emerging Elite Standard
10:14.77 Sophia Krouscas Polar Bear   8:08.31 Oscar Coddington State Championship
  Audrey Link       Vance Ruiz  
  Annika Griggs       Landon Dinkel  
  Kaitlynn Wolfe       Alistair Bushey  
        8:15.29 Oscar Coddington VA Showcase
          Vance Ruiz  
          Ben Schmitt  
          Zach Bibeau  
        8:25.02 Oscar Coddington Liberty Premier
          Ben Schmitt  
          Zach Bibeau  
          Vance Ruiz  
        8:25.04 Oscar Coddington Holiday Classic
          Ben Schmitt  
          Zach Bibeau  
          Vance Ruiz  
10:19.15 4A State Standard   8:31.84 4A State Standard
10:53.27 Sophia Krouscas Region Championship   8:35.49 Spencer McGehee Region Championship
  Mari Garza       Elliot Howard  
  Shelly Boerth       Alistair Bushey  
  Audrey Link       Vance Ruiz  
11:24.56 Shelly Boerth Roanoke #1   8:44.76 Elliot Howard Holiday Classic
  Grace McGehee       Landon Dinkel  
  Adriane Boerth       Spencer McGehee  
  Norah Griggs       Zach Davis  
        8:49.02 Eli Sterling VA Showcase
          Elliot Howard  
          Zach Davis  
          Nathan Lewis  
        8:52.62 Eli Sterling Liberty Premier
          Elliot Howard  
          Spencer McGehee  
          Zach Davis  
        9:32.98 Nathan Lewis Roanoke #1
          Azat Hedgepeth  
          Kai Feng  
          Jonas Roach  

Shuttle Hurdle Relay
39.27 Alaina Marquis VA Showcase        
  Jolie Rice          
  Katerina Leedy          
  Suzie Kim          


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