Girls Results   Boys Results
*Green highlighting = Region Qualifier by place at Conference
*Yellow highlighting = State Qualifier by place at Region
  55m       55m  
        6.70 Noah Ramsey Liberty XMas
        6.71q Noah Ramsey Liberty XMas
7.60 3A State Standard   6.72 3A State Standard
        6.74q Noah Ramsey Elite
        6.74 Noah Ramsey Elite
        6.74 Noah Ramsey Conference
        6.77 Noah Ramsey Bulldog Invite
7.69 West Regional Standard   6.79 West Regional Standard
7.83 Melorie Jenkins Conference   6.84 Noah Ramsey Hokie Holiday
7.87 Melorie Jenkins Mid Area   6.94 Ransom Castleberry Conference
7.90 Akaela Feng Conference   6.95 David Kim Conference
7.96 Melorie Jenkins Liberty Flames   6.98 David Kim Bulldog Invite
8.00 Akaela Feng Liberty Flames   7.01 Ransom Castleberry Bulldog Invite
8.06 Akaela Feng Bulldog Invite        
8.08 Melorie Jenkins Hokie Holiday        
8.10 Justice Openshaw Liberty XMas        
8.10 Akaela Feng Mid Area        
8.11 Justice Openshaw Liberty Flames        
8.12 Justice Openshaw Bulldog Invite        
8.19 Hannah Elias Liberty Flames        
8.20 Sophia Thompson Liberty XMas        
8.20 Conference 32 Standard   7.04 Conference 32 Standard
8.31 Kyia Williams Bulldog Invite   7.06 Ransom Castleberry Liberty Flames
8.40 Kyia Williams Hokie Holiday   7.09 Ransom Castleberry Liberty XMas
8.43 Hannah Elias Holiday Invite   7.10 David Kim Liberty XMas
8.55 Ashlen Burch Liberty Flames   7.31 Addison Flack Liberty XMas
8.56 Leah Beyer Liberty Flames   7.31 Brandon Walters Liberty Flames
8.60 Katie Kass Liberty Flames   7.32 Jake Verniel Liberty Flames
8.63 Aubrey Albimino Liberty XMas   7.39 Solomon Ghosh Liberty Flames
8.64 Anna Beyer Liberty Flames   7.42 Brandon Walters Liberty XMas
8.83 Vera Rust Liberty XMas   7.44 Solomon Ghosh Liberty XMas
8.95 Abby Hinckley Holiday Invite   7.45 Jake Verniel Liberty XMas
8.95 Abby Hinckley Liberty Flames   7.47 Brandon Walters Holiday Invite
9.14 Emma Knight Liberty Flames   7.55 Jordan Burch Liberty Flames
9.19 Olympia Ghosh Liberty Flames   7.56 Nick Czar Liberty Flames
9.29 Stephanie Mendoza Liberty XMas   7.58 Jayme Bibbins Liberty XMas
9.47 Olympia Ghosh Liberty XMas   7.58 Nish Bhojwani Liberty Flames
9.51 Kate Osborne Liberty Flames   7.60 Nish Bhojwani Liberty XMas
9.52 Leigh Kadlec Liberty Flames   7.64 Ethan Crickenberger Liberty XMas
9.80 Whitney Welbaum Liberty Flames   7.67 Jayme Bibbins Liberty Flames
9.83 Emily Duralia Liberty XMas   7.70 Joe Cuba Liberty XMas
10.18 Whitney Welbaum Liberty XMas   7.72 Ethan Crickenberger Liberty Flames
        7.80 Michael Milauskas Liberty Flames
        7.82 Jordan Burch Holiday Invite
        8.03 Nick Harrison Liberty Flames
        8.04 Diego Guerron Liberty Flames
        8.05 Asa Castleberry Liberty XMas
        8.18 Tom Vanderwalle Liberty XMas
        8.21 Diego Guerron Liberty XMas
        8.24 Ryan Anderson Liberty XMas
        8.32 Ryan Anderson Liberty Flames
        8.36 Mark Willemin Liberty Flames
        9.81 Tom Yi Liberty XMas
  55m Hurdles       55m Hurdles  
8.92 Stephanie Gardner Bulldog Invite        
9.05q Stephanie Gardner Liberty XMas        
9.05 Stephanie Gardner Elite        
9.07 Stephanie Gardner Conference        
9.08q Stephanie Gardner Elite        
9.13 Stephanie Gardner Hokie Holiday        
9.13 Stephanie Gardner VT Invite         
9.14 Stephanie Gardner Liberty Flames        
9.19 Stephanie Gardner Liberty XMas        
9.27q Stephanie Gardner Liberty Flames        
9.46 3A State Standard   8.19 3A State Standard
9.78 West Regional Standard   8.28 West Regional Standard
9.83 Claire Morris Liberty Flames   8.32 Sterling Sims Conference
9.83 Claire Morris Mid Area   8.39 Sterling Sims VT Invite
9.88 Claire Morris Bulldog Invite   8.51 Sterling Sims Liberty Flames
9.89 Claire Morris Liberty XMas   8.54 Sterling Sims Bulldog Invite
10.02q Claire Morris Elite   8.62 Sterling Sims Elite
10.03 Claire Morris Hokie Holiday   8.62 Ryan Stanaland Conference
10.27 Aubrey Albimino Conference   8.66 Ryan Stanaland Hokie Holiday
10.32 Claire Morris Conference   8.67 Ryan Stanaland Bulldog Invite
10.38 Claire Morris Elite   8.69q Sterling Sims Elite
10.38 Aubrey Albimino Bulldog Invite   8.71 Sterling Sims Hokie Holiday
        8.73 Sterling Sims Liberty XMas
        8.77q Sterling Sims Liberty XMas
        8.85 Ryan Stanaland Liberty Flames
        8.87 Ryan Stanaland Elite
        9.01 Ryan Stanaland Liberty XMas
        9.01q Ryan Stanaland Elite
        9.26 Jack Packard Conference
        9.28 Jack Packard Mid Area
10.43 Conference 32 Standard   9.36 Conference 32 Standard
10.54 Aubrey Albimino Liberty Flames   9.49 John Caudill Mid Area
10.55 Aubrey Albimino Holiday Invite   9.72 Jack Packard Hokie Holiday
10.60 Aubrey Albimino Mid Area   9.72 John Caudill Bulldog Invite
12.09 Stephanie Mendoza Liberty Flames   9.74 John Caudill Elite
12.38 Sophie Jacobsen Liberty Flames   9.85 Jack Packard Liberty XMas
        9.86 John Caudill Hokie Holiday
        9.88 John Caudill Liberty Flames
        9.97 Jack Packard Elite
        10.25 John Caudill Liberty XMas
        12.13 Carson Heisel Liberty Flames
        DQ Ryan Stanaland VT Invite
  300m       300m  
43.32 Stephanie Gardner Liberty XMas   37.21 Harris Salom Conference
43.46 3A State Standard   37.31 3A State Standard
43.77 Stephanie Gardner Elite   37.34 Jack Packard Conference
        37.61 Kyle Poole Conference
44.12 West Regional Standard   37.63 West Regional Standard
44.17 Stephanie Gardner Conference   37.97 David Kim Conference
45.16 Sophia Thompson Hokie Holiday   38.30 Jack Packard Hokie Holiday
45.35 Catherine Sheen Liberty Flames   38.35 Harris Salom Liberty XMas
45.36 Catherine Sheen Conference   38.37 Kyle Poole Elite
45.43 Sophia Thompson Conference   38.45 Harris Salom Elite
45.69 Claire Morris Liberty Flames   38.68 Kyle Poole Liberty XMas
45.90 Kendall Kelley Mid Area   38.69 John Caudill Hokie Holiday
46.03 Kendall Kelley Conference   38.93 David Kim Elite
46.21 Conference 32 Standard   39.03 Conference 32 Standard
46.39 Beatrice Scott Liberty Flames   39.09 Ransom Castleberry Liberty Flames
46.70 Claire Morris Bulldog Invite   39.22 Elijah Hodges Liberty Flames
46.82 Sophia Thompson Liberty XMas   39.36 John Caudill Conference
46.83 Kaitlyn Elliott Liberty Flames   39.37 Ryan Stanaland Bulldog Invite
46.91 Aislinn Leedy Hokie Holiday   39.58 Ryan Stanaland Hokie Holiday
47.04 Kendall Kelley Liberty Flames   39.86 Hulon Jenkins Liberty Flames
47.06 Aislinn Leedy Bulldog Invite   39.91 Ryan Stanaland Liberty Flames
47.59 Aislinn Leedy Liberty Flames   40.11 Ryan Stanaland Mid Area
47.66 Aislinn Leedy Mid Area   40.38 Addison Flack Bulldog Invite
47.68 Aislinn Leedy Holiday Invite   40.64 John Caudill Liberty XMas
47.98 Justice Openshaw Liberty Flames   40.71 Ryan Stanaland Liberty XMas
47.98 Akaela Feng Liberty Flames   40.82 Hulon Jenkins Holiday Invite
48.11 Kendall Kelley Bulldog Invite   40.86 Sterling Sims Hokie Holiday
48.53 Hannah Elias Liberty Flames   40.97 Bailey Prosser Liberty XMas
48.66 Claire Morris Liberty XMas   40.99 Brandon Walters Liberty Flames
48.68 Kendall Kelley Liberty XMas   41.09 Brandon Walters Holiday Invite
48.72 Ashlen Burch Liberty Flames   41.10 Sterling Sims Liberty XMas
49.27 Aislinn Leedy Liberty XMas   41.20 John Milauskas Liberty Flames
49.30 Stephanie Mendoza Holiday Invite   41.51 Jordan Burch Liberty XMas
49.52 Melorie Jenkins Liberty Flames   41.65 Jordan Burch Liberty Flames
49.60 Anna Beyer Liberty Flames   42.68 Michael Milauskas Liberty Flames
50.03 Kyia Williams Hokie Holiday   42.77 Nick Czar Liberty Flames
50.17 Leah Beyer Liberty Flames   42.99 Nick Czar Liberty XMas
50.40 Aubrey Albimino Liberty XMas   43.89 Nish Bhojwani Liberty Flames
50.46 Anna Beyer Liberty XMas   43.95 Joe Cuba Holiday Invite
50.61 Anna Beyer Holiday Invite   44.40 Nish Bhojwani Liberty XMas
50.71 Abby Hinckley Liberty Flames   44.40 Kweku Achenie Holiday Invite
50.85 Tess Belleville Liberty Flames   44.64 Jayme Bibbins Liberty Flames
51.40 Katie Kass Holiday Invite   45.68 Diego Guerron Liberty Flames
51.66 Leah Beyer Holiday Invite   45.98 Nick Harrison Liberty Flames
51.79 Leah Beyer Liberty XMas   46.87 Nick Harrison Liberty XMas
51.85 Katie Kass Liberty Flames   48.18 Carson Heisel Liberty Flames
52.41 Mary Kate Lattimer Liberty Flames   49.19 Carson Heisel Liberty XMas
52.47 Agustina Cordova Liberty XMas        
52.70 Julie Walsh Liberty XMas        
52.83 Julia Beatty Liberty XMas        
53.54 Leigh Kadlec Liberty Flames        
54.08 Leigh Kadlec Holiday Invite        
55.73 Brenna Woodrum Liberty XMas        
56.40 Kate Osborne Liberty Flames        
56.86 Sophie Jacobsen Liberty XMas        
  500m       500m  
1:16.36 Mikayla Richardson Conference        
1:18.24 Mikayla Richardson VT Invite        
1:19.42 Mikayla Richardson Hokie Holiday        
1:19.68 Mikayla Richardson Liberty Flames        
1:19.85 Adiah Gholston Liberty Flames        
1:19.99 Adiah Gholston Conference        
1:20.10 Adiah Gholston Elite        
1:21.64 Stephanie Gardner Conference        
1:21.91 Stephanie Gardner Liberty Flames        
1:22.45 Stephanie Gardner Elite        
1:22.91 Catherine Sheen Conference        
1:23.21 Kaitlyn Elliott Conference        
1:23.56 3A State - West Regional Standards   1:09.59 3A State Standard
1:24.05 Sophia Thompson Conference   1:10.14 Elijah Hodges Conference
1:24.34 Catherine Sheen Polar Bear   1:10.38 Harris Salom Liberty Flames
1:24.47 Sophia Thompson Liberty Flames        
1:24.71 Bethany Hsiao Conference        
1:24.79 Catherine Sheen Hokie Holiday        
1:24.84 Kaitlyn Elliott Polar Bear        
1:25.21 Beatrice Scott Liberty Flames        
1:25.24 Beatrice Scott Polar Bear        
1:25.54 Catherine Sheen Bulldog Invite        
1:25.94 Bethany Hsiao Polar Bear        
1:26.00 Catherine Sheen Liberty Flames        
1:26.03 Sophia Thompson Elite        
1:26.65 Beatrice Scott Elite   1:10.47 West Regional Standard
1:26.79 Beatrice Scott Hokie Holiday        
1:27.19 Claire Morris Liberty Flames   1:10.59 Elijah Hodges Liberty Flames
1:27.25 Kaitlyn Elliott Bulldog Invite   1:10.72 Harris Salom Hokie Holiday
1:27.55 Kaitlyn Elliott Elite   1:10.73 Kyle Poole Liberty Flames
        1:10.84 Sterling Sims Conference
        1:12.13 John Milauskas Conference
        1:12.47 David Kim Liberty Flames
        1:12.87 Sterling Sims Mid Area
        1:12.95 John Milauskas Elite
1:27.59 Conference 32 Standard   1:13.15 Conference 32 Standard
1:27.88 Bethany Hsiao Liberty Flames   1:13.85 Sterling Sims Liberty Flames
1:27.97 Catherine Sheen Elite   1:14.33 John Milauskas Bulldog Invite
1:28.34 Kendall Kelley Liberty Flames   1:14.36 Jack Packard Liberty Flames
1:28.95 Aislinn Leedy Liberty Flames   1:14.45 John Caudill Liberty Flames
1:29.57 Emily Fitch Liberty Flames   1:14.65 Liam Lawrence Hokie Holiday
1:31.92 Emily Fitch Bulldog Invite   1:15.24 Jack Packard Bulldog Invite
1:33.28 Julia Lattimer Liberty Flames   1:15.52 John Milauskas Liberty Flames
1:36.22 Tess Belleville Liberty Flames   1:18.98 Brandon DeLorenzo Liberty Flames
1:39.44 Mary Kate Lattimer Polar Bear        
1:41.30 Tess Belleville Liberty XMas        
1:41.34 Mary Kate Lattimer Liberty Flames        
1:44.74 Katie Kass Holiday Invite        
1:45.74 Mary Kate Lattimer Liberty XMas        
1:49.31 Heeju Lim Liberty XMas        
2:26.05 Marissa Adams Liberty Flames        
  1000m       1000m  
3:02.44 Mikayla Richardson Bulldog Invite   2:36.66 Sam Teller Conference
3:07.23 Adiah Gholston Hokie Holiday   2:36.79 Sam Teller Liberty Flames
3:08.70 Samantha Marin Bulldog Invite   2:37.86 Ben Fleming Liberty Flames
3:09.06 Mikayla Richardson Liberty Flames   2:39.91 Ethan Edwards VT Invite
3:09.26 Adiah Gholston Liberty XMas        
3:09.67 3A State - West Regional Standards   2:40.11 3A State - West Regional Standards
3:11.00 Adiah Gholston Liberty Flames   2:40.24 Sam Teller Elite
3:12.09 Adiah Gholston VT Invite   2:40.81 Sam Teller Bulldog Invite
3:13.12 Samantha Marin Liberty Flames   2:42.36 Elijah Hodges Hokie Holiday
3:17.09 Beatrice Scott Conference   2:42.79 Ethan Edwards Hokie Holiday
        2:44.75 Sidd Nathella Liberty Flames
        2:44.81 Ethan Edwards Bulldog Invite
3:18.49 Conference 32 Standard   2:45.58 Conference 32 Standard
3:20.66 Beatrice Scott Liberty XMas   2:46.48 Elijah Hodges VT Invite
3:23.12 Beatrice Scott Bulldog Invite   2:48.01 Reid Holbert Conference
3:24.75 Eliza Stowe Liberty Flames   2:50.02 Reid Holbert Bulldog Invite
3:25.20 Mikayla Richardson Conference   2:50.21 Reid Holbert Liberty Flames
3:25.80 Bethany Hsiao Liberty Flames   2:55.97 Elijah Hodges Conference
3:26.39 Kaitlyn Elliott Liberty Flames   3:03.84 Charlie Skutt Polar Bear
3:26.42 Kaitlyn Elliott Hokie Holiday   3:06.19 Charlie Skutt Liberty Flames
3:30.31 Kamryn Phlegar Liberty Flames   3:08.08 Charlie Skutt Holiday Invite
3:30.39 Kaitlyn Elliott Liberty XMas   3:10.04 John Milauskas Liberty XMas
3:30.40 Emily Fitch Hokie Holiday   3:11.34 Chase Gohlke Liberty Flames
3:31.73 Catherine Sheen Liberty XMas   3:15.42 Charlie Skutt Liberty XMas
3:32.22 Bethany Hsiao Holiday Invite   3:19.39 David Christle Liberty Flames
3:37.55 Adiah Gholston Conference   3:48.25 Robert Lee Holiday Invite
3:39.24 Lily Zhu Holiday Invite   3:48.45 Robert Lee Liberty Flames
3:39.54 Natalie Barnette Polar Bear        
3:45.06 Eden-Elizabeth Phillips Holiday Invite        
3:45.38 Natalie Barnette Holiday Invite        
3:47.53 Ellie Stilwell Holiday Invite        
3:51.21 Natalie Barnette Liberty Flames        
3:51.41 Ellie Stilwell Liberty XMas        
4:31.81 Madeline Deck Liberty XMas        
4:13.74 Ellie Stilwell Polar Bear        
4:55.05 Sierra Dickerson Liberty XMas        
  1600m       1600m  
5:13.31 Samantha Marin Hokie Holiday   4:25.51 Sam Teller Liberty Flames
5:17.48 Ailene Edwards Hokie Holiday   4:26.21 Sam Teller VT Invite
5:17.77 Ailene Edwards VT Invite   4:27.83 Sam Teller Elite
5:17.96 Ailene Edwards Conference   4:28.99 Ben Fleming Liberty Flames
5:18.21 Ailene Edwards Liberty Flames   4:30.37 Ben Fleming Conference
5:19.45 Samantha Marin Liberty Flames   4:30.97 Ben Fleming VT Invite
5:19.83 Sophia Link Liberty Flames        
5:21.04 Sophia Link Bulldog Invite        
5:21.45 Mikayla Richardson Liberty Flames        
5:23.35 Sophia Link Conference        
5:23.69 Simonne Guenette Conference        
5:24.20 Annie Kay Combs Liberty Flames        
5:25.97 Sophia Link VT Invite        
5:27.25 Simonne Guenette Liberty Flames        
5:27.36 3A State - West Region Standards   4:31.91 3A State Standard
5:29.35 Simonne Guenette Bulldog Invite   4:32.96 West Regional Standard
5:32.92 Annie Kay Combs VT Invite        
        4:34.31 Ben Fleming Elite
        4:38.34 Ethan Edwards Liberty Flames
        4:39.82 Ben Fleming Bulldog Invite
        4:40.43 Ethan Edwards Elite
5:35.54 Conference 32 Standard   4:42.28 Conference 32 Standard
5:38.08 Eliza Stowe Hokie Holiday   4:44.64 Sidd Nathella Elite
5:44.49 Eliza Stowe Liberty Flames   4:45.38 Sidd Nathella Hokie Holiday
5:45.14 Eliza Stowe Polar Bear   4:47.21 Sidd Nathella Liberty Flames
5:45.47 Eliza Stowe Elite   4:48.93 Reid Holbert Liberty Flames
5:49.45 Emily Fitch Elite   4:48.96 Elijah Hodges Elite
5:50.35 Adiah Gholston Bulldog Invite   4:50.24 Sidd Nathella Polar Bear
5:50.87 Julia Lattimer Elite   4:50.40 Barrett Lattimer Liberty Flames
5:53.00 Emily Fitch Liberty Flames   4:52.04 Ian Davis Hokie Holiday
5:56.94 Kamryn Phlegar Polar Bear   4:52.85 Henry Coddington Hokie Holiday
5:58.33 Kamryn Phlegar Holiday Invite   4:54.04 Liam Lawrence Liberty XMas
5:58.47 Lily Zhu Holiday Invite   4:54.86 Barrett Lattimer Elite
6:00.22 Julia Lattimer Liberty Flames   4:58.49 Ian Davis Elite
6:01.45 Kamryn Phlegar Liberty Flames   4:59.96 Elijah Hodges Bulldog Invite
6:01.63 Lily Zhu Liberty Flames   5:08.49 Brandon DeLorenzo Conference
6:08.79 Bethany Hsiao Holiday Invite   5:08.64 Henry Coddington Conference
6:12.61 Eden-Elizabeth Phillips Holiday Invite   5:15.64 Brandon DeLorenzo Polar Bear
6:23.72 Eden-Elizabeth Phillips Liberty Flames   5:16.68 Brandon DeLorenzo Liberty Flames
6:32.23 Emma Stowe Liberty Flames   5:18.09 Jakob Nipper Holiday Invite
7:25.76 Madeline Deck Liberty XMas   5:19.61 Jakob Nipper Liberty Flames
7:28.24 Madeline Deck Polar Bear   5:20.16 Brandon DeLorenzo Liberty XMas
8:06.38 Sierra Dickerson Liberty XMas   5:20.94 Ty Stephenson Polar Bear
        5:23.11 Ty Stephenson Holiday Invite
        5:24.34 Jakob Nipper Polar Bear
        5:25.07 Jakob Nipper Liberty XMas
        5:27.48 Brandon DeLorenzo Holiday Invite
        5:28.14 Chase Gohlke Polar Bear
        5:29.34 Gabriel Milauskas Polar Bear
        5:29.83 Sean Bianchi Liberty Flames
        5:30.84 David Christle Polar Bear
        5:31.21 Chase Gohlke Liberty Flames
        5:31.94 Henry Coddington Polar Bear
        5:37.09 Sean Bianchi Holiday Invite
        5:46.63 David Christle Liberty Flames
        5:56.04 Sean Bianchi Polar Bear
        6:02.44 Mody Kutkut Liberty Flames
        6:04.49 Joseph Molloy Liberty Flames
        6:05.51 Joseph Molloy Holiday Invite
        6:14.74 Joseph Molloy Polar Bear
  3200m       3200m  
11:10.68 Samantha Marin Elite   9:23.02 Sam Teller VT Invite
11:13.78 Sophia Link Elite   9:39.29 Sam Teller Liberty XMas
11:16.86 Samantha Marin VT Invite   9:41.40 Ben Fleming VT Invite
11:21.77 Ailene Edwards VT Invite   9:45.84 Ben Fleming Liberty XMas
11:30.95 Annie Kay Combs Elite   9:46.94 Ben Fleming Hokie Holiday
11:31.54 Ailene Edwards Bulldog Invite   9:48.13 Sam Teller Conference
11:34.71 Sophia Link VT Invite   9:51.21 Ben Fleming Conference
11:36.36 Ailene Edwards Liberty Flames        
11:37.17 Annie Kay Combs Hokie Holiday        
11:37.40 Simonne Guenette VT Invite        
11:37.89 Simonne Guenette Liberty Flames        
11:39.76 Annie Kay Combs Bulldog Invite        
11:40.85 Sophia Link Hokie Holiday        
11:41.40 Annie Kay Combs Liberty Flames        
11:43.15 Simonne Guenette Hokie Holiday        
11:43.60 Annie Kay Combs VT Invite        
11:43.81 Ailene Edwards Elite        
11:45.82 Ailene Edwards Conference        
11:46.52 Annie Kay Combs Conference        
11:48.72 Simonne Guenette Conference        
11:52.82 Simonne Guenette Elite        
11:53.44 Sophia Link Liberty Flames        
11:53.75 3A State Standard   9:54.92 3A State Standard
        9:56.42 Ethan Edwards Liberty Flames
        9:59.78 Ethan Edwards Liberty XMas
        10:00.52 Ethan Edwards Conference
        10:02.00 Ben Fleming Elite
11:56.52 West Regional Standard   10:02.24 West Regional Standard
11:57.72 Mikayla Richardson Elite   10:03.78 Elijah Hodges Liberty XMas
12:09.90 Olivia Hodge Elite   10:03.84 Siddharth Nathella Liberty XMas
12:14.20 Sophia Link Conference   10:14.46 Barrett Lattimer Conference
12:17.57 Eliza Stowe Liberty XMas   10:14.48 Siddharth Nathella Conference
        10:14.54 Barrett Lattimer Polar Bear
12:17.83 Conference 32 Standard   10:16.10 Conference 32 Standard
12:27.47 Amanda Huang Liberty XMas   10:25.45 Barrett Lattimer Liberty XMas
12:28.58 Eliza Stowe Conference   10:34.69 Reid Holbert Elite
12:28.84 Emily Fitch Polar Bear   10:35.51 Ian Davis Liberty XMas
12:29.65 Emily Fitch Liberty XMas   10:36.27 Barrett Lattimer Liberty Flames
12:31.79 Eliza Stowe Bulldog Invite   10:38.32 Henry Coddington Liberty XMas
12:47.04 Julia Lattimer Polar Bear   10:45.71 Reid Holbert Liberty XMas
12:49.57 Eliza Stowe Elite   10:45.80 Barrett Lattimer Bulldog Invite
12:53.52 Julia Lattimer Liberty XMas   10:50.87 Ian Davis Bulldog Invite
12:58.05 Kamryn Phlegar Liberty XMas   11:03.67 Barrett Lattimer Hokie Holiday
13:37.30 Emma Stowe Liberty XMas   11:20.24 Brandon DeLorenzo Polar Bear
        11:33.61 Daniel Milauskas Liberty Flames
        11:37.30 Ty Stephenson Liberty XMas
        11:37.98 Charlie Skutt Liberty XMas
        11:39.92 Brandon DeLorenzo Liberty Flames
        11:44.28 Chase Gohlke Liberty XMas
        12:00.48 Gabriel Milauskas Liberty XMas
        ~12:01 Brandon DeLorenzo Holiday Invite
        12:16.29 Sean Bianchi Liberty Flames
        12:17.12 David Christle Liberty XMas
        12:18.44 Sean Bianchi Polar Bear
        12:19.25 Michael Milauskas Liberty XMas
        ~12:56 Joseph Molloy Liberty XMas
  High Jump       High Jump  
4-10 3A State Standard   5-10 3A State Standard
4-09 West Regional Standard   5-09 West Regional Standard
        5-08 Hulon Jenkins Conference
        5-06 Hulon Jenkins Bulldog Invite
        5-06 Hulon Jenkins Mid Area
        5-04 Hulon Jenkins Liberty XMas
        5-04 Hulon Jenkins Liberty Flames
4-04.25 Conference 32 Standard   5-02.75 Conference 32 Standard
4-02 Julie Walsh Liberty XMas   5-00 Ben Fleming Liberty Flames
NH Adiah Gholston Bulldog Invite   NH Jake Verniel Liberty XMas
NH Adiah Gholston Liberty Flames   NH Ben Fleming Bulldog Invite
  Long Jump       Long Jump  
16-08.00 Stephanie Gardner Bulldog Invite   21-00.50 Ransom Castleberry Liberty Flames
16-03.75 3A State Standard   20-07.50 3A State Standard
15-11.75 Stephanie Gardner Conference   20-04.50 Ransom Castleberry Conference
15-11.50 Stephanie Gardner Liberty XMas   20-02.50 Ransom Castleberry Elite
15-09.50 West Regional Standard   20-02.50 West Regional Standard
15-02.75 Stephanie Gardner Hokie Holiday   20-00.50 Noah Ramsey Conference
14-09.00 Vera Rust Conference   19-10.75 Noah Ramsey Hokie Holiday
        19-06.00 Noah Ramsey Bulldog Invite
        18-07.00 Jake Verniel Hokie Holiday
        18-06.25 Noah Ramsey Elite
        18-05.50 Noah Ramsey Liberty XMas
        18-04.25 Addison Flack Conference
        18-01.00 Addison Flack Liberty Flames
        18-00.75 Jake Verniel Conference
        18-00.25 Jake Verniel Bulldog Invite
        17-10.75 Jake Verniel Elite
14-00.75 Conference 32 Standard   17-10 Conference 32 Standard
14-00.50 Vera Rust Mid Area   17-02.00 Jake Verniel Liberty Flames
13-08.25 Vera Rust Hokie Holiday   17-01.50 Jake Verniel Liberty XMas
13-05.25 Vera Rust Bulldog Invite   16-09.75 Hulon Jenkins Mid Area
13-01.00 Vera Rust Liberty XMas   16-08.00 Hulon Jenkins Bulldog Invite
12-11.50 Kendall Kelley Liberty XMas   16-06.25 Hulon Jenkins Liberty XMas
12-10.25 Erica Boerth Elite   16-04.00 Hulon Jenkins Holiday Invite
12-09.00 Vera Rust Liberty Flames   16-03.75 Nick Czar Liberty XMas
12-07.50 Kendall Kelley Bulldog Invite   15-11.50 Addison Flack Liberty XMas
12-01.25 Akaela Feng Liberty Flames   15-05.50   Holiday Invite
11-01.00 Julie Walsh Liberty XMas   14-07.25 Asa Castleberry Liberty XMas
        14-04.50 Hulon Jenkins Liberty Flames
        14-01.00 Asa Castleberry Liberty Flames
  Triple Jump       Triple Jump  
        43-05.25 Ransom Castleberry Liberty XMas
        43-05.25 Ransom Castleberry Conference
        42-08.75 Ransom Castleberry Hokie Holiday
33-09 3A State Standard   42-00 3A State Standard
      41-09.50 Ransom Castleberry Bulldog Invite
33-04.25 West Regional Standard   41-00.25 West Regional Standard
32-01.50 Vera Rust Conference   38-01.75 Addison Flack Liberty Flames
32-00.75 Vera Rust Mid Area   37-06.75 Jake Verniel Hokie Holiday
31-03.50 Vera Rust Liberty Flames   37-06.50 Jake Verniel Conference
31-01.00 Kendall Kelley Elite   37-06.25 Addison Flack Conference
30-08.25 Kendall Kelley Hokie Holiday   37-05.00 Addison Flack Bulldog Invite
30-07.00 Kendall Kelley Conference   37-03.75 Jake Verniel Bulldog Invite
30-02.75 Kendall Kelley Bulldog Invite   36-10.25 Jake Verniel Liberty Flames
29-09.25 Kendall Kelley Liberty Flames        
29-05 Conference 32 Standard   36-05.50 Conference 32 Standard
29-04.00 Erica Boerth Elite   36-02.25 Addison Flack Holiday Invite
29-03.75 Kendall Kelley Liberty XMas   36-02.00 Jake Verniel Elite
        35-09.00 Addison Flack Elite
        34-00.50 Addison Flack Liberty XMas
        31-02.25 Asa Castleberry Holiday Invite
        31-01.25 Asa Castleberry Liberty Flames
        30-09.00 Asa Castleberry Liberty XMas
  Shot Put       Shot Put  
32-09.75 3A State Standard   43-06.50 3A State Standard
32-01 West Regional Standard   43-05.75 West Regional Standard
        36-10.00 Tanner Linkous Conference
        36-00.25 Solomon Ghosh Conference
        35-11.00 Solomon Ghosh Polar Bear
25-02.50 Conference 32 Standard   35-10.50 Conference 32 Standard
24-04.00 Bri Coluni Polar Bear   35-02.00 Solomon Ghosh Liberty Flames
23-09.25 Bri Coluni Liberty Flames   34-07.00 Solomon Ghosh Mid Area
23-04.00 Emily Duralia Holiday Invite   34-04.50 Tom Yi Conference
21-08.25 Emily Duralia Bulldog Invite   34-04.00 Tom Yi Polar Bear
20-11.50 Emily Duralia Liberty Flames   34-02.00 Tanner Linkous Polar Bear
20-08.00 Olympia Ghosh Holiday Invite   34-01.00 Diego Guerron Polar Bear
20-08.00 Emily Duralia Conference   33-02.50 Diego Guerron Mid Area
20-06.00 Olympia Ghosh Polar Bear   33-02.00 Ryan Anderson Mid Area
20-05.25 Olympia Ghosh Bulldog Invite   33-00.00 Tanner Linkous Liberty Flames
20-04.00 Emily Duralia Polar Bear   32-08.50 Tom Yi Mid Area
20-00.00 Emma Knight Polar Bear   32-08.00 Ryan Anderson Polar Bear
19-02.00 Whitney Welbaum Polar Bear   32-04.00 Tom Yi Liberty Flames
18-06.25 Olympia Ghosh Conference   32-01.50 Tanner Linkous Bulldog Invite
18-06.00 Olympia Ghosh Liberty Flames   31-08.75 Tanner Linkous Liberty XMas
18-04.75 Emma Knight Liberty Flames   31-04.25 Mark Willemin Bulldog Invite
16-03.50 Whitney Welbaum Liberty Flames   31-03.50 Ryan Anderson Liberty Flames
        31-03.00 Ryan Anderson Holiday Invite
        30-11.50 Diego Guerron Hokie Holiday
        30-11.00 Ethan Crickenberger Mid Area
        30-09.00 Seth Hall Polar Bear
        30-07.00 Diego Guerron Liberty Flames
        30-03.00 Solomon Ghosh Bulldog Invite
        30-02.00 Mark Willemin Polar Bear
        28-11.00 Mark Willemin Liberty Flames
        28-08.00 Ethan Crickenberger Liberty Flames
        28-06.00 Seth Hall Liberty Flames
        26-10.00 Nathaniel Lester Polar Bear
        25-09.00 Ethan Crickenberger Polar Bear
        25-03.00 Ethan Crickenberger Holiday Invite
        24-09.00 Nathaniel Lester Hokie Holiday
        24-01.00 Nathaniel Lester Liberty XMas
  Pole Vault       Pole Vault  
8-06 3A State Standard   11-03 3A State Standard
8-02 West Regional Standard   11-00 West Regional Standard
7-06 Erica Boerth Elite        
7-01 Conference 32 Standard   8-08 Conference 32 Standard
7-00 Julia Beatty Conference        
6-06 Julie Walsh Conference        
  4x200m       4x200m  
        1:34.54 Kyle Poole Conference
          Ransom Castleberry  
          David Kim  
          Harris Salom  
        1:36.05 Kyle Poole Liberty Flames
          Ransom Castleberry  
          David Kim  
          Harris Salom  
        1:36.14 David Kim Hokie Holiday
          Ransom Castleberry  
          Noah Ramsey  
          Kyle Poole  
1:52.97 3A State Standard   1:36.63 3A State Standard
1:54.05 Sophia Thompson Hokie Holiday   1:37.27 Noah Ramsey Bulldog Invite
  Stephanie Gardner       Ransom Castleberry  
  Claire Morris       David Kim  
  Kendall Kelley       Kyle Poole  
1:54.40 Melorie Jenkins Conference        
  Aislinn Leedy          
  Claire Morris          
  Kendall Kelley          
1:54.80 Akaela Feng Bulldog Invite        
  Stephanie Gardner          
  Sophia Thompson          
  Aislinn Leedy          
1:54.98 West Regional Standard   1:37.73 West Regional Standard
1:56.87 Kaitlyn Elliott Elite   1:38.18 David Kim Elite
  Kendall Kelley       Ransom Castleberry  
  Sophia Thompson       Harris Salom  
  Claire Morris       Kyle Poole  
1:57.90 Kyia Williams Hokie Holiday   1:40.43 John Caudill Bulldog Invite
  Aislinn Leedy       Jake Verniel  
  Melorie Jenkins       Jack Packard  
          Ryan Stanaland  
1:59.40 Kendall Kelley Mid Area   1:41.77 Sterling Sims Elite
  Aislinn Leedy       Ryan Stanaland  
  Melorie Jenkins       Jack Packard  
  Claire Morris       John Caudill  
2:04.65 Hannah Elias Holiday Invite   1:42.37 Jake Verniel Liberty XMas
  Aislinn Leedy       Kyle Poole  
  Anna Beyer       Jack Packard  
  Leah Beyer       Sterling Sims  
2:05.14   Liberty Flames   1:44.36 Ryan Stanaland Liberty XMas
          Hulon Jenkins  
          Jordan Burch  
          Bailey Prosser  
2:05.83 Hannah Elias Liberty XMas   1:45.93   Liberty Flames
  Aislinn Leedy          
  Anna Beyer          
  Leah Beyer          
2:08.26 Abby Hinckley Holiday Invite   1:45.98 Brandon Walters Holiday Invite
  Aubrey Albimino       Addison Flack  
  Leigh Kadlec       Ryan Anderson  
  Blake Carroll       Asa Castleberry  
2:09.18 Aubrey Albimino Liberty XMas   1:50.09 Jordan Burch Holiday Invite
  Justice Openshaw       Hulon Jenkins  
  Stephanie Mendoza       Joe Cuba  
  Brenna Woodrum       Kweku Achenie  
2:12.41 Abby Hinckley Liberty XMas   1:52.66 Joe Cuba Liberty XMas
  Sophie Jacobsen       Jayme Bibbins  
  Agustina Cordova       Nick Czar  
  Julia Beatty       Nick Harrison  
DQ Kyia Williams Bulldog Invite   1:53.10   Liberty Flames
  Hannah Elias          
  Aubrey Albimino          
  Justice Openshaw          
DQ   Liberty Flames   1:55.99   Liberty Flames
        DQ David Kim Liberty XMas
          Noah Ramsey  
          Ransom Castleberry  
          Harris Salom  
  4x400m       4x400m  
4:04.08 Adiah Gholston VT Invite   3:35.10 David Kim VT Invite
  Sophia Thompson       Elijah Hodges  
  Mikayla Richardson       John Milauskas  
  Stephanie Gardner       Kyle Poole  
4:07.14 Adiah Gholston Hokie Holiday   3:35.25 David Kim Hokie Holiday
  Sophia Thompson       Kyle Poole  
  Mikayla Richardson       Ethan Edwards  
  Stephanie Gardner       Harris Salom  
4:19.82 Adiah Gholston Liberty Flames        
  Sophia Thompson          
  Catherine Sheen          
  Stephanie Gardner          
4:23.05 3A State Standard   3:39.47 3A State Standard
4:23.26 Kaitlyn Elliott Conference   3:39.72 David Kim Liberty Flames
  Beatrice Scott       Kyle Poole  
  Aislinn Leedy       Jack Packard  
  Catherine Sheen       Harris Salom  
4:25.69 Kaitlyn Elliott Liberty XMas   3:41.40 David Kim Elite
  Adiah Gholston       Harris Salom  
  Beatrice Scott       Kyle Poole  
  Catherine Sheen       John Milauskas  
4:28.66 Sophia Thompson Elite   3:41.81 John Milauskas Conference
  Kendall Kelley       Jack Packard  
  Catherine Sheen       Kyle Poole  
  Claire Morris       John Caudill  
        3:42.58 David Kim Bulldog Invite
          Kyle Poole  
          Jack Packard  
          John Milauskas  
        3:43.25 David Kim Liberty XMas
          Kyle Poole  
          Jack Packard  
          Harris Salom  
        3:44.27 John Milauskas Liberty Flames
          Ethan Edwards  
          Sam Teller  
          Elijah Hodges  
4:28.73 West Regional Standard   3:44.48 West Regional Standard
4:32.25 Kaitlyn Elliott Liberty Flames   3:47.79 John Caudill Bulldog Invite
  Kendall Kelley       Ransom Castleberry  
  Beatrice Scott       Sterling Sims  
  Aislinn Leedy       Hulon Jenkins  
4:36.92 Claire Morris Bulldog Invite   3:59.45 Brandon DeLorenzo Liberty XMas
  Sophia Thompson       Elijah Hodges  
  Catherine Sheen       Liam Lawrence  
  Stephanie Gardner       Siddharth Nathella  
4:38.36 Ailene Edwards Liberty Flames   4:00.76 Ian Davis Liberty XMas
  Sophia Link       Sam Teller  
  Samantha Marin       John Milauskas  
  Annie Kay Combs       Barrett Lattimer  
4:39.08 Aislinn Leedy Bulldog Invite   4:02.76 Barrett Lattimer Liberty Flames
  Aubrey Albimino       Reid Holbert  
  Hannah Elias       Sean Bianchi  
  Vera Rust       Ben Fleming  
4:39.73 Claire Morris Liberty XMas   4:04.95 Ben Fleming Liberty XMas
  Sophia Thompson       Ethan Edwards  
  Kendall Kelley       Jakob Nipper  
  Stephanie Gardner       Henry Coddington  
4:43.99 Simonne Guenette Liberty Flames        
  Julia Lattimer          
  Kamryn Phlegar          
  Eliza Stowe          
4:46.10 Kamryn Phlegar Liberty XMas        
  Amanda Huang          
  Eliza Stowe          
  Emily Fitch          
  4x800m       4x800m  
9:50.35 Ailene Edwards Bulldog Invite   8:22.04 Elijah Hodges Bulldog Invite
  Adiah Gholston       Ben Fleming  
  Samantha Marin       Ethan Edwards  
  Mikayla Richardson       Sam Teller  
9:51.44 Kaitlyn Elliott VT Invite   8:25.74 Reid Holbert VT Invite
  Adiah Gholston       Ethan Edwards  
  Beatrice Scott       Sidd Nathella  
  Mikayla Richardson       Elijah Hodges  
10:00.33 Kaitlyn Elliott Hokie Holiday   8:32.97 Sidd Nathella Conference
  Adiah Gholston       Ethan Edwards  
  Beatrice Scott       Reid Holbert  
  Mikayla Richardson       Daniel Milauskas  
10:31.59 Beatrice Scott Bulldog Invite        
  Simonne Guenete          
  Emily Fitch          
  Kaitlyn Elliott          
10:36.14 3A State Standard   8:34.19 3A State Standard
10:50.40 Lily Zhu Conference   8:41.47 Henry Coddington Hokie Holiday
  Kamryn Phlegar       Elijah Hodges  
  Emily Fitch       Liam Lawrence  
  Julia Lattimer       Ethan Edwards  
11:32.92 West Regional Standard   8:45.32 West Regional Standard
        9:09.59 Reid Holbert Bulldog Invite
          Barrett Lattimer  
          Brandon DeLorenzo  
          Ian Davis  


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